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Dating your car by its windows

MG's made in the 1950's to the late 1960's can be dated by the 'TRIPLEX CODE' etched into the toughend glass. This also works for any other make using TRIPLEX glass.

**** Note that it dates the GLASS, so is only an ******
**** Indication of the cars age, assuming the ******
**** glass is original.

If the date of car you are not quite sure, but the decade is known to you, just look for TRIPLAX sign on glass, two DOTS should give a clue.

One dot above T, R, E, or X, gives the quarter of the year, that the glass was fitted to the car, but which year I also hear?

Nine letters make the word TOUGHENED, one dot there should appear which give last number that you need to determine that cars year However, if you see not DOT, the last number that you need, is 'ZERO', now the secrets out,


For example:- T R ipl EX TOUGHENED, with the DOT over the 'R' in Triplex, and under the last 'E' in Toughened, indicates 'April/May/June 1958'.

T = Jan, Feb, March,
R = April, May, June,
E = July Aug, Sept,
X = Oct, Nov, Dec.

Say your car is a 1950's MG, then

No dot would indicate 1950
T = 1951
O = 1952
U = 1953 and so on.

Compiled by Neil Cairns <>

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