MG Clubs in Japan

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Kobe MG Car Club
7-25 Takakura-cho
Hyogo 662
Tel: +81-798-73-1011
Fax: +81-798-73-1063
Contact: Kenji Matsuoka <>
Further Information:
The Kobe MG Car Club was founded in 1987. The club has approximately 30 members who own MG models ranging from 1933-96. Models include the PB Airline Coupe, J2, TC, TD, TF, YB, YT, B, midget and F. A meeting is held every two months at the Senri Hankyu Hotel, Osaka. We publish a quarterly magazine the "Cream Crackers" .

Our main events of the year are as below.
New Year Touring on January 1,
Miniature Concour d'Elegance in July,
Meet The MG (Year End Meeting) in December.

MG Car Club Japan Centre
6-26 sanbancho Chiyodaku
Tokyo 102
Contact: Tetsuya Aichi
Email: Makoto MAJIMA < >
Tel: 81-3-3261-5861
Fax: 81-3-5276-6774

MG Owners' Club of Sapporo,Japan
MGOC of Sapporo Club House
Coffee beens shop"Katou"
Tel: +81-11-695-1964
Fax: +81-11-385-7987
Contact: Akira Toudou <>
Further Information:
We are cooperation clubs of The MGOC.
Meetings are last Sunday monthly in principle. In addition, we do touring and other events every month in Autumn from Spring.
There are cooperation factories in Sapporo-shi and Saitama, and there are tie-up shops in Japan, too.
Activity range is limited to Hokkaido. We look forward to seeing you!

Tokyo Car Club
2-10-8-417 Nishi-Gotanda
Tel: +81 90 8773 0907
Fax: +81 3 5487 1079
Contact: Colin Shea <>
We are very pleased to contribute to the up coming Tokyo Concours d`Elegance from 20th March 2009 until 4th April 2009.
On another note, from this year, 1994 registered MGRV8 are allowed into Canada under the 15 year rule for car imports.
Tokyo Car Club are members of all car auctions in Japan and have direct contact with many owners of MGRV8 and other marques.

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