News from Africa (Apr 96)

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In this position I get a lot of interesting phone calls and correspondence from people all over the world relating to M.G. people and Africa. Gary Davidson of California phoned one evening early in January to talk at length on M.G. models and sales literature. He wanted to put in touch with Norman Ewing who has a large M.G. model collection spanning many years. I did mention my own humble collection of 60 odd models, but when Gary started to talk about differences in boxes I quickly realised we were talking different leagues! I have an address and fax no., David Knowles, if you are interested in making contact.

Just as I was mentioning about M.G.s being exported from Africa (Feb. Magazine), along comes a phone call about two going out there. Lloyd Deacon and family of Boston, Lincolnshire, are taking two M.G. BGTs and a Land Rover overland via Italy, Greece, Israel, Suez and then by sea to Kenya, ending up in Port Elizabeth R.S.A. just before the 1996 Indaba on 22nd/24th September. They set off mid July and whilst the trip is essentially a re-emigration, it also to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the British Motor Industry. I have put Lloyd in touch with Ross Lawson and wouldnt it be MaGic if those two BGTs could rock up at the Indaba with Don Hayter present! Lloyd told me they had spare places - if I had the time I could be really tempted to go with them.

A late news flash - I am now making concrete plans to attend the 1996 Indaba in Port Elizabeth, and to this end have sent off my registration form to Ross Lawson - more anon.

David de Saxe (MGA Register) has been in touch following his trip to Cape Town and has supplied an article and photos. This will be the subject of a separate feature article soon, but suffice it to say that David could not stop raving about the reception and hospitality that he received, and about Ralph Clarkes R-Type. I first saw this car in 1986 when it ran through the streets of Johannesburg at the Indaba that I was privileged to help to organise - it is brilliant and is the ex-Doreen Evans car Bellevue Garage fame. The Johannesburg Centre Annual Trophy for Victrix Ludorum is called the Doreen Evans Trophy in Recognition. Watch out for the photos and article soon - well done David and many thanks.

Go Well, Hamba Gahle, Tsamaya Sentle or Lekkler Ry.

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