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18th November 2000

University Motors Announces New Web Site

University Motors announce the introduction their new website, located at . This wholly revamped website offers features not readily available on other commercial MG sites. Additionally, the site reflects the strong technical foundation on which the University Motors reputation has been built.

The site boasts a searchable Q&A page! John Twist has answered hundreds of questions by email. Many of those questions and answers are available through this page. Johnís answers are straightforward, succinct, and correct. This contrasts greatly with some information on the popular MG bbs sites.

The Links page is extraordinary! These pages include the international clubs and magazines, the North American major and minor clubs and registries, the commercial British and MG magazines, as well as several MG parts suppliers. No other site offers such an inclusive list!

The site offers an interesting history of John Twist and University Motors; information about Bench, Line, and Restoration Services; and details about the 2001 Technical Seminars. Watch for continued updates!

John Twist, Service Manager, University Motors Ltd, 6490 Fulton Street East, Ada, Michigan 49301, USA, phone 616-682-0800; fax 616-682-0801; or JohnTwist@UniversityMotorsLtd.Com

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