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25th July 2002, Washington, DC


MG Lola The KnightHawk team faced a series of tough breaks that resulted in a 4th in class finish at the inaugural Cadillac Grand Prix of Washington, DC. Team co-owner and driver Steve Knight paired with rising-star Chad Block for the first race in the nation’s capitol in over 80 years.

The team’s #11 Gestetner/DNTLWorks MG Lola 675 LMP retired from the hot and humid event after completing 36 laps of the 2-hour and 45-minute timed event. The good news is that the team remains 2nd in Team Points for the American Le Mans Series 675 Championship. Drivers Steve Knight and Chad Block are 3rd and 7th in Driver’s Points ­ respectively.

KnightHawk’s class competitors, Intersport Racing, who also field an MG Lola 675 LMP, suffered substantial damage to their car in the remaining laps of Saturday’s Qualifying Session ­ but still walked away with the class pole. While fierce competitors on the track, KnightHawk furthered their image as one of sportscar’s ultimate “good guy” teams by lending parts to their friends at Intersport that KnightHawk had ­ and Intersport needed ­ to repair the car in order to get into Sunday’s race. Intersport’s father & son duo Jon and Clint Field went on to score the LMP 675 class win in the race

“We had some tough breaks today,” said team co-owner and driver Steve Knight. “We started out with some engine mapping problems which stalled us pretty bad on the first lap. We got that corrected for the second lap and then we went out and discovered that we had some cables break on our alternator. Because of that our alternator wasn’t charging our battery. But that was ok ­ Chad was in the car, he was making up a lot of time, doing really well and passing a lot of people. We were really clicking! We thought we had a shot at getting up to first in class. But the brakes starting fading a little bit and a little spin happened that stalled the car. We couldn’t get the car restarted because the battery hadn’t been charging ­ so that was the end of the day for KnightHawk. It was a tough break for us today but we’re all looking forward to our next two races ­ and hopefully cooler air - in Canada.”

"The race was an interesting one for sure,” said the Gestetner-sponsored Block. “Immediately on the warm-up lap I noticed we had a boost problem and no acceleration above second gear. I pitted on the first lap for some changes and went back out. The car was working nicely, and we were the fastest 675 car on the track at the time - and making up lots of time. The brakes started to go as the laps continued so I had to back off. Meanwhile, we also were having a voltage problem. Suddenly I went into a braking zone and had nothing for pedal pressure ­it just went to the floor, but I managed to stop the car without any contact. The car then would not restart, and they wouldn’t tow it back in. It was a tough weekend for KnightHawk and I'm really sorry Steve did not get to drive. I always do my best for KnightHawk and I hope they weren't too disappointed. If things continue to go well, sooner or later I'll help to win one for them. I also need to thank my sponsor Gestetner for making this happen."

The team is very happy and proud for the support of teammate Block by Gestetner. Gestetner offers leading-edge digital document management solutions, including digital duplicators, digital imaging systems, network laser printers and facsimile machines that deliver document output solutions for businesses of all sizes ­ at speeds from 13-105ppm. For information on Gestetner systems, please visit

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