Prewar MGs

The attached photo is of my father, Robert L. Pomeroy, my mother Cecily and my Aunt, Catherine Pomeroy Collins, in front of my aunt's house in Hopewell, New Jersey in 1949. My father met my mother in Italy after the war; he had been in the U.S. Army with the OSS (he was a foreign correspondent in Rome from 1938-41) and my mother was working at the British embassy in Rome. She worked for the Ministry of Information during the war at the French desk. They married in Rome in May, 1949 and bought the MG in Italy, I think. I say that because they went on their honeymoon in Italy and France, ending up in England to introduce my Dad to my Mum's parents. Bringing a Yank home was a bit chancy as the in-laws came from Devon and were evacuated, allowing American soldiers to mess up the house for the duration. Anyway, all went well. Dad brought the car over to the States and eventually sold it there as Mum got pregnant with me. He loved that car and had little time for the newer MGs that came out. He said it had a problem with its engine; the goose-neck was badly designed. Something like that. This is being dug up from stories I heard when I was a kid. The dachshund, Piglet, was a wedding present.

Anyway, they're all gone now. I notice that the windshield/windscreen is not vertical as in the other pictures on your site.


Eugene Pomeroy

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