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We are delighted to welcome as our President Bill Wallis. Bill really needs no introduction to you as he has been an architect of our fortunes for very many years, rescuing it from the brink of disaster in the 1970s, leading it into resurgence in the 1980s as Chairman, bringing peace in his wake with his brilliant diplomacy, and latterly enjoying more peaceful times recently as a well respected Vice-President. He is always at events, frequently as master of ceremonies bringing his microphone into the faces of the unsuspecting! Active also for many years in the Midland Centre, and no mean driver, Bill is to be congratulated on this appointment. He will, I am sure, bring the post great honour.

We are also pleased to welcome as Honorary Members, George Tuck, Phil Hill and Gerry McGovern.

George was publicity manager for M.G. Car Co Ltd in the 1930s, and originated the slogan "Safety Fast!" after plagiarising an advert he saw on a bus, whilst driving and M.G., with a "Safety Fast" advert on it! Obviously he helped bring M.G. to the attention of the public, publishing the racing successes and turning these into sales.

George now lives in Cape Town and is a keen reader of Safety Fast! and well known to our South African membership.

Phil Hill started his illustrious racing career racing an M.G. TC in California before graduating into Formula 1 and ultimately to Ferrari, where he won the World Championship in 1961. He was also a great sports car driver and is a proper gentleman, who has little time for current F1 histrionics. He now resides in California, but frequently is to be seen at European Classic Car events, enjoying the cars and atmosphere of his heyday. I make no bones about it, he is one of my heroes and I am delighted he has joined us.

Gerry McGovern should need no introduction to you, as the chief designer of the MGF he is much in the news at present. He started the F project in innocence of what was in store for him, and his team, as the car reached fruition, and is now a committed fan of M.G. in general. He is gradually used to becoming a celebrity, though this is not something he greatly enjoys. You will see him fronting a TV programme on Channel 4 about now, so a very warm welcome is extended to him from us.


Following the successful launch of the MGF, which has once again brought the M.G. name onto the world stage, the Heritage Motor Centre, in conjunction with designer Hans Scheur, has launched a high quality calendar for 1996 which charts the history of the M.G. marque from Old No 1 to the MGF.

This exclusive month per page full colour calendar, which features cars from the Heritage Motor Centre's collection, will have a limited print and is on sale through selected outlets including Rover M.G. dealers and the Heritage Motor Gift Shop. Priced at £26.50 it is also available by mail order on 01926 645045 (credit cards only) or from HS Productions, 74 Dene Road, Northwood, Middlesex, HA6 2DF. The price includes VAT, postage and packing.

The calendar was shot entirely on location at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon, Warwick during the summer of 1995, and features the photographs of Geoff Cable, well known for his high quality photography.


Full length, half-width floor panel assemblies for both sides of all Sprite and Midget models are now available from Heritage Motor Parts. The panels, which are pressed on the original tooling, are finished as original with all relevant fasteners, reinforcements, brackets and fixings attached. They are supplied electrophoretically sealed in common with all Heritage panels. Fitting the half panels is much simpler than the full sized counterpart and more cost-effective for those on a limited budget.

Part no.	Position on car		Replacing repro no		RRP (exc-VAT)

HMP415032 Left hand MRP0051/MRP51 £35.00

HMP415033 Right hand MRP0052/MRP52 £35.00

AHA7202 Full width floor panel MRP0097/MRP97 £63.35


Heritage Motor Parts has introduced a range of oil and air filters which are suitable for many classic cars.

Packaged in Heritage colours for easy identification. Available from Heritage Specialists.


Heritage Motor Parts has introduced dust caps for M.G. and Triumphs, adding that little extra style to your classic car.

Available from Heritage Specialists.


As a long time member of the MG Car Club, Robin Mace of Callington in Cornwall has been collecting for most of his life and a large proportion of his time has been dedicated to M.G. cars and associated memorabilia.

Having taken early retirement, he has decided to share some of his rarest literary collection with fellow enthusiasts.

Hot off the printing press will be delights such as early prints of original paintings of M.G.s in action by artists such as Gordon Crosby, Bryan de Grineau and Connolly.

These prints will be very accurate reproductions and will convey the beautiful tones of the original pictures using the latest technology.

The first to marketed will be issued as a series of twelve and will later be followed by a further set.

Other plans for reprints will include rare sales brochures, factory publicity booklets, confidential service information and The M.G. Magazine, first published by the M.G. Car Club in 1932.

This is possibly your only opportunity to enjoy these pre-war M.G.s in action as the original material very rarely appears on the open market and even if it did, few of us could afford it. For example, an original M.G. Magazine, priced 6d in good condition will fetch £100 today!

Robin is indebted to the kind co-operation of the M.G.Car Club and the Quadrant Picture Library (part of the Reed Business Publishing Limited) enabling this project to get off the ground.

Full details of this exciting venture can be found on this Web site.


M.G. Drivers Can Contribute to a Better Environment Without Loss of Performance.

As part of the largest fuels initiative yet to help cut traffic emissions, Shell U.K. Limited has launched Britain's first Low Lead 4-Star, containing half the amount of lead as ordinary 4-Star. Shell has also called on the U.K. oil and motor industries to join a co-ordinated nationwide drive to cut lead levels now and phase out lead entirely without risk to the 7 million vehicles in the U.K. which still need certain driving conditions.

New Shell Advanced Low Lead petrol is a breakthrough for 4-Star leaded drivers - including many M.G. drivers - enabling them to join unleaded drivers in cutting emissions of lead to the air, while still having enough lead to protect their engines. It cuts lead emissions from car exhausts by half.

Welcoming the new fuel, Steven Norris, Minister for Local Transport said "it is a constructive and helpful way in which we can make progress toward a better quality environment for us all".

David Pirret, General Manager Shell UK Retail, said "New research we have carried out shows that 4-Star leaded customers are concerned about their vehicles' emissions and see unleaded petrol as more environmentally-friendly. But these drivers, many with older cars or vans, still need lead to protect their engines. Most customers think they need to get a new car to cut their lead emissions, and many believe high lead content is needed for power. The special formulation of Shell Advanced Low Lead means millions of 4-Star drivers can halve the lead from their exhausts, lose no engine power or engine protection - and pay no more at the pump."

Shell Advanced Low Lead is 4-Star petrol which fully meets the 4-Star British Standard, but has half the lead - down from 0.15 to 0.075 grammes per litre.

Shell estimates that drivers using it will cut lead emissions to the air by over 100 tonnes - about 5 truck loads - in the next year. If other companies follow the Shell initiative, over 800 tonnes of lead a year to the air could be cut.

Cars need no adjustments of any kind to run on the new fuel as it is specially formulated to deliver the same power, performance and fuel economy. It also contains the unique Shell Advanced detergent additives, which give extra miles to the gallon, further cut harmful emissions, and clean engines of black carbon deposits. The cut in lead does not increase exhaust emissions of other pollutants.

Steven Norris said, "Lead produced by petrol-engined vehicles contributes about 25 per cent of total human lead intake. I welcome therefore Shell's initiative on low lead petrol, which will help to accelerate the decline in lead levels in this country."

Rover and Volkswagen are among the leading motor manufactures who have also welcomed the new fuels, assuring drivers that vehicles designed to run on ordinary 4-Star can now use Shell Advanced Low Lead 4-Star to halve lead emissions, with total protection for soft value seats and without detracting from engine performance.

The National Society for Clean Air said "The new fuel will assist motorists to play their part in cutting vehicle emissions and should contribute to better air quality."

London First said, "Shell has put real thought and investment into doing something to help drivers improve air quality. In London where traffic pollution is one of our particular concerns, the new fuel should be a valuable step in helping to improve air quality. We hope other companies will follow Shells lead."


The UK has one of the largest car populations in Europe with soft valve seats - some 7 million vehicles, including 28 per cent of all UK's cars. Shell has developed Low Lead 4-Star to ensure that drivers of these vehicles still have the protection their engines need. Lead provides a vital lubricating barrier between the exhaust valve and the seat. Without protection, exhaust valve weld themselves to the soft seat, tearing out metal particles which oxidise onto valves like warts, causing serious damage or engine failure.

The UK leaded petrol market accounts for about 37 per cent of total petrol sales. Lead could eventually be replaced by Valve Seat Recession Protection (VSRP) additives. These are used in continental Europe, most notably Austria and Scandinavia, where leaded fuel has been phased out. Across the countries where they are used, Shell sells more VSRP petrol than any other retailer. But in these countries the proportion of cars with soft valve seats in low. In the UK, there is as yet no British Standard for petrols with VSRP additives to ensure that they offer drivers full protection. UK motor manufactures therefore still recommend leaded petrol for the millions of UK vehicles with soft valve seats.

Dr Cathryn Hickey, Shell UK Technical Fuels Manager, said "The large number of vehicles in the UK with soft valve seats, and the particular driving patterns people undertake in the UK, make our car population especially susceptible to valve seat recession. Given the average life spans of vehicles, soft valve seat cars will not decline until about the year 2000, when the number could be down to some 10 per cent of the UK car pool. People are not often aware of why there is lead in 4-Star petrol, and it's important that they know the facts about valve seat protection and the fuel they are buying."

Shell Advanced Low Lead 4-Star is suitable for any M.G. designed to run on 4-Star.

"Customers can get free advice on the new Shell fuel and where to buy it, from the Shell Customer Service Centre on FREEPHONE 0800-010 100."


To commemorate the successful Trials Car Reunion held earlier in the year, a sixteen page booklet has been produced which is illustrated with many photographs of the cars attending. There is an account of the meeting together with a list of all the works trial cars and their present whereabouts.

The booklet costs £1 plus 50p post in UK and £1 overseas and is available from the Triple M Register Librarian at Knowle House, Surrey KT24 5DY.


Porter Publishing are announcing a new addition to the DIY car repairer's tool kit! Now you'll be able to pop down to your local branch of Halfords, W H Smith or other book shop to buy a new kind of car manual.

PORTER MANUALS Service Guides have been written and lavishly illustrated with today's car owner in mind. All the jobs that most people want to carry out are covered - but you don't need a degree in higher car mechanics to follow the clear, step-by-step instructions!

There are currently 16 titles in the PORTER MANUALS Service Guides series, including one on all models of the MGB, plus the RV8, and another on the Midget/Sprite series. All books in the series contain between 250 and 350 illustrations (a number in full colour) and all are at the competitive price of £9.99 - great value and top quality combined.


Linken Security Systems has introduced the Turret Immobiliser, a novel device which is easy to fit, yet offers a very high level of security. The product is aimed at the older car market, as it uses a special steel cover which locks over the top of the traditional cylindrical ignition coil. The cover also houses the electronic control circuit.

An armoured cable connects the coil cover to a fixed plug which is mounted conveniently for the driver. To disam the immobiliser a small coded key-plug is simply inserted momentarily into the fixed plug. The immobiliser automatically re-arms 30 seconds after switching off the ignition. An LED indicates the status of the immobiliser.

All parts and full fitting instructions are provided for this well engineered product. A competent DIY motorist should be able to fit in about an hour depending on the vehicle.

Price £80.00 for the complete kit. Optional siren £8.00. Prices include P&P and VAT.

For literature, contact Lunken Security Systems on 01753 644040 (tel and fax).

Lunken Security Systems, The Larches, Blackpool Lane, Farnham Royal, Bucks, SL2 3ED.


Unit 1, Princess Street Works, Princess Street, Sheffield S4 7UW. Phone: 0114 275 8844, Mobile 0589 667109.

Dear Classic Car Enthusiasts, MPH Carburettors & Fuel Systems are a Company specialising in the supply of both new and reconditioned Carburettors and parts to Fuel systems and Fuel Injection systems.

MPH maintain a large range of Repair Kits, stocking parts for the vast majority of Carburettors including but not limited to Weber, Solex, SU Stromberg etc. In addition to the above we are able to offer a full reconditioning service including the rebushing of your existing Carburettors where new parts or suitable replacements are no longer available.

MPH are also able to supply exchange Carburettors by post, accompanied with comprehensive instructions for those owners capable of both refitting and performing their own tuning.

An additional small handling fee to cover postage and packing will be required in the above instance along with a deposit which refundable should the exchange unit be suitable for reconditioning.

For a prompt and helpful service please 'phone at MPH first to confirm our specific requirements and obtain the most competitive prices around.



Alpine have announced the availability of a new radio/cassette, model number TDM-753OR.

At just £249.90 the TDM-753OR offers a host of facilities including the latest RDS/EON tuner and 4 x 25w in -built power. For those who want to upgrade their system in the future the TDM-753OR features CD shuttle control and pre-out so it would be simple to add-on external components.

The new model will be available from Alpine authorised this month at just £249.90. Alpine have announced that the TDM-753OR will be available at a special package price of £529.90 when purchased with the Alpine CHM-S600 - the world's smallest and fastest CD changer. This package price represents a total saving of £40.


Photographs of Triple-M interest, preferably taken during 1995, but interesting pictures of any age would be appreciated. Also, all you writers, good stories, anecdotes or full length articles are being sought for this and futureTriple-M Yearbooks. Please send any contributions - as soon as possible - to: The Editor (Triple-M Yearbook), Graham Arrondelle, 33 Lechlade Road, Highworth, Wilts. SN6 7HQ. Tel: 01793-763364.


STARCASE have introduced a range of de-icers windscreen scrapers, mini car vacuum cleaners etc. You can find them in Major UK Department Stores - apparently!

SPLITFIRE Plugs are running a survey to find Britain's friendliest garage, to win a holiday in Spain. Entries from Splitfire UK, Greenhill Industrial Estate, Birmingham Road, Kidderminster, Worcs. DY10 2RN. Entries close 31-3-1996.

VINTAGE Tyre Supplies have added a range of Dunlop SP Sport tyres to their range: 145 SR10 155 SR13 165 SR13 175/70 SR13

COYS International at Silverstone next year will be over the weekend of August 2nd, 3rd & 4th.

BROOKLANDS Books have a new catalogue out covering over 700 titles. F.O.C. from Brooklands Books Ltd. PO Box 146, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1LG.

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