MGB Pictures

Here's a list of pictures you can see from here :

Chrome Roadster

* Bright Red MGB
Viewed from the opposite side, hood down.
A similar view to that of the Watkin's MGB.
* Tartan Red MkI MGB
* MGBs at the 1st Brooklands Picnic
* 2 MGBs at the end of the 24th Regency Run at Madeira Drive
* Hennie de beer's MGB V8and an engine view
* Chris's MGB V8
The engine is a highly modified Rover 4.8 liter V8, brakes are upgraded to vented V8 discs and calipers. The suspension is lowered 2", Spak conversion shocks have been added, heavy duty stablizer bars, 16" Panasport wheels with highperformance 245/45 A032 tires. This car is VERY fast and is VERY fun to run on road courses.
An MGB alongside its elder brother, the MGA at a VMGC meet.
* VMGC Wayne Watkins
A Canadian BRG MGB, owned by Wayne Watkins of VMGC.
* 1962 MGB & MG RV8
An MGB alongside its younger brother, the MG RV8.
* John Milland's 1962 MGB
from Denmark
* John Milland in a 1962 MGB competition GTS appendix K
going through one of the four corners,on the half mile long circuit during the Copenhagen Classic Car cup
* Alan M. Pedersen's 1962 MGB
Danish car fully restored, took 1st. prize at the Silverstone International Weekend in 1995
* Marcus Walsh's 1963 MGB
Just completed a two year ground-up restoration, in Australia
* Tony Lyons' 1963 MGB
from Blackforest, Germany, restored in 1991. The only changes to the original spec are koni telescopic dampers and a lead-free head its dashboard
* Neil vanHeugten's 1963 MGB from Holland
It is a before/after picture. The restoration took 2 years.
* Trent McDonald's 1963 MGB from Australia
I own a 1963 MGB mk1 with the old style pullout door handles and three bearing crank motor its a pretty early model in Australia being no 1550. I decided to put another motor in it for now until I can afford to rebuild the original motor.i So I've fitted a Mitsubishi station motor to it which doesn't require any modifying to the bodyshell to fit just engine mounts to be relocated and the gearbox which is a 5-speed fits in the early tunnel with no panel-beating and even lines up with the shifter hole and crossmember. As I said before the bodyshell is untouched and I use this motor for racing purposes so I can preserve my old motor, plus its a bit different.
* John Minchin's 1963 MGB Roadster
Early Australian built MGB Mk1 pull-handle in Tasmania following 14 year restoration. It is the 54th B manufactured from CKD kits in Sydney.
* Jon A Fredheim's 1963 MGB from Norway
'63 Roadster originally sold in California. Restored in Sweden some years ago where it lived in Reftele Motor Museum until the museum went bust. I bought it in 1998 and had to replace the engine as the main bearings in the three bearing engine were worn out. The original engine is now being rebuilt. Meanwhile a Gold Seal engine and a full synchro 'box makes it a real pleasure to drive.
* Jan Borgfelt's 1963 MGB
* Bosse's 1963 MGB More (external link)
* Blake Wylie's 1964 MGB
black 1964 with red interior (photo from the rear)
* Steve Berno's 1964 MGB
The hard top is the only kind in the state of South Australia, it was custom made out of fibreglass.
* Joern-M. Mueller-Neuhaus' 1964 MGB
Engine bay with 2-litre-engine, built by Brown & Gammons in 1982. 106 bhp at the rear wheels are good for 120 mph. alongside his MGC
* Henry Steven's Red 64 MGB
Head-on shot from the GOF (Gathering of the Faithful) meet, held in Kananaskis, Alberta; summer 1994.
* Simon Toal's 64 MGB
Used as a daily driver, and drive it 1300km's to Brisbane several times per year, very reliable motor car. Another view
* Dave Wright's 64 MGB
1950cc stage 2 engine from Oxfordshire
* Alan Dean's 64 MGB
from Melbourne Australia
* Anders Sandell's 64 MGB
Anders' Swedish Summer traveller
* David Lavies' 1964 MGB
Southeastern Regional MG Festival at Dillard, Georgia.
* Michael Maquoi's 64 MGB
Tartan Red, Chrome wires, Motolita steering wheel.
* Henry Steven's Red 64 MGB
Side view is from the show held by the Vintage Sports Car Club of Calgary that same summer (just before the skies opened in a thunderstorm).
* Ray Gordon's 1965 MGB from Pekin, Illinois USA
Maggie-B is a 1965 MGB MK1, it is registered as a '66, but was produced in Oct.'64 Car No. GHN3L/65144 | Body No. MGB 046657 | 5-main engine No. 18GB-U-H 161.
It has some '64 parts like the doors with pull out type door handles with the pin and notch striker plates identical the parts used on the MGA. It also has the smaller round fuel tank that is hung by two metal straps.
But the real puzzler are the seats? 1969 seats with diaphragms, reclining backs and dual post headrest. A 9 inches tall rectangular headrest called "Chiclets" for their shape, they go down in the two upright post in the seat back.
* Jan Erling Veiset's 1965 MGB
In the background you'll see typical Norwegian mountains with snow.
* Bo Fundell's 65 B from Sweden
* Cliff Maddox's 1965 MK1 MGB I have owned this car for the last twenty years and for much of this time it has served as my "daily driver" a role which it happily continues to this day. Over this period the 5-main engine has been rebuilt three times, the wire wheels have been changed for alloys, and a four syncro transmission has been fitted along with a Lucas alternator in place of the original generator. A very reliable and much loved MGB.
* Denis Desmaraiss '65 MGB from Toronto, Canada. Engine and beautiful interior
* Terry Payne's 1965 MGB Roadster
* Bosse's 1965 MGB More (external link)
* Joe Conway's restored 1965 MGB
A two owner car originally assembled in Ireland
* Kiki Berlin's unrestored 1965 MGB
This is Jan's wife's car. Going to Silverstone meet this year.
* Wayne Barrett's 1965 MGB from NSW Australia
1840cc engine with gas flowed head and 45 DCOE weber and upgraded dashboard
* Mark Sufke's 1965 MGB
* Yves Vandenbossche's 65 MGB from Belgium
* Peter Bramble's 1965 MGB
Rebuilt in 2000 to race in the ANGLIA PHOENIX CHAMPIONSHIPS. It is shown here at Croft in front of a couple of Jags, just putting them in their place, behind MG's!
* Jon Hands' '65 'B'
Fully restored brand new bodyshell and recon engine in old english white
* Jan Erling's '65 'B'
The MGB is in mint condition, it was restored in the UK 3 years ago
* Don Zeigler's '65 'B' Slalom at Santa Ynez Airport, CA
Owned since 1970, powered by 205HP GM 3800 Series II V6
* Steve Crowder's '65 MGB from Lexington, Virginia, USA
I am the second owner of this 1965 MGB which was ordered and purchased in England by a local physician during his internship in your country. He had it shipped to the USA upon his completion and sold it to me in 1999. I spent 11 months restoring it to as close to original as possible with the exception of the roll bar, stereo and the addition of a well deserved overdrive. My wife and I drive the car quite frequently during the summer months. They are a pleasure to own, work on and drive.
* Guy Horton's '65 MGB.
photo was taken near Lithgow (about 150kms West of Sydney, Australia)
* Isidoro Reyes' 1965 MGB.
From Spain
* Pedro Morgado's 1965 MGB LHD from Portugal.
It was never restored, only painted in BRG several years ago. It is sound and completely original. It runs great !
* Paul Senior's '66 'B'
(South Australia) on the skid pan during 1995 Duttons Rally
* Dan Defrain's '66 MGB.
* Alexander Mahr's 1966 MGB from Germany
It is an original right-hand-drive roadster; the only thing, that is not original, is the mercedes gold colour.
* Mandy Whittaker's 1966 MGB
* 1966 WSM MGB at Rockingham WSM Re-Union 2001
* Andrew Lumb's '66 MGB and its interior
* Mike Taylor's '66 MGB fully restored Californian car with overdrive
* Bert Otten's Royale Blue '66 MGB.
Picture taken at Assen race track during MGCC Holland racing event in August '96. The car was imported from California in '94, purchased by Bert in November '95 and restored by May '96.
* Kai Y. Tsang's 1967 MGB
Front and Side profile
* Damien Kavanagh's MGB
Old English White
* Bronwyn & Barry Amos's 1967 MGB
It has 72.000 original miles on the clock. It was stored for 15 years & has been completely restored.
* Sandra Brown's 1967 MGB
named Scarlet
* Alan Riley's 1967 MK1 LHD MGB
Originally exported direct from Abingdon to Lebanon and prior to his purchase in 2018 had one owner from new. Currently located in France with French registration and CG de collection. Interior and Engine
* Enrique Buero's 1967 MGB
Bought in Oklahoma, USA, in 1998, and shipped to Montevideo, Uruguay. Recently Uruguayan law has authorized the importation of cars with at least twenty years old. As a result classic cars can frequently be seen in our streets. We are slowly recovering the huge amount of classics we exported to Europe for many years.
from the back and with the owner's grandson
* Neil van Heugten's MGB
from Holland
* 1967 MGB
* Magnus Hjert's 1967 MGB
It's a -67 MkI lhd US import in Tartan red, photographed at Limhamn Island in August -96. The car is in very good condition but will undergo minor work during the winter (boot/bonnet/door alignment, new console, s/s exhaust, a light tune-up etc). Runs like a dream!
* Graeme Wallace's 1967 MGB aka Braveheart!
Fully restored a few years ago by the previous owner. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I am a member of the MG Car Club of Toronto.
* Mark Lawton's 1967 MGB
from Oxford, England, purchased April 97
* Alan Hyett's 1967 MGB
from Waterlooville just north of Porstsmouth, Hampshire UK
* J.T. Johnson's 1967 MGB in primrose yellow
from California
* Kevin R. Clancy's 1968 MGB and from the rear/side
* JC Chen's 1969 MGB Roadster
MGB MKII with overdrive, bodywork restored July 99
* Charles Marchant's 1969 MGB Roadster
Sitting in Chagrin Falls Ohio. (very nice picture)
* Colin Hannaford's 1968 MGB
Snowberry White with black hardtop on a winding Vermont road in late fall.
* Arie Villasol's 1968 MGB
At a San Francisco Region SCCA autocross event, Alemeda, California, 1996.
* Scot Hamm's 1968 MGB
Dark British Racing Green 1968 MGB RD. I have been working on it since May of 2001. It was repainted October 2002.
* 1968 MGB Race Car
from Scandinavia
* Arie Villasol's 1968 MGB
doubling as a autocrosser AND daily driver which was taken at the National Championship September 1997
* Stephen Wrigglesworth's 1969 MGB
* Walt Nelson's 1969 MGB
* Phil Brodsky's 1969 MGB, Methuen MAanother view
* Lee Lewin's 1969 MGB
Car restored by Mark Thornton in 1996-97
* D G Collin's 1969 MGB
Side profile with minilites
* Roger and Sue Hotelling's 1969 MGB
Painted in Jaguar Sapphire Blue. Washington State, USA.
* Richard Latouche's 1969 MGB
Finished restoration in July, 2000
* Glyn & Mary Hughes' 1969 MGB
Touring the vineyards around Perth, Western Australia
* Frank Hearne's 1969 MGB Interior
NSW , Australia
* Glyn & Mary Hughes' 1969 MGB rebuilt from the ground up in 2003
Perth , Australia
* David Whetsel's 1969 MGB
The exceptional body work is by Mike Luna in Prosper TX
* Gary Hartley's 1969 MGB
second owner, it has only 69,000 miles. It is in nearly perfect shape.
* Kurt & Karen Wienhorst's restored 69 MGB and again
* Rod Griffin's 1969 MGB from Victoria, Australia
* Tjellvar Harbom's 1969 MGB from Sweden
* Graham Barr's Black Tulip 1969 MGB from Tacoma Wa. U.S.A.
* Dennis Hill's 1969 MGB from Akron, OH, USA
Painted in Marina Blue (67 GM color)
* John Boertjes's 1969 MGB from Netherlands (30-3-69)
* Harold Shaughnessy 1969 MGB from South Yarmouth, Massachusetts
More pictures (external link)
* Michel Desbiens Quebec MGB 1970
During restoration and with very special fiberglass roof
* Denis Légaré's MGB 1970
(External link). This car has split rear bumpers.
* Gunnar Ellevseth's 1970 MGB
This car is a 1970 US model, with split bumpers, imported to Norway from USA in 1973 by an American who moved to Trondheim. Gunnar bought the car in April 1974. The car was red, but he changed the color to “aconite”. Aconite was chosen because it was a factory option.
* Tom Bedenbaugh's award winning 1970 MGB roadster
* Dave & Dianne Tietz's 1970 MGB
Dave made a wood dash (over 6 months & over 200 hours) of Carpathian Elm Burl with 16 coats of varnish. He also fabricated the console. The car has the world's largest glove box (maybe).
* Blue 1970 MGB
Photo taken at Ann Arbor, Michigan
* Tjeerd M. van der Meer's 1970 MGB
from Holland. This car is a British Racing Green 04/1970 MG-B. A so called splitbumper type, very rare and only in 1970 USA. I am the owner since 1994.
* Andrew Lundgren's 1970 MGB
Pictured in Cadiz, KY. USA in white with wires
* Rob White's 1980 MGB converted to 1970with chrome bumbers
* Steve Seidel's 1970 MGB
On the shore of Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The colour is blue royale, though it started life in pale primrose. I left off the side marker lights and added "proper" eared knockoffs.
* Paul Daoust's 1970 MGB
Front close up with recess grille
* Tony Crossley's '70 Road Modified Roadster
currently competing in the MOSS Norwester speed championship. Currently in this first season we've managed 1 class win at Ty Croes circuit in Wales. This picture shows us blasting along the start/finish straight at Knockhill in the snow and sleet.
* Derek Vogt's 1970 MGB fitted with a Datsun engine
* Tim Lee's 1970 MGB from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (only year with a split rear bumper) with Minilites on Pirellis. Finely tuned SUs with K&N filters. Previous owner had put an ad hoc flow thru exhaust pipe with a Monza header and tail section. A lion's roar but really a pussy. Still a lot of fun to drive.
* John Plant's 1970 MGB
* Mickey Hartnett's 1970 MGB
Owned since 1972 in Georgia, now restored having covered over 200,000 miles
* Peter Grimston's 1970 MGB alongside Doug Haig's 1960 MGA in NSW, Australia.
Peter's car is an Australian assembled MGB
Between 1963 and 1972 9090 roadsters were assembled and painted in Australia from kits. These cars differed from the English versions because of the Rotodip painting process, the body number prefixed by "Y" and some locally sourced parts (later models). Where applicable additional chrome badging was added as follows: "MkII" on the back panel and "Overdrive" or "Automatic" (very rare) on the bootlid.
* Roland Hylén's 70 Roadster
Built in November 1970 and at the age of 17 she emigrated to Sweden.Equipped with wire wheels,roll-bar and OD on 3rd and 4th gear.Runs well and is well kept!
* Blake Wylie's 1970 MGB
* Bosse's 1970 MGB More (external link)
* René Pessel's 1970 MGB Trelevern, France
Flame red. American Model whith evaporative loss control and air pump for inlets and exhaust. Rebuilt 1995.
* Mr and Mrs Dodd's 1970 MGB ex USA now in Brisbane, Australia
* Gary Mills' 1970 MGB
from Wilson, NC. USA. Painted in Jaguar Red, black leather interior.
* Mark Larson's 1971 BRG MGB
Viewed from the front left corner, with hood down.
* Geoff Barrance's Red 71 Roadster
Newly acquired MGB, with rostyles
* Barry Richman's Red 71 Roadster
From Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
* Barry Richman's 1971 MGB Red Roadster
From Cincinnati, OH
* Bruce Milne's 2 white 1971 MGB's
Pictured in Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
* John Sisk's 1971 MGB Roadster
John and his father restored the car over a three year period. It is currently located in Connecticut.
* Giles Forrest's restored 1971 MGBafter being painted tartan red For more pics visit
* Ric Johnson's '71 MGB
Ric Johnson and his D Street Prepared class '71 MGB attack some innocent traffic cones at a Sports Car Club of America Solo 2 (autocross) event in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.
* Matt Hartley's '71 MGB
A 16 year old from California, USA. The '71 has just been painted by his father.The completed picture
* George Caubo's '71 MGB from Bocholtz, Netherlands
Colour: Midnight Blue
Extra's: Chrome Wire Wheels, Motolita woodrim Wheel; Windstop; Overdrive; leather seats; SS Exhaust.
Condition : 1 (report by Car-expert available)
This is a british home market model of the MG-B; the car is converted to LHD in Germany. It's completely rebuild in the mid 90's by Frans Schendelaar and 1999 bought by me. Most of the B's in the Netherlands are from the USA, so it's a kind of special.
* Scott Dumon's '71 MGB from Atlanta, GA, USA
Flame red.
* Pierre De Rijck's '71 MGB from Belgium
Vermillion. Exported to Holland in 1981 - imported to Belgium on 2007, September 27th
* Bob Garnham's '71 MGB from Cape Town
Used daily. Blaze.
* Don Mann's 1971 MGB
Currently putting in a V8. At the ocean edge
* Jay Phipps' 1971 MGB and it's engine bay
* Lorne Gray's 1971 MGB
Finally after four years!
* Pierre Montigny's 1971 MGB and during restoration
Pictured at Arromanche (Normandie-France) May 2004
* Hans Pettersson's 1971 MGB
* Justin Collins' 1971 MGB from Australia. Front and Engine bay. This car was purchased new by my father in 1971 and has just been fully restored by me.
* Tigger's 1972 MGB
* Dave Bornmann's 1972 MGB Red with new leather interior.
* John Baillargeon's 72 MGB
at Cabot Tower on Signal Hill, St-Johns, New Foundland, Canada, July 1999.
* Eric Houkal's 72 MGB
A couple of days after I painted it two years ago. It is now nearly re-assembled.
* James Vickers' MGB (sadly no more as of winter 2005!)
* Allison Ashcroft's 72 MGB
from New York, USA
* Mike Plumstead's 1972 MGB
The webmaster's Blaze B during and after restoration.
* Ron Thomson's 1972 MGB from Hopedale, MA, USA.
Before and after restoration.
* Jason & Stacy Dutt's '72 MGB Roadster
Pictures taken just before our 2500+ mile trip from Northeast Ohio to the coast of Maine and back in Summer of 2000.
Interior by Mike Satur Interiors. Spax suspension front and rear with 1" lowering springs. 1 degree negative camber front a-arms. Polyurethane bushings throughout.
* Thomas Gladfelter's 1972 MGB from Michigan, USA.
* Tom Rynne's 1972 MGB
I came up with the unique striped and logo'd paint scheme after painting a Harley using the same colors. It was originally turquoise with blue interior. i have won many awards at local shows as well as second place at 98 NAMGBR. Mods include Spax front and rear, OD trans, 3/4 front roll bar, minilight replicas with the knock offs stripped of chrome. Engine is .030 overbore, piper cam, 3 angle valves, header, and Weber downdraft. I did all the body and paint work myself. A closer look at that bonnet (hood)
* Sandy McCullough's MGB
A 1972 North American MGB named "Champ" with several backdates applied.
* Engine compartment from 1972
Black replaced red as the engine colour from the start of the 18V type engines in 1971. The oil filter is Unipart, the air filters have Cooper labels. The engine rocker cover has a BL label instead of MG. In 1973 the air filters have Unipart labels.
* Kurt Miller's 72 MGB Southlake, Texas USA
and again from the back and front
* Paul and Sandy Jennings' 72 MGB Loris, South Carolina
After a 17 month restoration.
* 72 MGB owned by George Bearden
Birmingham Alabama
* 72 red MGB
Took 4th place in central New York Show 2001 (external link)
* 72 MGB owned by Quinta Wissing
further details (external link)
* Steve Ryan's 1972 MGB
Original paint
* Gerry Capon's 1972 MGB
* Dave & Wendy Webster`s 1972 MG Roadster
Bought in a bad state and had restored. It began life as a white roadster but we had it resprayed in red and here it is in full glory.
* Jason Dutt's 1972 MGB
New suspension, hydraulics and a Strong Engine
* Bill and Debbie Wilson's 1972 red MGB
* Michael Hauser's 1972 MGB
from Portland Oregon, USA
* Scott Anderson's 1972 MGB
Harvest Gold, D Street Prepared SCCA Solo II
* Dominique and Deresmes's 1972 MGB
This Beautiful Picture was taken at 'Chateau de Pierrefonds' at the 'Classic Artois Rally'
* Egbert Hascher's 1973 MGB
Damask red in the Netherlands. '73 roadster originally sold in Texas. Original engine complete restored in 2004.
* Rick Roberts' 1973 MGB
with new paint, new interior. From Columbus, Ohio
* Mark G.H. Elliott's 1973 MGB
from South Africa
* James Vicker's 1973 MGB
Damask Red. The car has a stage II engine and goes like the clappers, but as you can see looks beautiful. The pictures were taken on the New Forest Run.
* Bill Hepburn's 1973 MGB
A beautiful Halloween day in Whitby, Ontario. Canada
* Philippe Declercq's 1973 MGB
These pictures show the original state when I purchased my 1973 MGB and the works done till returning from the paintshop. The final re-assembling is amost finished and I drove the car for the first time on the road February 2002. Pictures of the finished car will follow.
Before from the front
Before from the rear
Interior before
Engine out
Unloaded after painting
Getting it started
Why won't it start?
Come on.. start!
Yes!!! we're off..
* Alan Raddatz's 1973 MGB Roadster
Early picture of the car
Coated in high build primer
Shortly after the metallic blue paint job
* Ron Schroeder's 1973 MGB
From Belleville, IL, USA. Painted in Dodge Viper Yellow.
* James Vickers' 1973 MGB
In Damask Red. Picture here in Knaresborough, Yorkshire Dales.
Painting at a track day at Goodwood. It now has a 1860 Stage II engine.
* Dan Hermenau's 1973 MGB
from Michigan, USA. Purchased summer of '99. This is a solid original '73, looks as if it has had a repaint.
* Rick Dynesius' 1973 MGB
Restored by British Restorations of Statesville,NC
* Alyn Murray's MGB
Summer 2002 at Grays Harbor - just repainted - Old English White. Has O/D, wires, SU's,
* Dan Ray's 1973 MGB
from Ft. Knox, Kentucky
* Fabian Goern's 1973 MGB
pictured near the port of Hamburg, Germany
* James Vickers' 1973 MGB
Blaze B in front of the main gates at Kew Gardens.
* Eric King's 1973 MGB
nearing completion of its restoration
* Stacey MacKinnon's 1973 MGB
Pictures of a 1962 Buick 215 V-8 going into a 1973 MGB. I pulled the 4cyl out on a Saturday, cut up and welded the firewall on Sunday. Put the engine in on monday night and built the headers in 4.5 hrs on Tuesday night. The car was on the road again the following Saturday. It is now completely apart getting cleaned up, rebuilt and repainted for the summer 2001.
Firewall hacked up and welded back together
Finishing up header welding with it bolted to a head to prevent warping
Header exit through the inner fender
* Henny Beumer's 1973 MGB
This is my 1973 MGB. Owned since 1999 and driven summers only. It's a real beauty, with a leather interior and chrome wire wheels. The car is in original state except for the MK1 grille. It drives very well and is relaxed, due to the standard fitted overdrive.
* Blake Aasgaard's 1973 MGB
Purchased in 1983 from the original owner in the original dealer city, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Driven daily until ground-up restore in 1991. Driven daily, about 60 miles every day before and since restoration. Original color was Teal. Minor cosmetic changes to maintain original pre-Leyland styling are completely reversible if required for the occasional local show, but I tend to leave the car in this form, as I drive it every day. This is my only automobile.
* C.J. Kranendonk's 1973 MGB unrestored imported from California
from The Netherlands
* James Vickers' 1973 MGB at Goodwood in February 2005
This image has been made into a 1m canvas by that hangs proudly in James' sitting room.
* 1973 MG-B roadster of Jim Wofford South Carolina, U.S.A.
* Paul Mazzarella's 1973 blaze red mgb from Kathleen, GA. U.S.A
* Kevin Jones' 1973 MGB
March 98 was a bad month for Kevin. His MGB was stolen, but he got it back a little worse for wear. Now he is over the moon as the picture suggests...
* Andy Reid's 1973 US Spec MGB
Bavaria, Germany Interior
* Rob Forster's Father's 1974 MGB
Blaze B Roadster glistening in the sun. Here's another one.
* Richard Milligan's MGB Historic racer
This is a 1974 Model Californian rubber bumper MGB which I bought in 1988, converted to rhd in 1990 and decided to finish and race it in 1998.
from the front
at Rob Roy
* Brian Baker's MGB
MGB with Chevy V-6 & 5 spd. Engine Stripped out
* Francis Baring's 1974 MGB
Iceberg White Roadster
* John Congdon's 1974 MGB
The car is originally from Orlando, FL, nice low mileage (56K) rust free example. More pictures available on John's site
* Richard Feese's 1974 MGB
From Valdosta, GA. Interior
* Betty Brewer's 1974 MGB
Winner of several first and second place trophies (Springfield, Missouri, USA)
* Michael Comas' 1974 MGB
From Pennsylvania, USA
* Brian Gurney's 1974 MGB
In harvest gold from behind
* Arnoud Schreiner's 1974 MGB
in Bracken. Originated from the USA, now in Holland.
* Ron Bush's 1974 MGB
from Huntington, WV, purchased this B in May 98.
* Andrew & Jackie Rankine's 1974 MGB
undergoing major surgery at the moment due to a non-fault rear-ending into a metal fence!!
* Here is Samantha a 1974 MGB
Samantha is a member of The Smokey Mountain British Sports Car Assoc.
* Aconite and Black Tulip
Paul Hunt writes "A number of people have queried just what Black Tulip and Aconite look like and how they differ. By an amazing coincidence there was an Aconite RB roadster on one of the small (about 20 cars) organised runs I attended and the owner happened to park right next to my Black Tulip CB roadster. The picture is a scan of a print of a slide and I had to tweak the contrast and brightness a little, but it makes an interesting comparison."
* Craig Wiper's 1974 MGB
I actually combined two '74 B's to get one very nice one. I knew nothing about working on cars before I bought this project in 1988. I've now had almost every major component of the car apart, and have been able to somehow manage to get things back together and keep her running. I just added an overdrive transmission in October '96.
* Bob Davis' 1975 Roadster showing his paint close up
* Paul Hird's 1975 BRG Roadster Converted from rubber to chrome bumpers Read the full story
* Peter Cosmides' 1975 Tundra Green Roadster from Moorestown, New Jersey USA
I am the original owner, having bought this car new in 1975 only days after obtaining my drivers license. In 1984 I converted it from Rubber Bumpers to chrome bumpers and added the Panasport wheels. It was recently fully restored and has 107,000 miles on the odometer.
* Gerard van den Brink's tahiti blue 1977 MGBIn 1999 the rubber bumpers were replaced by a set of chrome ones, seen here.
* MGB 1980 ROADSTERfrom Rustenburg South Africa
* David Ropper's 1981 MGB
The car was built in Aug 1990 (limited edition), but first registered in October 1981. The car underwent a chrome bumper conversion in 1995, which included a spax and sports handling set up. The original colour (red) was then changed to Rover Britsh Racing Green. The engine is now 1866cc, with fast cam, flowed mainifold and bomb exhaust. Also added is a leather interior and the bolt on wire wheels.
* Mike Cook's Rubber To Bumper Chrome V8

The David Deutsch Collection
* Eileen and I at MG on the Rocks
* '66 and '75 again
* '66 and '75 drivers
* My BRG 75B with new minilites
* A black 78B converted to chrome bumper and V8
* Blue '79 under restoration, green '75 and red '79 (now sold)

Angel Prouty's MGB under restoration
* Rear View, stripped
* Front View, ready to paint
* Rear View, painted
* Side View, front wheels removed

Original Sales Brochures
* 1969 MGB
* 1970 MGB

Rubber Roadster

* 1980 MGB Sales Brochure
* Mike Foley's MGB
* Tone Parker's MGB
* Dave Ryzuk's MGB
* Bryan Utterback's MGB - with custom paint job, from the front
* Keith Lawrence's MGB
Keith's pride and joy
* Keith Lawrence's MGB
* Michel Herzen's rubber bumper MGB
Rear/side profile
* George Carrasquillo's Hot rubber bumper MGB!
Pictured are, from the MGCC-Long Island Centre , left to right, Eileen Deutsch, Jan Wood, June Laden and George Carrasquillo, with George's Flame'n B.
* Michael A Rogers's rubber bumper MGB
Seen from side. White strips visible from front and rear spoiler from back
* Romney Palma's late MGB
* The Aston Martin Prototype and again from the side
* The Tourer and GT
The GT is joined by two tourers. Chrome and Rubber bumpered.
* VMGC Jack Baker
Jack Baker's, Web maintainer for the VMGC, MGB.
* Jason Pawela's 1974 ½ MGB
Purchased new in 1975 by a dealer in San Jose, CA. In about 1984, my grandfather was gracefully gliding down the Gustine roads in California when the oil pump decided to give up the ghost. That took this machine off the road for a near 20 years and tore up the engine pretty badly. When we moved to New Mexico in 1986, it was placed in our back yard with a cover. In '02, we finally decided to pull it out and have a good friend, Bill Hatton, rebuild the engine in his shop--just outside of Grants, NM. It now runs as good, if not better, than it did when new. Outside of a few little parts, this vehicle is all original. My grandparents and I can once again experience the unbeatable charm of the British automobile--the MG.
* Ken Lamoreaux's 1975 MGB Waterville, KS, USA
Paint is Opal Beige Pearl. Interior has been refinished. Another view from the driver's side rear quarter view
* Peter Hamilton-Batkin's 1975 MGB
In damask red with colour coded bumpers
* Ian Kincaid's 1975 MGB All information about his car on this web site
* Gijs-Jan Deenen, Haaren's 1975 MGB
from The Netherlands. A european version of the Jubilee car. and again on the road
* Brian Ichter's 1975 MGB Roadster
* Bob Caddick's 1975 MGB Roadster pictured with his Tahiti Blue MGTF 160
* Joe Maggiore's 1975 MGB Roadster
Tahiti Blue purchased in Prescott, Arizona June 2003. It's a true desert car. The paint is even original. The car was stored for 10 plus years by the original family that purchased the car from new. I changed all fluids, replaced the carburetor, the interior, top and all hydraulics and now it runs great and is back on the road. One interesting note: When I bought the car, it still had the original interior. Since the interior was well past it's prime, I ripped it out. That's when I discovered it had a mirror lens still in it's wrapper and also rivets from the Abingdon assembly line still under the seat!
* Doug Wilson's 76 B from Ottawa Ontario Canada Licence Plate is MY76MGs
* Billy Wheeler's 1976 MGB
from Ray City, GA. Currently undergoing a rebuild.
* Dan DiBiase's 1976 MGB Tourer
From Dayton, New Jersey, USA. Dan has owned the car since April 1988.
* Richard Fairburn's 1976 MGB
a Californian car converted to RHD in 1990
* Ramon Gonzalez's 1976 MGB
From Carteret, New Jersey, this is a 1976 MGB one of the last harvest gold original paint MGBs.
* Robert Griffin's 1976 MGB
in Harvest Gold
* Scott Sworts' 1976 MGB viewed from front
This is the condition I bought the car in, for only $1,300.00. The body is in excellent shape, although the paint job was amateur. This is the original color. All I had to do to get it running was replace the alternator.
* Geoff Marlowe's 1976 MGB
for sale July 99
* Dave Saville's 1976 MGB
Flame red with 44,000 miles
* Marty Alston's 1976 MGB Piscataway, NJ
Modified and restored in 1993
* Rodney McDonald's '76 in chartruese yellow Renovated in 1996-97. I am running dual SU HS4 carbs in place of the original Zenith. Also has a Lucas 25D4 distributor.
* Jerry Cook's 1976 MGB Roadster in white
* Richard N. Lipow's 1976 MGB in blue interior shot Glenmoore, Pennsylvania
* Steve Conley's 1976 MGB
Tundra Green Roadster
* Brenda & PJ Lenihan with their mid-70's MGB
Primrose yellow
* Robert Cooksley's 1976 MGB
from Bristol, UK. Having a polish by my son Martin while my daaughter Jenny sits in the car. We call the car bluebird.
* Paul Croft's 1976 MGB
Chrome bumper conversion MGB Roadster, owned by Paul since May 1992. Pictured half way down the Stelvio Pass Italy 2009
* Stewart Smith's 1976 MGB
* Corey Hogue's 1977 MGB
This picture was taken on the Seventeen Mile Drive just south of Monterey CA. on the beach during the weekend of the 1996 Monterey British Car Meet. This car is a "daily driver" that was restored in June of 1995 and has covered over 12k miles in daily service since then.
* Mike Chiola's 77 MGB
* Diane Fowler's 1977 MGB
Picture taken on Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
* Doug Foster's 1977 MGB
17,000 actual miles, second owner. Love my british autos!
* George Carmichael's 1977 MGB
from Rindge, NH, USA
* Steve Bergrab's 1977 MGB
* Bob and Donna Parlaman's 1977 MGB
from Homosassa, FL USA
* Eric Ice's 1977 MGB and being judged where "Ices MG" won 1st place!
* Connery Carroll's 1977 MGB from Tyler, TX
* Bruno Boivin's 1977 MGB
from France. More..
* Rick's 1977 MGB
from San Diego, California
* Jon C. Reed's 1977 MGB
Pictured at the Annual 'All British Car Show' in Phoenix, AZ in March 1996, and again in an MG line-up.
* Matei Riain's 77 MGB under restoration Oct 97
* Rinus Blok's 77 MGB from Holland
* Walter Artus's 77 MGB
from Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
* Gilles and Lorraine Leduc's 77 MGB
* Jim Ruiz's 1977 MGB from San Jose, Ca
* Jim Ruiz's 1977 MGB San Jose California
Taken on May 30, 1998 at MGs at Jack London Square - Oakland, California
* Halvor Asland's 77 MGB before restoration
* John Benedicts' 1977 MGB Roadster
* Jim Henderson's 1977 MGB Roadster painted in British Racing Green from Holland
This is what it should have looked like if it was not for US legislation. It was converted from a rubber bumper some time ago. The purists say "but it's not original" - I say "put it back to what it should have looked like if it were not for corporate vandalism" New everything - including engine. Who cares what the purists say, we love it!. This is the way to travel - and it all fits in the car - no trailer
* Bill Gaughan's 1977 MGB Roadster from Venetia PA
* Frank Salvaggio's 1977 MGB Roadster from Rome, New York
* Eric Mumford's modified 1977 MGB Roadster
More (extenal link)
* Ross Kelly's 1977 Mk IV MGB in Port Dover, Ontario Canada.
from Canada
* Pete Goswick's 1978 MGB
from Durham, NC, USA
* Russell, Elaine & Oliver Godding's 1978 MGB on their wedding day
* Jaco Greeff's 1978 MGB Roadster V8 Conversion
This car lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and is the most fun car I've ever driven.
* Michael Young's MGB Roadster V8 Conversion
Engine going in and in situ. Michael sold this car in 1996.
* Peter Bird's 1978 MGB
Painted in Vermillion. It was acquired in the summer of 2003 and is being tidied up following a full restoration in 1991.
* Corey Gold's 1978 MGB
Miami, FL, USA
* John Griffin's 1978 MGB
currently (09/97) under restoration - named Montego Bay
* Ken Smith's 1978 MGB
a modified MGB, head polished and ported by Loriens Racing Engines of Phoenix, AZ. Rest of engine rebuilt by Ken himself!
* Philip Neven's 1978 MGB
taken in Hasselt (Belgium) during an historic rally More info
* Troy Spang's 1978 MGB
midway through restoration and now complete
* Joe Maggiore's 1978 MGB
I bought this car for $1400 and spent three months restoring it. I have a total of $4300 invested and it's a great car. This is the third MG I restored in 2 years.
* Martin Borsboom's 1978 MGB
from Holland
* Bob Meyer's 1978 MGB Vermillion Red
from NJ, USA
* John Edgar's 1978 MGB from Horsham Pennsylvania USA, originally in brooklands green, restored in 1996 and repainted white
* John Barbaro's 78 MGB in August 98 at the Vanderbilt Museum on Long Island
* Evan Amaya's 78 MGB V8 with a 3.9L Rover EFI V8
from North Carolina, USA
* Partick Bailey's 1979 MGB
With colour coded carmine rubber bumpers
* Rob Paul's 1979 MGB
Started life as the USA black limited edition model. Re-imported from California to UK in 1998 and converted to RHD.
* Daniel Beuses' MGB 1979 from Houston, TX
Now sold, I enjoyed this beautiful MGB for about 6 months (new baby boy forced sale)
* Brothers James and Chris proudly diaplay their 1979 MGB
Just fully restored - complete with the Union Jack. Look out Austin Powers!
* Dave Henrich's pageant blue '79 MGB
Side profile
* Martyn Harvey's Rover V8 converted 79 MGB LE Roadster with Rover 5spd and Ford 9" posi rear end. Carburation is Holley on Offy intake. Martyn lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
* Phil Sullenger's 79 MGB
A very nice example in Inca Yellow with wires, and again from the other side.
* John Fraioli's 1979 MGB
From Denver Colorado USA. With a red phone box! and before restoration
* Brian Lisk's 1979 MGB
Now sold to pay for schooling.
* Martin Clarke's 1979 MGBPicture taken on Horsell Common near Woking in Surrey.
* Wayne Kube's 1979 MGB
Recently finished after a 3 year restoration now in Dark BRG Metallic.
* Glenn Ruhf's 79 MGB
Right front view, purchased for $1 and now extensively restored
* Evan Amaya's 79 MGB restored in 1997
from North Carolina, USA
* José Mora's 79 MGB
from Madrid, Spain
* Mike Galitsis' '79 MGB Fully restored after a six month process. It has been entered to three british car shows thus far and has won second and third place in class each time. It is a pleasure driving my B as much as it was restoring it.
* Phil Deane's MG "B" V8 EFI
From Leeds, UK. Seen here racing at Donnington.
* Randall E. Shuck's 1979 MGB
* Cheryl Molenda's 79 MGB from Dyer Indiana
* Calvin Krug's 79 MGB at the Indy British Motor Days in '97, shortly after cruising a lap around the speeday. A hundred yards from this spot, the fuel pump failed. Thankfully, it waited until I was off the track! I'm currently restoring the car, and plan to paint it Snapdragon yellow.
* Robert Marikos' 1979 MGB LE
from San Diego, California
* Ray Kunst's 1979 MGB
from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The car is 100% original, unrestored and has a total of 23,150 miles.
* Carl Bussler's 1980 MGB
Front/side profile
* Andrew's 1980 MGB
Lowered and converted to chrome bumper
* Dale and Barb Mast's 1980 MGB LE Roadster
We are the original owners and show the car at both American and British shows. It does quite well. The license plate says it all----THE BRIT!
* Bob Finch's 1980 MGB
(external link)
* Frank Epperson's 1980 MGB
The Car has had a recent restoration it has 133,550 miles on it This is my second MG the first was a 1962 MGA 1600 Mk2.
* Dan Hughes' 1980 MGB
With 57,500 miles, bodywork restored in 1994
* Anthony Williams's 1980 MGB from Murfreesboro, TN USA. The second B that Anthony has owned, just repainted.
* Paul Kortschaga's 1980 MGB The original owner from Brooklin, Ontario, Canada
* Mike Rocheleau's 80 MGB from Kelowna BC Canada, just fully repaired/restored the body (mostly), and again from the front
* Dick Criswell's 1980 MGB LE
On tour with my "Best Girl - Tiny." Photograph taken in 1993 enroute home from Club 'T' MG's Rendezvous.
* Dick Criswell's 1980 MGB LE
Photograh taken in 1993 at Trillium Lake on the slopes of Mt. Hood while attending Club 'T' MG's annual Rendezvous at Timberline Lodge. Dick has sadly since passed away.
* Rom Reedy's LE, restored after setting in a field 10 + years
* George Rowe's 1980 MGB LE Roadster
* Skip & Karen Hagan's 1980 MGB LE Roadster The purchase is the fulfillment of a "childhood dream" and we are looking forward to helping perpetuate the British fine car tradition through the restoration of our "B".
* Brian Murtagh's 1980 MGB LE Roadster from Northern Ireland. Brian is the 3rd owner (previous was father and son) and she has now got 17k on the clock from new. The only work done was a new Biscuit interior/carpets, chrome trim, knock-on alloys and a re-spray up to the side MGB decals (more so due to the bronze paint flaking rather than rust).
* Rob White's Snapdragon 80 Roadster
taken 5/3/97 at Piedmont British Car Club's British Car Day in Statesville NC. We drove our MGB from Waynesboro Ga for this our first show, we took second place in the 80+ class beaten only by a "new" MGF!
* Al Wrisley's 1980 MGB LE
It has 29k miles and is LH drive. Al is the third owner.


* David J Sichtermann Jr's MGB GT before and after restoration from Indiana, USA
* Lee Newham's MGB GT shot in Marylebone
* 3 MG's
The view from Max Allen's window. The Roadster and Midget are his, the GT is Del's. The other side
The GT version of the B, at the races.
* Dave & Chris Cox's MGBgt
Benji was Chris' 3rd B
and it's engine bay
* Phil Deane's V8 EFI conversion from Leeds
* Philippe Tusler's MGB GT
Tintin (Purchased new in '66 in Pasadena) at the '96 Unisys car show
* Rich Wasman's Turbo GT
Take a look at that 175HP engine.
Update August 1997: The car has now been rebuilt again without the Turbo. It is air conditioned, has a five speed Nissan 280 ZX trans, heavy duty lowered springs, tube shocks, negative camber "A" frames, urethane bushings, HD front and rear sway bars, Mini Lite wheels with new 205r60x14 Kuhmo H rated tires, electronic ignition, Jacobs boost retard timing controller, racing seat belts, factory design front air dam, painted bumpers, tinted glass. The engine is stock except for ported and polished head and Crane cam(very mild, chose because this is a new not reground cam) and valve train, roller rockers, high tensile head studs, high volume oil pump, baffled oil pan, SK 45mm side draft carb, 3 into 1 header. I performed all work including the black lacquer paint(except for machine work on block and head). The engine has less than 2000 mi. On a recent trip of 260 mi. I got 27 mpg running the A/C.
* Halvor Asland's 66 MGBGT just after painting
* Dick Criswell's 1967 MGBGT
1967 MGB-GT overlooking San Francisco Bay. Photograph taken in 1983.
* Dick Criswell's 1967 MGBGT
Nicely restored 1967 MGB-GT before the salt fog of San Francisco turned in into a rusted hulk.
* Tony Anzivino's 1967 MGB GT 'Penny Lane' from New York, USA
Beauty and the Beast pictured with a massive Army Petrol Tanker
In front of the New York Air Force Base in Brooklyn, NY.
* Martin Port's Damask Red 1967 MGB GT from Berkshire, UK
Originally Mineral Blue but repainted by previous owner.
Interior: as standad except for old Mota-Lita wood rim steering wheel and 1971 black leather front seats (without headrests). Dashboard needs repainting at the moment and headlining replacing. Exterior: generally very good except for poor patching and respraying on usual points (bottom corners of front windscreen and top creases of rear wings).
Other cars owned: 1969 Morris Minor (Trafalgar Blue) owned by my wife.
* Régis de Merlis' MGB
* Dave Houser's 1967 MGBGT
67 BGT Special Edition. Notice the "Jubilee" decals I found in England.
* Tony Nigro's 1967 MGBGT Special from MA, USA
I am the second owner, I pick this car up from a 80 year old man that took very good care of it. All I had to do was start it and drive it WHAT a FIND!
* Pete Coorey's 1967 MGBGT
Originally an American car but has since been converted upon restoration here in Brisbane Australia. It does sport electronic overdrive and is just a joy to drive.
* Amy S. Fierro's 1967 English Rose
Completely restored in 1994/95 to include air conditioning. Selected as the Jan/Feb 1999 AMGBA Octagon Magazine "Queen B" the back and interior
* Ben Beuving's 1967 MGB-GT and again inside
* Steve Sherwood's 1967 MGB-GT on his graduation day from High School in Sunnyvale CA. circa 1974.
* Kurt & Karen Wienhorst's 1967 MGB-GT special This picture was taken at the South Bend Indiana british car days were it took first place in the GT class. If you look closely you can see a badge on the front fender just in front of the door. The "special" was not a factory produced car. It was an American dealer promotion and no accurate records on the car exist.
* Steve Platt's 1967 MGB GT Picture taken after restoration in September 1998. Location: Near Halstead, Essex, UK.
* Bob Muenchausen's 1968 MGB GT from Boise, Idaho, USA. This car is Volvo Medium Blue, w/grey cloth/vinyl interior w/ lt. grey carpeting. A nice daily driver. When newly restored (1989-92), it won several awards and lots of admiration for the changes made.
* John Stewart Davies' 1968 MGB-GT
* Steve Clarke's 1968 MGB-GT
* David Platz's 1968 MGB-GT Owned for some twenty-five years. The car is completely original down to and including the pale primrose paint. It has approximately 47,000 original miles. It now lives in the middle climate in and around Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
* David Lake's 69 MGB GT with GT racing stripes from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
* Andreas Pichler's 1969 MGB-GT and 1969 MGC-GT in front of an old gas station in Duesseldorf
* Giorgio Cottino's 1969 MGB-GT from Milano, Italy
* Giorginar Arnoldy's 1969 MGB-GT purchased 2004, originally a North American car. Used here as a wedding limo by a friend
* Steve Taylor's 1969 MGB GT from Sacramento, California USA
The car is fitted with a 289 Ford V8 engine. It was bought as you see it. The car was a 13 year project. It has a Ford 9" rear end, and a top loader 4spd. Front suspension has been converted to tube shocks, ans disc brakes. I have had the car in a couple of local shows and it gets a lot of attention. This car is fun to drive and is very fast!
* Ashleigh Moore's 70 MGBGT photos were taken around Adelaide where I am a member of the MG Car Club of South Australia. The GT is finished in portofino gold and is an original P&R Williams Import that was delivered new to Sydney docks in 1970 direct from Abingdon. Another view
* Dick Criswell's 1970 MGBGT
A restored show winner
* Gert Jan Brillenburg Wurth's 1970 MGB-GT
from Holland
* Martin Baeck's 1970 MGB-GT
In British Racing Green, completely restored
* Ben Griffin's 1970 MGB GT
Primrose yellow with wires and a new interior
* Daniel Heyer's 1970 MGB GT
in primrose yellow, right hand drive. Pictured in the Valley of the Rocks, Exmoor, N. Devon, October '96.
* Ben Carufel's 1970 MGBGT
* Mike Bates' 1970 MGB GT from Marietta, Georgia
This car was purchased off eBay for $3400 in February 2005 as you see it. Kept in a barn and covered for 10 years, it was pulled out by its previous owner and restored with new paint (original color), new rubber, master cylinder and rotors, new SUs, coil. With few exceptions, (air dam, GT badges and radio antenna on back bumper), it is in original condition. This is my second 70 MGB GT. From side
* Ashley Holmes' 1970 MGB GT owned by Ashley and his wife since 1997. It was a rolling restoration as the car was in daily use until December 1997 and now it spends most of its time in the garage under covers.
* Jelle Reitsma's 1970 MGB GT from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.
This particular MGB GT was a US one with the registration California 435 FBX. As far as I know it was built in November 1970, ochre with black upholstery, first sold in the USA in 1972. It came into my possession on 15 February 1996. At that time it was white, with grey covers over the seats and wire wheels. The last American owner was Mr. Steven Arthur Byrum, 620 Lake Apopka Plaza, San Diego, California 92119. During the first half of 1996 I refurbished the car with the help of Mr. Paul Weise, had it resprayed BRG (colornr Rover 029) and replaced the original honeycomb grill by a chrome one. In the Netherlands the car is registered as DM-14-10. In the meantime I have traveled about 8,000 miles in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. Without any technical failure on the road! On the Octagon Tour 2003
* Hans Duinhoven's 1971 MGB GT from Holland
I purchased the car on May 2nd 1990 and finished restoring it in August 2000, which had been imported from California in February 1990. The engine, gearbox and differential gear were and still are fine. The rest has been totaly dismanteled and fully overhauled. Revised callipers, new master cyl for brakes and clutch, new slave cyl rear brakes, overhauled clutch slave cyl. Overhauled the carburettors, renewed the carpets and seats including webbings, foam and covers. Replaced all bullet connectors and fuse box, overhauled fuel pump. The car has been resprayed with 4 layers of paint. The car has been kept as far as possible original, although it has been defederalized. Evaporate loss system still is present.
* Dan Hutchison's red '71 MGBGT
* Chris Huff's 71 BGT
Bought from Mark Woolf in Charlotte in January 2001. Date of photo is 12/27/01. Charleston, S.C. Before 02/04/2001
* Gary Hartley's 1971 MG B GT
It was repainted the original Blaze summer 1999. Gary smoothed the seams on the tops of the fenders and quarter panels for a more modern look. It is his daily driver, and has never let him down!
* Jason Howell's MGB GT from Kansas City, Missouri
This is my third MG and second GT, having bought it in August of '05. I added poly bushes and heavy duty shock valves front and back, a 5/8" sway bar up front, new coil springs and rally leafs in the rear, and 15" minilites. The interior is relatively new autumn leaf, and the exterior color is mirage.
* Dennis Butcher's 1971 MGB GT
from the UK
* Randy's 1971 MGB GT side view
fitted with a Buick 3.8 V6 engine & auto trans.
* Tom Bedenbaugh's "Hot Street" 1971 MGB-GT
* Bill Wickman's 1971 MGB-GT from Salem, Oregon, USA
Continual show winner All British Field meet, Portland International Raceway, Portland, OR. Recent stage three motor as follows: .20 overbore, milled head, Kent cam, Weber side draft carburater, crane electronic ignition, B&B clutch and OD gear box. Not only is this a looker but a real driver as well.
* David Kalloch's 71 MGB GT during restoration
* Ben Pearse's 71 MGB GT from Sheffield
* Steve Musgrave's 1971 MGB GT
* Gordon Ainsworth's 71 MGB GT from Bury, Lancashire. Rebuilt on a Heritage shell in 1997.
* Robert J.S. Tryzell's '72 MGB-GT
In bronze yellow
* Frank Amey's '72 MGB-GT
It was finished July 2003 after a year's restoration. The only Modifications are K&N filters, sports exhaust, a Kenlowe fan kit and overdrive.
* Vernon Genders' White '72 MGBGT and Dave Prince's Blue '72 MGBGT MG Car Club of Western Australia members
* Edna Cordiner's 1972 MGB GT
This was refurbished in secret by a garage, my kids and myself as a gift for my wife on the occasion of our Silver Wedding. The carpets, walnut, and seats etc were supplied by Mike Satur Mike was a great help and I have got to know him quite well despite only having spoken on the phone. Full marks to him. The car was runner up in the GT class at last years Grampian MG Car Club - But we hope to win this year as we have spent some time cleaning up the engine compartment over the winter.
* Nicole Charette 1972 MGB GT
Driven daily ….yes! during winter time …in Montréal Québec Canada. Nicole is married to Michel Desbiens who has a 1970 MGB which features further up this list.
* Dan Hughes' 1972 MGB GT
from the front and side
* Joao Paulo Ferreira's 1972 MGB GT
and the interior from Portugal
* John D. Perkins' 1972 MGB-GT now covered 400,000 miles. The license plate is WRENCH because in Missouri SPANNER is too many letters!
* Daniel Rowlands' 1972 MGB GT
* Terry Burton's 1972 MGB GT Flame Red
Cherished by 3 owners sailed through mot after 2 years locked now enjoying new found freedom
* Tyronne Hulten's 1972 MGB GT from Sweden (picture taken in Lincoln, England)
* David Wm Wrage's 1973 MGB GT
Completed restoration in the summer of 1996, this little car has now become a daily driver. My home page
* William J. Guzman's 1973 GT 2.8
Ford T5 5speed transmission. Former SCCA race car EMod class At present the car is doing street duty as a touring car. Car has custom dash, wings, 205X55X15 BFG on 15X8 wheels. Engine was de-tune for street driving, engine develops 155 hp and 190 lbs of torque. Instrumentation is by Auto Gauge.
* Newell Burke's 1973 MGBGT
from Worcester, Mass, purchased the car in 1974.
* Bartosz Balicki's 1973 MGBGT
during ZUBR RALLYE on 27.10.01
* Kiki's 1973 MGB GT V8
Yet another car in superb condition.
* Jerry Stenbeck's 1973 MGB GT
from Sweden
* Jack Wilkerson's 1973 MGT GT
Front/Side profile
* Kevin Dandy's 1973 MGT GT
Bought 2005 for £3k. Now fully restored with Osselli 2.0 balanced engine.
Rear quarter Interior Bodyshell Before restoration
* Paula Cottle's 1974 MGB-GT V8 orginal factory car no 691
* Roger Schorr's 1974 MGB GT originally orange but was repainted to '72 Aqua - spent many years stored in a barn in Minnesota - 52,000 miles
* 1974 MGB GT
Concours entrant at Surrey '96
* Jeff Ross's 1974 MGB GT V8
Usual head and rear axle modifications otherwise standard.
* Ric Johnson's '74 MGB-GT
Ric Johnson stands next to his '74 MGB-GT in the historic Amana Colonies in Iowa (USA) during CompuServe's "Christmas Elf Rally" in December of 1996. On the way to this photo the GT's odometer once again registered all zeroes as the magic 100,000 mile mark was passed.
* Tony Anzivino's 74 MGB GT from New York
This Webasto from Ron and Shirley in Blackheath looks good
* John Drake's 1974 MGB 3.9L V8 from Berkshire, UK.
One for posterity! This is how my car used to look. It's now undergoing a full restoration and will emerge in Black Tulip with leather & walnut trim. Interestingly, the short engine was apparently a display model at Rover. The shiny paint had to be stripped from the cam shaft before fitting! The guys who did the V8 conversion used a single Weber 38 carb....goes like stink with pretty good mpg too!
* Guy Robert's 74 MGB GT Fully restored in 1994 and used in dry weather the name of Henry came from the middle name of the man who restored it and has remained
* Jack Joyce's 74 MGB GT V8 from Rockford, IL. Restored, having leather seats and air conditioning. The engine
* Dianne & Dave Tietz, 1974 MGB-GT, on the track at Indy '96 and their blue 1970 MGB driving by the Space Shuttle at the SE GOF April 1997
* Tom Buchanan's 1974 MGB-GT see also
* Kim Tonry's 1974 MGB-GT from Downers Grove, Illinois U.S.A
* John Dixon's 1974 MGB-GT used regularly even in the winter months
* Ranjeet Babbra's 1974 MGB-GT in Cirencester in 1998
* David Duquette's 1974 MGB-GT Hopewell, NJ USA
* Colin Dent's 1974 MGB-GT in teal blue from Swindon, Wiltshire.
* Kevin Gordon's 1974 MGB-GT owned since 1978, after a 5 year restoration
* Chris Longo's 1975 MGB V8 for sale Aug 97
* Bob Scott's 1975 MGB GT V8 at 99999 miles! From Fresno, CA, USA.
* Karina's 1975 MGB GT having its brakes overhauled having parked it into the back of a Vauxhall Corsa at 10mph!
* Ronda Dizney's MGB GT from Austin, Texas at the club's annual picnic
* Neil Aldridge's 1977 MGB GT primed and ready for floor welding
* Mike Plumstead's 1978 and 1981 MGB GTs
The webmaster's Black GTs, plus my first car.
* John Rayworth's '78 MGB GT. Fully restored and in immaculate condition. Full details of this car including all detailed records, restoration photographs etc. may be viewed at John's home pages
* Jane Evan's 1978 MGB-GT. It is a 1978 MGB GT, Inca Yellow and fully restored to original condition. The picture was taken outside Portchester Castle in England which is about 3/4 of a mile from where I now live, although I'm and expat I still retain and consider myself a Canadian.
* Lis Woollard's 1978 MGB-GT
* J T Richards' 1979 MGB-GT
* 1980 MGB GT LE
Pictured at Silverstone, June 1996
* Stuart Hartley's Pageant Blue 1980 MGB GT
120,000+ miles and still going strong. Pictured just last year (1999).
* Chris Webb's 1981 MGB GT

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