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November 13th, 2000

MG Sandwich on the M3

I was the proud owner of a British Racing Green MG, MGF 1.8 until I had a major car accident on Thursday night, cruising (not fast) along the M3 when the car in front decided to do a little testing of the brake pads, I followed pressing my foot on the brake, but as the car in front braked some more, and I realised I was about to make an MG sandwich, I steered the car into the inside lane, only with just a little too much enthusiasm. The car started snaking and I discovered I had no control, at this point I got friendly with the crash barrier, removing 30 m of it, as the car rolled from end to end and flipped over a few times to end in an upright and stationary position some 300 yds down the road.

Witnesses described it as a scene from James Bond, and the woman in the car behind was treated for shock! My memories are of repeating "I am not going to die" to myself a hundred times as sparks, debris, and glass bounced around me with the screech of ripping metal and tarmac scraping on glass filling my ears. The car suddenly stopped and I leaped out thinking it was about to burst into flames. Cars and coaches were at a standstill around me, my shopping and filofax contents were blowing across the M3 and I suddenly realised quite what a lucky person I am. How on earth I am still here, didn't harm anyone or hit anything else I don't know.

My injuries were remarkably minor, with burns to my hand from the air bag, a 2 mm scratch on my face and a sore neck from the impact. The car is of course a write off and was undoubtedly the most damaged in the recovery yard.

I believe my guardian angel had something to do with this miraculous escape, but unquestionably the safety features built into the car and the strength of the roll-bar saved me from death or a fate worse than it. Guess what car I will be buying in the future, an MG, MGF soft-top.

Gemini Adams <>

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