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23rd February 2004


MG Rover Group has always recognised that each customer is an individual, and the Monogram Bespoke Build programme was created to allow customers to personalise their cars through their choice of a broad range of special colours, a wide selection of interior trim colours and fabrics, and a variety of individual features not normally available as part of a manufacturer's specification. Monogram, introduced in 2002, has attracted almost 3000 individuals who take the opportunity to personalise their cars in this way.

Most popular have been the exclusive exterior body colours, with the 2003 range of 20 colours now enhanced and expanded to 24, including 12 completely new shades. From the sophisticated Chatsworth to the outrageous Bittersweet, the 2004 Monogram range takes freedom of expression to new limits. One of the new 'Chromescent' paints, Moonshine, even offers an iridescent, holographic paint effect.

John Edwards, MG Rover's Group Sales and Marketing director, said: "The Monogram programme provides an exclusive opportunity for MG and Rover customers to realise their personality through automotive style and reflect their individuality."

Carrying the personalisation theme through to the interior, a wide range of leather and Alcantara(r) interior trims is available for selection. Add to this the ability to use the 'Personal Line' option to colour-key the car's fascia, steering wheel, door casings and other interior components, and bespoke build reaches new heights. Colour-keyed Alcantara(r) door casing inserts and alternative fascia finishes are also available to complete the interior integration.

And completing the opportunity is a package of individual factory-fitted options. High-tech items such as Highline Navigation systems or roof mounted DVD players complement alloy wheel options, tow packs and other features to ensure that the Rover and MG customers can enjoy an unprecedented degree of choice in determining the exact specification of their car.

Monogram paint range for 2004 MG and Rover cars

Chromescent colours use extremely high concentrations of pigment to deliver
dramatic colour shift or holographic paint effects.
Bittersweet Golden yellow with green 'flip'
Moonshine Silver with shifting spectral highlights
Shot Silk Emerald with purple flip

Chromactive colours contain multi-layered pigment flakes with special
reflective qualities.
Aurora Crimson to orange 'travel'
Dark Fantasy Black to purple to bronze travel
Poseidon Dark blue to purple over olive travel
Twilight Brighter blue to purple travel

Kinetic colours demonstrate a subtle multi-layer colour effect.
Atmosphere Light to mid blue with gold highlights
Gulf Stream Smokey slate shifting to olive and grey-blue
Moody Blue Grey-blue with gold highlights
Sunspot Pearlescent yellow with ochre and citrus effects

Supertallic is a range of distinctive metallics, and micatallics for a
pearlescent effect.
Aubergine Rich aubergine
Biomorphic Bright metallic green
Black Olive Luxuriant dark green with movement to black
Caledonian Lilac
Celestial Bright light blue
Chagall Warm strong mid blue
Chatsworth Elegant classic gold
Garnet Rich glowing red
Horizon Pretty light blue
Lagoon Colourful turquoise
Nightshade Lustrous black with blue highlights
Nocturne Greyed off mid-dark blue
Orange Grove Strong tangerine

Duotone paint schemes - Rover 75 saloon and Tourer models exclusively.

Upper Colour Lower Colour
BRG Starlight Silver
Royal Blue Starlight Silver
British Racing Green Arbour Green
Royal Blue Bermuda Blue
Odyssey Arctic Blue
White Gold Spice
Tempest Grey Starlight Silver
Raven Black Tempest Grey
Raven Black Nightfire
Cimarron Green Old English White
Midnight Blue Osmium Blue
Firefrost Tapestry

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