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24th September 2003

MG's and unleaded petrol

I (proudly, of course,) own a 1966 MGB GT. This car was fully restored (1982+) by its previous owner and I had the engine re-built by an expert (an Englishman) in 1999 when I bought it.

I also had the car 'converted' to using unleaded petrol (i.e. new valve seats).

It was giving me problems with 'pinking' and 'running on'. Research showed me (eventually) that regular unleaded petrol, here in Australia, was only 91 octane (as we said in the 'old' days). MGB's run on 98 octane petrol (assuming the are high compression ration, which mine is, viz. 8.8 : 1).

So I took the plunge and filled up with what is here known as BP Ultimate. This is lead-free but is 98 octane. (You can check on the Web local retailers of such fuel).

Results: No more 'pinking'. No more 'running on'. Better performance.

Of course you might know all this but it took me ages to find this information, which is why I am sharing it.

Advice/notes to owners of these beautiful cars:

Peter <sharpen@iinet.net.au>

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