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9th July 2005

North American MGB Register Receives Nuffield Cup

The North American MGB Register was informed by Mr. Brian Woodhams of the M.G. Car Club at its' 14th Annual Convention MG 2005 held, July 6 to 10 in Olympia, Washington, USA that it is the winner of this fantastic award. Due to a shipping error the award was not available to be presented the NAMGBR's Chairman, Mr. David Deutsch at the convention and will be present at a later date.

This year's convention was hosted by local NAMGBR affiliate club MG Car Club Northwest Centre, which is also an overseas affilliate of the M.G. Car Club. The event was well attended with MG enthusiasts coming from across the US and Canada. This MG extravaganza featured driving tours of the area surrounding Olympia, a trip to Mt Saint Helen's volcano, a run to a local auto museum containing hundreds of cars, a car show with both popular vote and concours judging and finally an awards banquet.

Next year's event- MG 2006 will held in Gatlinburg, TN as an All Register Gathering put on by NAMGBR, NAMGAR, NEMGTR, MMM & NAMGCR

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