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Book Review

by Marcham Rhoade

Chosen as "Book of the Month" by Classic Cars magazine, this volume written by our honored guest at MG 98 in Hagerstown, Brian Moylan, should be in every MG enthusiast's library!

WORKS RALLY MECHANIC: Tales of the BMC/BL Works Rally Department

Brian Moylan's newest book is available from our major suppliers, including BritBooks, and provides a fascinating insight into the competition side of the British Motor Corporation and its successor, British Leyland. For 22 years Brian Moylan traveled the world as a mechanic, preparing the cars that made BMC/BL notable. While the main thrust of the book is towards the works Healeys and Minis, MGs also get considerable coverage Brian has split the book into seven chapters, each one describing life under a different Competitions manager, from Marcus Chambers, through Stuart Turner, Bill Price and John Davenport and others. Where possible, each manager has written a foreword to "their" chapter.

This is a tale of mistakes, accidents, adventure and "dodgy" internal politics, with unexpected dangers at every turn. There was the time when Brian almost blew himself apart welding a split in the sump of a damaged rally car, the engine fumes exploding but conveniently blasting out the dent in the sump in the process!

Mistakes were rife too-such as when a "helpful" journalist tied an untidy Healey breather hose out of the way, choking the engine and almost putting Pat Moss out of the rally! Many of the photographs in the book were taken by rally mechanics, so few have been published before - they're worth seeing, and the book would make an ideal present for holiday reading!

Republished with permission from MGB Driver - The North American MGB Register Magazine

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