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Terry Williams
This is to advise that my ad in the 'parts wanted' section has been successful! Received a call from a gent in Ioaw, USA and he has the seat belt parts I wanted, plus the center consol speaker grille. Too cool. This world-wide-web-of-MG is excellent!

As 'Ahnold' once said, "I'll be back!"

James Daucher
Thank you also for your service. It is great to see such continuing enthusiasm within the MG community.

Paul Cooper
Thank you for this classified service, I just received my gear shift lever yesterday in response to my ad.

Andy Wilson
Truly a wonderful web site, probably the best of it's kind that I've seen.

Peter Ross
Th eintroduction of this site was the most exciting news in MG communications to add to the tremendous quality of 'Safety Fast'.

Paco Burgos
Sevilla, Spain: Gracias por tu servicio.

Bill Munz
Kudos, your MG web site is one of the smoothest operating sites I have encountered. My compliments to whomever is doing your coding.

Mark Rushford
I recently submitted an advertisement to your site which was promptly answered to satisfaction. Thus I would appreciate it if you could remove me prior to the 30 day expiration period.

What a simply MARVELLOUS website!
As the subject says: I am delighted to find an MG website that is both attractive and tremendously informative. I have a '66 MGB-GT that my father bought new and handed to me in '71. I also have a '57 MGA that I bought four years ago, with 19,000 mi. on the odometer. Someday I may have my father's '49 TC, too... ;-)

Todd Sidway
I have been on the web several months. I have been using it to keep up on MG things. I have a 1979 MGB and will enjoy reading your pages. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Ray Rouillard
Thank you for letting me advertise my MG transmission in your classifieds. I sold it to a guy in NY from Maine, I would have never found this buyer if it wasn't for your page.
Again thank you.

Thanks for setting up the mirror site, works perfectly. I have visited many sites and want to tell you that yours is probably one of the best, by way of content, organization, getting around, and it has always worked smoothly. Good work!

Kevin Terry
Just wanted to let you all know I stumbled across your site and had trouble leaving it. Lots of great images of all kinds of MGs. I'll be back for a visit when I have more time to stroll leisurely through your pages and contribute a photo of my 1952 TD that is currently undergoing restoration.
Just to let you know, I am in Lexington, in the state of Kentucky, America. See you again soon.

Jeff White

Bill Olson
What a wonderful idea and so well organized! Keep up the good work! Thanks.

Marc James-Robbins
I am writing to yourselves after reviewing your Web site concerning the MGB, it is great to see so much excellent coverage devoted to a truly special vehicle !
I own a 1972 GT in Blaze which is used every day, and am currently restoring another 1971 GT that I received in boxes where it had been awaiting restoration for 3-4 years by its previous owner ! Thanks for providing a great web-site that reminds everyone what great cars the MG marque produced.

Martin Parham
Thank you for the warning of my advert expiring. I am pleased to say the advert worked and I sold the car to the second person to reply within a week of placing the advert.

Jim Mogen
> Your classified advert at titled '1979 MGB, Chr Wires & O.Drive, 15.7m miles' expires today.
Mike, thanks for the advice. I think I sold my "B" via your web site.

Laurie Dallenbach
I managed to sell my car about a week ago, thanks to your web site. I really appreciate your site - I've referenced it several times over the last couple of years, and now thanks to this ad I was able to sell my car to another MG lover. (Her first MG, after 15 years of wanting one!)

Mason C, Rose
Just wanted to thank you for your great site. I got at least 5 serious inquiries and found a buyer for my 1951 MG TD through it. The car was sold for $15,200 and the buyer, who lives 160 miles away would never have know about it except for the internet!! Thanks. Mason Rose

Dick Shaler
Both the UK site and US mirror are by far the best on the internet. I particularly like the thread feature and the organization of each of the sections. Keep up the good work you are truly appreciated out here among US MG enthusiasts.

Mike Young
I recently advertised my MGB V8 for sale thru the club's web site. I sold the car today. I never advertised anywhere else and I am impressed that I can sell a British car in the USA thru a British Internet site. First class job and thank you.

Andrew D. Johnson - Arizona, USA
I really enjoy your MG site and historical information. A job well done - congratulations!
Thanks for the excellent service - sold the MG [sadly] via this service. One person's loss another's gain...

John Seyman
I just wanted to compliment you again on the terrific web site you have created for MGs. I recently was in the market for a used Jeep Cherokee, a very popular vehicle over here. In the local Sacramento newspaper there were about30 for sale dating back to 1986. In contrast, there were no MGs of any type for sale in the paper. Having already found your web site on MGs, I decided to take a look on the web for something similar for Jeeps. Well, apparently there isn't anything even close. Perhaps that is because the local market is sufficient to satisfy local needs. I don't know. But my search even for information about the Jeep led me to a new appreciation of the web site you have created.
For the past two and one half years I have been doing a ground up restoration of a 1956 MGA. When I purchased the car, it did not run and was missing a lot of parts. I am now getting close to completion. Yet I would be a long way from there if I had not found your website. Quite a few of the parts I needed were parts that are not sold in the catalogues. Instead I found them through the advertisements on your webpage. I also found many other parts there at a substantial savings.
As far as I know, for the type of service provided, your site is the best. I think you deserve an award.

Kurt Miller
You do a marvelous job Mike, and "We" Mg'ers are lucky to have the best automotive pages devoted to a single marque anywhere in the world...keep it up!

Thomas Fennelly
I love all MGs' and I love your site! I just thought that I would mention that! This site is definitely the most through MG site I have seen!

Barry Sandman
Many thanks Mike and thank you for the wonderful BBS. Horizon and many of the folks on it have become life long friends.

Tom Kennedy
I find your site a Godsend to MG owners throughout the country and indeed throughout the world. I have used your services to look for spares and have always had a positive experience, when dealing with fellow enthusiasts. I should also add, that some of your commercial subscribers, provide an excellent service in the supply of used parts, especially Andy Jennings, who is very knowledgeable and very helpful and patient when asking for help or advice. Thank you for providing a terrific service for MG owners everywhere.

I thought people are fast enough to complain so I'd write to say I found the registration easy and the site itself absolutely brilliant! It has put my mind at rest about some funny noises my car has been making thanks to the archive search. All in all the site looks good and is very easy to use.

Gary Pick
This is by far the best site I have found on the MGB, sure wish I had found it BEFORE I had started my 77 MGB restoration.

Gordon Clark
Congratulations Mike. It looks like you've found a neat solution to a problem of adding images to the forum. It seems to work well and there seems to be no abuse - tells you a little about the quality of the people that use this section of the BBS. Many thanks from all of us.

Veronica Worrall
Thank you. Just to say your membership website was very efficient way to sell MGF assessories which are no longer required.

James Haskins
You have one of the very best sites I have ever encountered, populated by wonderful and generous enthusiasts. Keep up the good work. You are doing a great service to the MG name and the community of owners who depend on each other to economically maintain our cars.

Mark Hancock
I wanted to drop you a note to say that I had an excellent experience advertising my 1938 MG VA. The ad reached a number of knowledgable and enthusiastic MG people. The car was sold to a gentleman from Canada in a timely manner. This is an excellent medium to get a car in front of the right buyers. Thank you for the opportunity to advertise on this site.

Allen Bachelder
You do a terrific job. The BBS is the central nervous system of the British car hobby and we do appreciate your efforts.

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