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22nd November 2000

University Motors 2001 Technical Seminars

University Motors is pleased to announce the 2001 Technical Seminars -- the 18th in a series. All seminars will be held at University Motors in Ada, Michigan -- a suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Two weekend, mechanical seminars are planned, one for the T Series and MGAs, one for the MGBs, MGCs, and Midgets. The University Motors "Complete Lubrication" and "Complete Tune-Up" are covered, as well as Toolbox Tips, Lucas Electrix, and more!

One weekend, restoration seminar is planned for the T Series and MGAs. All aspects of the restoration, from time, place, cost, and techniques are covered. These three day seminars are purely MG and run all day and two evenings, including a banquet with factory training films!!

Three mechanical rebuild seminars are planned, one for carburettors, and two for gearbox. These are "combat classes!" In these classes, the participant brings HIS carbs/dist or his gearbox and rebuilds the unit(s) under the watchful eyes of the expert mechanics at University. Two years ago, Technical Seminar participants had a dozen gearboxes apart (2-T's; 2- A's; 1-3 synchro MGB's; 3-4 synchro MGB's; 2-late MGB O/D; and 2-Spridget) and ALL were assembled correctly by 3:00pm of the second day!

One "Advanced" two day seminar is offered for the study of MG Technical Literature -- Workshop Manuals, Parts Manuals, Owner's Handbooks, Dealer Instruction Books, Service Memoranda, Movies, Filmstrips, Posters, &c. This seminar is intended for the true MG fanatic!

The seminars are scheduled between February 7th and 27th.

University Motors is one of two British Motor Heritage Approved Workshops in the North America. They have been repairing MGs for 26 years -- they have the tools and equipment, the experience, the dedication, an extensive supply of new and used parts, the expertise, and, importantly, the desire to assist the enthusiast.

Registration Forms? Questions? John Twist, Service Manager, University Motors Ltd, 6490 Fulton Street East, Ada, Michigan 49301, USA, phone 616-682-0800; fax 616-682-0801; or JohnTwist@UniversityMotorsLtd.Com

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