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The M.G. 1 1/4 litre Series "Y/YB" cars were The M.G. Car Company's first sporting saloon cars to be produced after the Second World War. Production started in 1947 and continued until 1953 when the model was replaced by the larger ZA Magnette. The original production version has become known unofficially as the 'YA'. The Series "YT" open tourer was introduced in 1948 and continued until 1950, most were exported to Australasia and the USA.

The YA/YB saloons use an all steel 4-door body shell mounted on a separate steel chassis and fitted with the XPAG 1250cc, 4 cylinder, OHV engine. Several developments of the engine were fitted during the model run. The body used the central body tub of the Morris 8 Series "E" saloon to which M.G. fitted their own distinctive and traditional chromed radiator shell, bonnet, wings, running boards and boot section. The body features such contemporary luxury fittings as a sliding head, opening windscreen, rear window blind, veneered dash, adjustable steering column and leather faced upholstery. Mechanically, advanced features of the time include independent front suspension, rack and pinion steering, all round hydraulic brakes and the 'Jackall' four point built-in hydraulic jacking system. The later "YB" saloon featured improved twin leading shoe front brakes and 15" rather than 16" diameter wheels.

The YT tourer shared the chassis design of the original YA saloons but fitted with a significantly different open tourer, 4-seater, 2-door body shell, constructed along more traditional coachbuilt lines. A full soft-top on folding frames and sidescreens were provided for weather protection. The YT was also supplied with the XPAG engine, but in this instance fitted with twin carburettors and the camshaft from the TC sports car, which gave it a higher power output than the saloon and therefore improved performance.

A number of rolling chassis were produced by the factory and fitted with special coachbuilt bodies, notably by Reinbolt and Christié S.A., of Switzerland.

The result? A car with contemporary performance, comfortable ride, excellent handling and which is fun to own and drive. And you can take the family along too!


The Y-Type Register of the M.G. Car Club was officially formed in 1991, having been a subsidiary part of the T-Register for many years. Two Y-Type owners, Dennis Doubtfire and Colin Rea realised that although the model had been represented well by former Registrars such as David Washbourne and the late Jonathan Ogilsby, too many Y-Types had been 'lost' to the ravages of the metal moth and T-Type restorers and a higher profile was needed to encourage wider Y-Type ownership and use of the cars in the future. So, The M.G. Car Club Y-Type Register was born and we haven't looked back. In 1997 the Y-Type Register was awarded the MG Car Club's prestigious Nuffield Gold Cup crowning the 'Ys' Golden Jubilee Year.

The Register's principal aims are:

Since 1991 the Register has seen a considerable growth in the interest of M.G. enthusiasts for the Y-Type models. Club events in the UK have recently seen attendances of 15-20 cars where previously we would have been lucky to see even one car turn-up. In March 1997 the 'Birth of the 'Y' Run was attended by no fewer than 39 cars, an all time record. Many cars have been restored to regular, even daily use and several are currently known to be under restoration both in the UK and Overseas.

The Register has organised four successful Y-Type only touring holidays, to Brittany, the Yorkshire Dales and to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the start of Y-Type production in 1947 a tour of Luxembourg in 1997. The most recent being a tour to Holland during 2000.

Any queries? Do you want to know more? Then contact Ian McHardy-Young, our indefatigable Secretary, who will be more than pleased to help (and impress you with his 'sales' technique!). Or alternatively e-mail David Pelham our Public Relations Man (e-mail:


The registration of cars and the establishment of a photographic record is more important for the Y-Type than for many of the other post war M.G. models. Production records were not retained when the M.G. Car Company closed down and whereas the BMIHT can give you precise individual production history and ex-works specification for cars such as the MGB, the same is not available for the Y-Type.

So, if you have a 'Y' which you think, or know for sure, is not included in our listings, please contact Jack Murray and let us know about it. Jack will arrange for you to receive a registration form.

We also like to hear from anyone who previously owned a 'Y' and disposed of the car (even if you scrapped it!). We aim to compile as complete a register of the vehicles originally built by the M.G. factory, as is possible.

The Register has already built up an impressive photographic record of cars which is always displayed on our stand at the Club events we attend. Why not check to see if 'your' old car is there. Current owners are always interested in collecting more information on the past history of their vehicles.


The following books feature the Y-Type models and are available from the Register at competitive prices (contact Ian McHardy-Young):-

a) M.G. Y-Type Saloons and Tourers - Author: John Lawson ISBN 0-947981-31-4

b) M.G. Y-Type and Magnette ZA/ZB - Author: Brooklands Books ISBN 1-85520-347-2

c) Rallying in a Works MG - Author: Len Shaw ISBN 0-951942-34-4

d) Let there be 'Y's - Author: David Lawrence ISBN 0-620-21832-0

e) MG Saloon Cars - Author: Anders Ditlev Clausager ISBN 1-901432-06-8



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