MGC Specifications

Production Period


Fuel consumption and Speed

0-60 10 secs
Overal fuel consumption 19.3 mpg
Top Speed 118-120mph (~193kph)


Unit Construction body, welded steel constuction, all suspension mounts frame.

Wheelbase: 7ft 7in
Track Front: 4ft 1.00in
Rear: 4 ft 1.25in


Cam Gears rack & pinion system.
Turning circle: 34ft
Grade of oil: SAE 90


Disc front, drum rear.
Disk size front: 11.06in
Drum size rear: 10in
Method of operation: Hydraulic, vacuum servo assisted as standard. Dual system for USA. Girling manufacture. Cable operated parking brake.


Either steel disc bolt-on, or Rudge type wire spoked.

Rim size: 5J * 15
Tyre Size: 165 * 15
Tyre pressure: 21psi front, 24 psi rear


6 cylinder in line, pushrod ohv.

Bore: 83.36mm
Stroke: 78.90mm
Cubic capacity: 2912cc
Power output: 150bhp @ 5250rpm
Oil pressure: Approx. 60psi. 20psi at idle
Grade of oil: SAE 20/50
Sump Capacity: 7 quarts (without filter), 8 with. more..

Ignition Timing

20 deg @ 1000rpm
Distributor points gap: 0.015in
Sparking plugs: N9YC
Gap: 0.025in

Carburetter Type

Twin SU HS6

Jet size, main: 0.100
Needle recommendation: ST. (Spring loaded type: BAD)


Borg & Beck Single dry plate
Material: Ferodo
Number of springs: Single Diaphragm


Four speed manual, synchromesh on all gears. Overdrive optional extra. Borg Warner 35 automatic gearbox was also available.

Ratios: Manual, Overdrive, B-W Auto

Overdrive (where fitted): 0.820
Top: 1.000, 1.000, 1.00-2.2
Third o/d (where fitted): 1.072
Third: 1.307, 1.307
Second: 2.058, 2.058, 1.45-3.1
First: 2.98, 2.98, 2.39-5.5
Reverse: 2.679, 2.679, 2.09-4.598

Grade of oil: XL 20/50
Capacity: 5.25 pints or 6 pints with overdrive, automatic gearbox capacity including oil cooler is 14.5 pints which includes 5 pints in the torque converter

Propellor Shaft

Open shaft, needle roller u/j at each end.

Final Drive

Live axle, hypoid bevel gears.
Ratio: Manual 3.07, o/d & auto 3.307
Later cars: Man 3.307, o/d 3.70
MPH/1000rpm: Manual Top: 24, o/d: 27
Later cars: Top: 22.1, o/d: 24, Auto: 22
Grade of oil: SAE 90EP
Capacity: 1.5 pints

Cooling System

Pressurised, thermostatic control, pump assisted.

Fuel Tank Capacity

Approx. 12 gallons. Tank located at rear of car under boot floor.

Body Styles

Tourer, GT

Numbers built:

1966 9 4
1967 182 38
1968 2596 2491
1969 1757 1925
Total 4544 4458

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Made in England

Our thanks to Richard Sanders from the AMGCR for this information

What is the correct figure for MGC engine oil capacity?

I think you will find it takes 7 quarts of oil to fill without the filter, just over 8 with filter. I just changed it in my GT-Automatic last weekend. I has assumed it was 6 and 7 with filter, but surprised it took more to bring it up to the dip stick mark. The Owners Handbook calls for 6.8 liters (12 pints) and 7.3 liter (14.5) with the filter. That's about as much as a Jag 4.2 and more than any American car i know of. I feel sure that the large oil capacity is provided to assist in cooling plus the oil cooler and filter both can drain down if the car sits and that would also increase the amount of oil at a change. I would fill to this level and then check the dip stick after restarting.

As a general rule, I always drive my car 15 minutes before changing oil so that the oil is very hot. I feel that the hot oil will run out faster and more completely and carry more sludge, if there is any, out with it. I also tilt the car so that the drain plug is the lowest it can possible be. I like the synthetic blends myself, 5-50 Castroil if my favorite.

Richard Sanders