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Content of this page courtesy of and Randy Forbes

Click on the images for larger versions.

00000001.JPG (33962 bytes) Buick 231"/3.8 litre V6 engine & Turbo 350 trans; note design of fenderwell outlet headers , 38" primary tube length (as suggested for Road Racing apps.)
00000002.JPG (28548 bytes) same, aft view
00000003.JPG (23141 bytes) right side view, aft; note stainless steel tubing for trans cooler lines & oil filter adapter (modified for application using welded on -8 fittings to be shorter)
00000004.JPG (16919 bytes) another view of right side; note oil filter adapter & original alternator mount
00000005.JPG (36425 bytes) 1971 MGBGT engine compartment; 1980 XMBR & steering, including portion of firewall; right side of firewall also modified for room @ cylinder head; heater box was eliminated (now defroster only) for room @ bellhousing ; MGC heater control valve (or maybe it was from the Healey.); wiring & brake lines were moved away from header apertures. Note, this car had once had a shoddy installation of a 215 Olds- I spent more time cleaning up the poorly done work than actually modifiying it for the V6. Note motor mounts on front crossmember.
00000006.JPG (30781 bytes) left side detail of header & steering
00000007.JPG (29559 bytes)  left side detail of header & steering
00000008.JPG (30514 bytes) right side detail; this view gives a representation of engine setback & why firewall was modified; gauge is actually Setpoint to start electric (stock) fans
00000009.JPG (31854 bytes) view of lh motor mount, factory V8 radiator & Mallory dual point distributor; no engine fan has been used. my only overheating problem comes doing 75+ mph on the interstate, never in stop/go traffic. I just read in one of these "sites" that I probably need the equivalent of the factory cardboard mudguard that goes between the radiator & crossmember.
00000010.JPG (33746 bytes) right side view showing why I needed to modify oil filter adapter (& the V8's don't); relative engine setback (V6 is 5.25" shorter than 215 engine)
00000011.JPG (25985 bytes) another view showing engine (block) is behind centerline of front wheels; gap behind radiator soon to be ducted for better airflow @ higher speeds
00000012.JPG (45322 bytes) a view I particularly like.
00000013.JPG (44027 bytes) ditto; note that engine compartment has been repainted but not the body yet.
00000014.JPG (33151 bytes) detail of header & color keyed wheel, & no, the wheel mask does not work
00000015.JPG (48180 bytes) the view that most people see; barely seen are the dual exhaust pipes & the quick fill gas cap
00000016.JPG (25539 bytes) 1973 console fitted, along with MGC auto shift quadrant (that's my registration under side of console-not a hole in the carpet)
00000017.JPG (45997 bytes) the front view showing the rusty hood & the scoop left over from when it was a V8; new hood will be scoopless (&painted.)
00000018.JPG (23700 bytes) dual channel air/fuel ratio indicator (std. O2 sensor fitted to each collector)

Some other details include:

All parts of engine have been "coated" with either a dry film lubricant, thermal barrier or a thermal dispersant ( all TECHLINE brand products ). The trans has a shift kit, and adjustable govenor & vacuum modulator fitted-stock stall speed converter. I added a Panhard Rod (from my Healey which now has an Articulated A-Arm) to the rear axle. It still has the 3.91:1 axle, but I have a 3.31:1 axle from the MGC to be fitted after I get to the drag strip. The all-up weight of the car, w/ full fuel tank is 2380 Lbs. Less driver. Front/rear wts. are 1200/1160Lbs. Or 50.52%/48.74% easily rounded off to 50/50. Not bad.

There is likely a million details I've left out, you can refer any interested parties to me for help.

Randy Forbes aka MGBGT3.8


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