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28th January 2003


MG TF 160

MG TF, the UK’s best selling sports car, has today (January 28) been awarded the class-leading Euro NCAP safety result. The car has achieved an excellent four-star occupant safety rating complemented by a class leading three-star pedestrian protection score. All other sports cars registered just a single star. The performance is even more impressive considering the recent introduction of much more stringent Euro NCAP pedestrian test criteria.

The TF is an excellent design for pedestrian safety, with its attractively proportioned and aerodynamic front end. If a collision were to happen, the front of the car is designed in a way to reduce injury to pedestrians. The mid-engine layout, with no engine beneath the bonnet, provides an absorbing area reducing further the risk of head injury.

Euro NCAP conducted tests on the MG TF produced the following points rating for crash performance:





Occupant safety protection total

26.03 (a four-star rating)

Pedestrian safety protection

19.34 (a class-leading three-star rating)


Adrian Guyll, vehicle safety protection manager at MG Rover Group, said: "Sports cars are enjoyed for their motoring freedom, but customers can be confident that our engineering development fully ensures the MG TF performs extremely well in safety tests, as demonstrated by the Euro NCAP safety tests. Quite apart from its high four-star occupant safety rating, the three-star rating for pedestrian impact – two stars better than the competition – is an exceptional performance and one that will be respected by MG owners and the general public alike."

The MG TF is the UK’s most popular sports car. Its iconic personality is true to the brand’s traditional respect for safety and the slogan ‘Safety Fast’.

Launched in January 2002 and produced at the Longbridge facility in South Birmingham, the MG TF is available in four specification models, priced between £15,750 and £19,995.

Issued by MG Rover Group Communications

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