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29th August 2002


In the last few days MG and Rover cars have been reintroduced into the Mexican market. Initially the Rover 75 Saloon and Tourer, the MG ZT and ZT-T and the MG TF sports car will be available to Mexican car buyers with potential to extend the range at a later date.

As a result of the free trade agreement that exists between Mexico and the European Community, European built cars are becoming more popular with Mexico's more affluent middle classes. Total new car sales in Mexico are rapidly moving towards one million per annum.

Armando Martinez, general manager of MG Rover's importer in Mexico said: "The MG Rover range is ideal for the Mexican market where our target customers appreciate the distinctive nature of British cars. Backed by a US$15,000,000 investment, we have already recruited six dealerships and feel confident of achieving our target of over 20 nationwide by next year. The appeal and quality of MG and Rover cars coupled with an excellent after sales service will make us a major new player in the luxury and sporting sectors of the Mexican market."

Jim Lynch, MG Rover's director of international sales commented: "It is an important part of our marketing strategy to expand sales into more international markets and to exploit the unique appeal of our great range of cars. The early feedback from Mexico gives me confidence that Rover and MG will prove to be very popular with Mexican car buyers." He also stated: "MG Rover Group will be fully backing MG Rover Mexico, so Mexican customers will be treated to the highest standards."

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