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27th February 2001

Palm Version of the Original MGTD Midget Available

In an ever expanding attempt to bring you the most effective MGTD content, we have created a Palm OS version of The Original MGTD Midget. This represents a totally new, mobile way of providing you with MGTD information. With the Palm OS version you not only have access to many of the popular features of the original Web pages, but have a new dimension of functionality as well. Within this tool you can:
  • Create and list information on particular MG TC's, TD's, TF's, Variants and their owners
  • Read about the various MGTD models
  • Access production information
  • Identify a cars production date by year and month
  • Get a description of the valid color combinations by year
  • Access a detailed description of each parts finish
  • View a listing of the original tools.

Chris Couper <>

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