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2nd July 2002


MG Rover Group, EcoGas Systems Limited and Landi Renzo S.R.L. have jointly developed an optional (aftermarket) Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversion initially for new and used 1.8-litre Rover and MG cars. These cars can now be ordered for delivery. LPG is a cheaper alternative fuel to petrol that is cleaner for the environment and available at many UK filling stations.

Utilising the more widely available 1.8-litre K Series engine built by Powertrain Limited at Longbridge, the converted Rover and MG cars can switch between petrol and LPG at the touch of a button. LPG conversions are available on the following Rover and MG models:

Rover 45 (5-door and saloon)

All 1.8-litre manual models

Rover 75 (Saloon and Tourer)

All 1.8-litre manual models

MG ZR (3- and 5-door)

ZR 120 / ZR+ 120 manual models

MG ZS (5-door and saloon)

ZS 120 / ZS+ 120 manual models

It is planned that the remaining petrol versions of MG and Rover cars will be progressively offered with approved LPG conversions in due course and dealerships can take orders for autumn deliveries.

All MG Rover dealerships will be given the opportunity to become approved LPG installers through the partnership with EcoGas. MG and Rover cars fitted with the approved LPG conversion will retain their three-year product warranty.

The retail price of a LPG equipped Rover or MG car, including installation, is an additional £2,195. The Powershift rebate will cover at least 50% of the cost of conversion. This may rise to a 70% rebate if the emissions results are fully certified. Confirmation of MG Rover Group’s classification will be made available on the Powershift Register in the coming weeks – accessible through the website www.powershift.org.uk.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of Propane and Butane that comes from oil refining and natural gas fields. It is a cleaner fuel for the environment than petrol as it contains less contaminating components like sulphur and aromatic compounds. The main advantage of LPG is its cost. It is cheaper than both petrol and diesel due in part to the significantly lower fuel duty imposed by the government.

To encourage the switch to more environmentally friendly methods of travel the Government has introduced several measures:

LPG has grown in popularity in recent years with significant customer cost savings. The current average cost of LPG at retail filling stations is 36 pence per litre (compared to the typical cost of unleaded petrol at 75 pence per litre).

LPG filling station locations can be found on the website www.powershift.org.uk.

Currently there are over 1100 filling stations in the UK. To keep abreast of this demand the network of fuelling stations that supply LPG is growing at a rate of one per day and this trend looks set to continue.

The conversion of any car to run on LPG is a specialised operation. On 9-11 July, Birmingham City Council Trading Standards are holding a show at the Birmingham ICC highlighting the importance of properly converted LPG equipment. Details are available from Janet Priestley, Birmingham City Council on 0121 303 6969.

Issued by MG Rover Group Communications

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