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13th February 2001

Buy Zymol online at

A new e-commerce site for Zymol was launched on the 30th January 2001. Zymol is a superior car care system that helps restore and maintain your car in pristine condition.

Whilst it has been sold in the States for years and regularly comes top of US Consumer Reports, Zymol is still relatively unknown in the UK. Now with the arrival of stocks of Zymol can be more easily purchased in this country.

Unlike other car care products on the market Zymol:

" Zymol does more than just restore showroom looks, it makes the car look better than when it left the paint shop." Said Jeff Maynard, deputy chairman and chief technologist at Net Store plc who is an avid convert to Zymol.

The web site gives a full description of what the product is and who uses it. There is a question and answer section, a training course and professional tips as to how Zymol is best used. Most importantly there is a Shop Online where you can place orders. These will be delivered by Business Post within two working days.

Visit the new Zymol web site at to find out some more and buy online.

For further information contact John Barker, Director, Zymol Limited

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