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Proprietor: John Marks

After over 40 years of service to car enthusiasts worldwide John Marks has decided to retire.
We would like to thank all of our customers for their business over those years.

Although John will retire, this is not going to be immediately. Due to the death or two members of staff, my school pal Dick Packman with whom I set up business has lost a lot of weight, not the big C, but still under investigation. Then the retirement next summer of my last technician, so I have to decide what to plan for the future as I am getting older too! We hope to complete all work in hand, and will continue for some time to repair temperature, fuel and other gauges. Also to convert a lot of old stock into saleable items, as time permits.

Please do not send work in without consulting us first. This is most important from outside the E.U. as from 2010 we will not be licensed under "Inward Processing" Regulations. The paperwork is now overwhelming, and best handled by an import/export agent. Therefore we cannot accept work from outside the E.U.

After 43 years of trading this is quite a difficult period of transition.

We own Vintage Restorations Ltd, British Jaeger Ltd, and the Trade Mark British Jaeger, which we will continue to protect.

MG - The Classic Marque