MGC Pictures

Here's a list of pictures you can see from here :
* MBL 546E, one of the two real Sebring cars January 2005
* Romeo and Mabel (RMO 699F and MBL 546E) ready for the start of the 12 Hour race at Sebring in 1969.
Also visible is the MGB GT that raced with them that year, LBL 591E.
* 1969 MGC GT US sales brochure
* 1969 MGC US sales brochure
* Bill Lillibridge's MGC GT
* Drew Hastings' MGC from Wallaceburg, Ontario, Canada
Engine bay
* Front view
Will Sadler's MGC
* Roger Gisseman' LHD Replica RMO 669F
Front Close
Front Side
Hopkirk/Hedges artwork
* Shane Leather's MGC
This has taken five years of hard work on a complete basket case.
* Steve Adams' MGC
* Mike Greenwood's MGC
The car is an Australian delivered vehicle which underwent a A$55000 restoration in 1994 when in the ownership of Peter Kerr from Buderum on Queenslands Sunshine Coast above Brisbane. The car was built as a competition and club car. Engine
Purchased Jan 1999 in need of restoration.
* Antonio Ribas' MGC from Spain
* High Front view
MGC parked on the beach.
* Michael Marzi's MGC GT
Last UK outing prior to being shipped out to Australia in 1990
* Joern-M. Mueller-Neuhaus' MGC GT 30 years old and still with the original paint and no rust! The chassis-# is GCD1U 7657G , alongside his B. The plate at the top of this page also belongs to Joern.
MGC engine rebuild pictures:
Shiny and polished! New engine with ported Stage2-head - watch the gleaming inlet & exhaust porting!!
Lightend (by 3 kg) and balanced flywheel of rebuilt Stage2 MGC-engine
New MGC-engine beeing fitted to MG C GT # 7567
* Tim Moore's MGC GT on the Isle of Skye, Scotland
* Markus Bruendler's MGCs
from Switzerland. One of the engine bays
* Mark Spangrud's MGC
from Seattle WA
* MGC GTS Sebring Replica
Dave from Middlesex was selling this for £7995 at Surrey '96 (see the UK classifieds at this site)
* Mickey Hartnett's 1969 MGC GTS Replica
This 1969 MGC-GT was rescued from near extinction in Georgia USA. It is now a MGC-GTS in South Dakota and fully restored. It has been rescued from total oblivion and major rust and totally rebuilt from the ground up. It has an English Sebring body kit with a special molded front Factory type spoiler. The engine is blue-printed and balanced with a sprint cam and headers and overdrive of course. Interior is new black leather. It has the bolt on wheels. Previous image from 2008
* Profile
Taken on the beach again..
* Nicholson MGC GT - UBY 699F
UBY 699F
UBY 699F
* Warwick Blench's 1968 MGC
in Jersey, Channel Islands. This car was Snowberry White with steel wheels when supplied new by University Motors in England.
* Jay Keim's 1968 MGC
68,000 original miles, no rust or damage
* Gilles Van Wormhoudt's 1968 MGC
from Paris. US import restored in 1999.
* Rolf Pellini's 1968 MGC GT
from Germany. Bought on 21 April 2006 in absolutely original condition - 8400 miles!
* Matthias Schulze's 1968 MGC
Rare example: left hand drive to continental spec (tin dashboard) pictured with a 73 MGB
* Jonathan Brewer's 1968 MGC GT
From Sacramento, CA, USA. California Dreamin! Amazingly straight and without rust.
* Shaan Parekh's 68 MGC from Toronto. Car purchased in 1997 from Vancouver BC.
It's a "LHD, North American (Canadian) Export - MGC" build in May, 1968. Interior Metal Dash and single brake booster are unique to this build
* Shaun Holmes' MGC GT
from Suffolk
* Andreas Pichler's 1969 MGB-GT and 1969 MGC-GT
in front of an old gas station in Duesseldorf
* Kees Leseman's 69 MGC
* Jim Hayes' 69 MGC
purchased in 1971 for $2000.00 It had 19,000 miles on it at the time. This picture was taken about 1978-79. It is currently undergoing a complete restoration on it and it's in pieces all the owner's garage!
* Mark Spangrud's 1969 MGC
from Seattle, WA, USA
* Jim Hendersons 1968 MGCGT in Snowberry White. Now residing in the Netherlands having imported it from South England. It is still RHD so it is handy on UK holidays. It is driven in all weather as you can see by the photo.
* James Anton's 1969 MGC
at a Arizona MG Club event. Delivered to Shannon, Ireland May 1969 to his father Dr. George Anton
* Michel Desbiens's 1968 MGC
Believed to be the only MGC GT 1968 Automatic in Quebec. Seen here being trailered for restoration. More.. (external link)
* John Simmers' 1969 MGC GT
1969 MGC GT # 8712, This is our, show, touring, and daily driver (alternated with the B GT). Since May 1997, we have done about 45,000 miles and have been from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada, and from the Atlantic to the Pacific. We have tried to build a car with all correct 1969 parts or replicas that would represent the typical club racer if that era. This is the car I would have built in 1968 if I hadn't gone to graduate school. John Simmers' 1969 MGC
* Eric Bechtel's 1969 MGC GT from France
* Ian Willey's 1969 MGC-GT
Wet & dirty, but still beautiful!
* 1969 MGC GT (LHD)
Keith Holdsworth's, fitted with Britac Sun roof, W/W and O/D. This car has won many awards. (now [Aug 99] owned by Nigel Gray). As it is in August 99
* Jonathan Brewer's 1969 MGC GT
From Sacramento, CA, USA. Mineral Blue with Automatic gearbox.
* Alberto Cruz's 1969 MGC
From Portugal. GCN1L 4408G - 1969 Tartan red
* MGC GT with rear wiper MG Car Club Spring meeting at Loseley Park.
* Mike Horsman's '69 CGT in Athens, Ga. outside of Atlanta
* Shaun Holme's CGT by MG Motorsport
* David Ingrey's 1970 MGC GT Mineral blue. From Canterbury, Kent. UK
MGC brochure
* Austrian front
* Austrian back
* Belgium front
* Belgium back
* Danish front
* Danish back
* Dutch 1968 front
* Dutch 1968 back
* French front
* French back
* German front
* German back
* Dutch 1969 front
* Dutch 1969 back
* Swiss front
* Swiss back
* Advanced Information front
* Advanced Information back
* Downton 1
* Downton 2
* Downton 3
* Downton 4
* Downton 5
* Downton 6
* Downton 7
* Nicholson 1
* Nicholson 2
* Nicholson 3
* Nicholson 4
* Nicholson 5
* Nicholson 6
* Nicholson 7
* Nicholson 8
* US 1968 MGC front
* US 1968 MGC back
* US 1968 MGC GT front
* US 1968 MGC GT back
* 1969-model year US-market MGCGTs that came with the BL Press Kit
* 1969-model year US-market MGCs that came with the BL Press Kit

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