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20th August 2003


Stanley Stanley, the world’s leading tool manufacturer, has teamed up with MG Rover Group for its annual winter promotion, as Stanley continues to build on its success in the UK hand tools market, this year. Stanley will be taking delivery of new MG Express vans to promote its latest sales campaign, which will see retailers win hundreds of DVDs, DVD players, games consoles and 28" wide-screen televisions.

The MG Express vans will be touring the country with Stanley representatives, promoting its new sales campaign ‘Be a Star Performer with Stanley’ and will visit over 10,000 independent retailers and their largest tool wholesalers throughout the UK. Retailers will also have the chance to enter a draw to win a brand new MG Express van in their own livery. The Stanley promotion runs until the end of December 2003.

Andy Burns, marketing director of Stanley UK, says: "MG Rover Group has proven to be the perfect partner for us – our brands have very similar supporting qualities and values. As always, our expectations are high for this year’s winter promotion but with the association with MG Rover Group, we are confident 2003 will be our best year yet."

Peter Milner, general manager fleet sales for MG Rover Group, said: "It’s fitting that a leading supplier of quality tools should use our new van to promote their campaign and feature another as its star prize."

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