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EX255 at Bonneville

* Front/Offside poster
* Front/side with salt flats behind
* Rear/side with salt flats behind
* EX255 with support team on the salt flats
* Front/side with salt flats behind


* Spectacularly iced up MGF in Geneva
Formed by strong winds blowing spray off the lake in temperatures around -7 to -15 February 2005
* Graeme Bishko's MG Enthusiasts' sponsored MGF [156k]
* Nearside/Front view
A view of the car in bright red, hood down. [74k]
* Nearside/Front view
Another view of the car from the nearside, hood up. MGF in BRG. [61k]
* Interior View
A view of the interior from drivers door. [118k]
* Near-side/Rear View
More from the side than the rear. Hood up. [66k]
* On the road
BRG MGF seen on the road, viewed from the rear. [77k]
* A collection of F concept pictures
Republished as part of Concept to Production in June's Enjoying MG
* Lotus Norfolk Mustard Yellow MGF
Available from Lex Rover of Chelmsford - 01245 492294
* Tahiti blue MGF
belonging to Richard Wellings
* BRG MGF with humour?
belonging to Paul Stevens, Melbourne, Australia (
* Ilja Maeckel's Tahiti blue MGF
* Dean O'Shea's MGF M9DPO
* The Supersport
* Paul Wrights 'Mike Satur FX' MGF
* Wayne D'Andilly's MGF from Bournemouth, UK. Looking very patriotic!
* Jeff Bradshaw's MGF tahiti blue VVC with Heritage hard top fitted
* Troy Garrod's MGF
* Robert Nickson's MGF (Reggie) pictured outside Nunsmere Hall, a hotel in Cheshire
* Rob and Sir Jack Brabham at Oulton Park in August '04 for the Gold Cup meeting
* Christophe Pellemele's MGF from Rennes, France
* 'R3 NPH' Numerous modifications, as you can see the 16" multispokes and eagle F1 tyres. Chrome grilles, Piper Cams, ICON ECU, cold air induction from near side intake pod, K&N filter element, Uprated front disks and pads (No Fade Mintex), Wanut dash, front fogs, SP exhaust. It all adds up to around 154 BHP but remains very driveable. In fact after the cams were done i was worried about rough tickover, but was pleasantly supprised. Only a more definate intake and exhaust roar when you apply the throttle. A previous owner would like to know where it is now.
* Gold MGF sparkling in the sun at the MG Car Club 2000 Spring meeting at Loseley Park.
* Trident racing F in action at Donnington and again
* Richard Ferguson's 1998 MGF 1.8i, registered in October 1998. Tahiti Blue with the black/green interior. Options include: Power Steering, ABS, Hard Top, Interior Mats, Tahiti Blue, Pearlescent Paint, CD Multichanger. Location Farnborough in Hampshire.
* Luc Devisch's MGF in the neighbourhood of Brussels Airport.
* George Pearson's 2001 MGF in Sienna Gold
* Sam Murray's MGF from Aberdeen, Scotland. Showing interior and modified boot vent
* Tim Brown's MGF 2000 Special Edition taken at Davidstow Airfield on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall. (Davidstow is a former wartime airfield and racetrack of the 50s now used for microlights and gliders), the picture was taken the week the car was bought... in September 00. The car is one of less than 300 being produced in Wedgewood Blue, with a nice selection of goodies from the options catalogue.
* Paul & Jo's 'Mike Satur FX' MGF. More like this at Mike Satur
* Lennart Norgren's MGF from Sweden
* Davide Sargentini's MGF from Italy. More information (external site)
* Roy Ridgwell's MGF
* Clive Stevens' MGF a 1998 car (S reg) that now requires 1000 to get it through the MOT.
* Kei Saleh's MGF with neon underlighting. More..
* Roy Thompson's MGF
* Victor Scott's 1998 BRG MGF fitted with Mike Satur roll hoops. Ulster TT 65th anniversary of Tazio Nuvolaris win badged MGF.

The following pictures are of a British Racing Green MGF in Sweden (left hand drive) photographed by Jan Borgfelt

* Front/side profile and again
* Front profile
* Back profile
* Back/side profile
* Nose profile
* 5 spoke alloy wheel
* View from the driver's seat
* Closer view from the driver's seat
* Engine compartment and again
* Rear half from the side
* Ole Kristian Helbø's MGF from Norway. Equipped with MVR styling, 16" multispokes and K&N. Back Side Interior
* Patrick's 75th Anniversary Limited Edtion MGF Interior from Holland.
* Jonathan Norris' MGF and from the rear.
I have been slowly developing my MGF for about 3 years with the help from lots of visits to Mike Saturs......he knows the car well, I have blown it so many times now I've lost count, the only reason it lasted so long this time is because I've had it off the road since it came out of mikes again.
Having said that I did use the car for work for 18 months covering anywhere from 300-500 miles per day.....I believe this is quite rare for an MGF.......rear tyres replaced every 6 weeks and fronts every 12 weeks..
Where do I start many of my original upgrades have long since warn out but as it stands here's s a list of mods and changes from the last 3yrs
3 full engine changes, mikes rebuilt the current one twice now (1st time it did 42k in six an a half months), the HG had blew again this time at about 125mph ......the engine its self is out of a 2002 model and it is also a VVC as the original was.
Also this time there was no rubber left in the top cam pulley.....but it was still running...
It has ......adjustable spax shocks.....17" rover alloys with 205/40's.......lowering kit (mikes).....adjustable camber arms.........poly bush kits.....slick shift( mike saturs new one).......wheel spacers (mikes again) ..........52mm throttle body.....thermostatic controlled oil cooler to front.....pipercross airfilter........daytona 4 port stainless exhaust........heavy duty race cam belt.......heavy duty race head gasket.......extra high pressure fuel pump..........front splitter .........rear bumper supplied by mike satur..........side skirts redesigned by me and a one off side vents ..........trophy rear own grill interior door buttons.......mike satur roll gearbox......rear mg spoiler........mk2 door panels and handles.......mk2 sede an leather seats.....mark2 dash sprayed to my design as with the vents, door handles and clock surround.........aluminium heater dials dash lighting.........gear knob to match dash
That's just off the top of my head so I know there's loads more.....front to back brake pipes all being replaced tomorrow.......
Knick named the F190 after the one that never was......were ever possible I have kept this car MG but modified parts from the rover range to try and keep it british and in the spirit it was intended, I didnt want to over do the look of it and I hope I have done it justice.
Finally this car is used like it was ment to be, on a track day last year round Donington I spun it totally round twice at over 70mph..........ended up facing the wrong way, no harm done though at least I stayed on the track
Hope you enjoy the pictures .....and one day I might finish it totally


* Under the bonnet
2002 MGTF from Chris Bentley
* From above
2002 MGTF from Chris Bentley
* Steering wheel and cockpit
2002 MGTF from Chris Bentley
* Mudflap detailing
2002 MGTF from Chris Bentley
* Michael Williams' MG TF
* Bob Caddick's Tahiti Blue MGTF 160 pictured with his '75 MGB
* Vishnu Naidoo's MG TF taken at Ballito Bay, Natal, South Africa
* Tony Parker's MGTF from Bristol
* Stevie Roe's TF at Bolton Castle
* Ian Temlett's 2007 TF taken from across Table Bay towards Table Mountain, Cape Town

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