MG Clubs in Holland

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M.G. Car Club Holland
Weena 290
3012 NJ
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 318 515483
Contact: Inge Buth <>
Further Information:
The MG Car Club Holland has well over 3000 members. The club consists of 10 centres, each with their own monthly meetings and events. For further information please visit our website, also available in English

MG A Register Holland
Koningin Juliana Plein 9
3931 CK Woudenberg
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-33-2861475
Fax: +31-33-2861475
Contact: Jerry van Kalleveen ( or Koen Struijk ) <>
Further Information:
We are a register only so we have no events. Only on the days of the MG ATO CLUB Netherlands.

MGA Type Owners Holland:
Burg. Enschedelaan 38
2071AW Santpoort
The Netherlands
Contact: Piet den Herder
Tel/fax: 31-23-5377467

MG T-Type Owners Holland
Zwanendreef 20
Tel: 00 31 252 415300
Contact: Simon Christoffels <>
Further Information:
Caters for T-Type and pre-war MG's
2-monthly magazine with a lot of information!
Meetings every first Sunday from April to October
Contact the secretary for more information.

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