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Boche Motores de Colombia S.A.S.
Zona Franca de Barranquilla
Tel: +57 5 379 4399
Contact: Paula Arteaga <>
Business to business restoration facility of classic British cars. Operated by the French Boche Automobiles team, with over 20 years experience in British cars restoration (>500 MGB, dozens Austin Healey, Triumph...).
Lead time for a standardized rotisserie nuts and bolts restoration of 6 MGB (1 container) : 3 months(Oct. 2012).
Celette Frame Bench calibrated for MGB, TR3, TR4, Austin Healey 3000. Drive-train Bench.
Strategically located for US and European dealers with highly experienced craftsmen. Located in a Free Trade Zone of a major port to ease import and export procedures.
Servicio de restauracióe clácos y interéespecial britácos. Repuestos disponibles para MG y Austin Healey. Distribuidor Moss.

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