Previous MGF FAQ Updates


10th May 1999

  1. Site added to the MGF Web Ring
  2. Changed Scarlet's link and added lots of new owners links
  3. Added Sydney Morning Herald Review
  4. Changed MGF Regalia contact
  5. Added BBR.-GTi to the Performance people section
  6. Added Checks if purchasing Second Hand to the 1.8i vs VVC section
  7. Added Chrom Design to MGF related links
  8. Added info on the towing eye rubbing to Towing
  9. Updated Insurance phone numbers
  10. Added info on EPAS override
  11. Created section on the Rear View Mirror
  12. Added link to Paul Sharpes MGF Accessories
  13. Added info on Reset the key fob
  14. Updated info on the High Level brake light
  15. Added info on cleaning the Wind Deflection shield
  16. Added link to JT's Suspension info
  17. Created section on Cooling Fans
  18. Added info on replacement Back window and the BMW cleaner
  19. Added info on cleaning a K&N to Fitting K&N filter
  20. Created a Fitting an exhaust section
  21. Created checks for Blown Head Gasket?

12th February 1999

  1. Well this What's New section for starters, but also
  2. Updated the Leaks section.
  3. Changed company name in the Lumbar Support section.
  4. Added Torque/BHP section
  5. Inserted Richard Eatons excellent info on Illuminate cig lighter.
  6. Added info on diagnosing and resetting the Stepper Motor
  7. Added information on Wiring Info
  8. Updated speaker information to include fitting Stereo and Speakers
  9. One new owner link and MG parts from Unipart at MGF related links
  10. Noted PAS now standard on 1.8i in the UK 1.8i vs VVC
  11. Updated MotoBuild Web address
  12. Updated Splitter info (thanks Rob)
  13. Noted the Rover recall on the seatbelts Seatbelts
  14. Added new company to MGF hire section
  15. Updated Installing a handfree car kit section to include info on how to avoid drilling holes in your MGF
  16. Added Bumper removal section
  17. Created MGF Heritage section
  18. Added Club MGF info to the Clubs section
  19. Added Graeme Bisko's excellent intro to racing your MGF Race your MGF