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April 5th, 2000

Year 2000 St. Francis of Assisi International Meeting
9 - 10 - 11 June 2000

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In the year 2000 our club has organized an International Meeting in line with the Jubileum (Holy Year) and following the St. Francis' path southwards, remembering this important movement of the Middle Ages. The meeting will start in Gubbio and then Assisi, with its imposing castle, and drive through other well known towns in Umbria such as Spoleto, famous for its medieval architecture and the "Two Worlds Festival". There the participants will have a break to stroll around. After this there will be a test along the "Mille Miglia" route. Following St. Francis' path, it will then move south to Rieti in the Lazio region, with a stop at Leonessa, where a special dinner will be served in an ancient cloister, followed by a folkloristic show. On the last day the participants will arrive at Greccio where the patron saint of Italy lived and created the first "nativity crib" in the world.

Beautiful places will be seen from the very beginning to the end: in Umbria high and gentle hills covered with thick vegetation and olive groves; in Lazio the Rieti valley, hills with olive groves and the mountains of the Appennines. From the beginning to the end of the meeting, the participants will drive through very hospitable towns where it will be possible to taste local food and drink their wines.

In addition to what has already been described, it is also possible to organize tours to Rome rather cheaply, in case one wants to be there for the whole week. If you have been to one of our meetings before, you already know what our hospitality is like. Should this be the first time, you will be pleasantly surprised and will love it.

For information contact Mr. Piero Fusaroli,
mobile +39(0)3357233173
E-mail: info@fusaroli.com

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