MG Garages in Denmark

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Bonnevie MG Import
Hundtoftevej 1
5750 Ringe
Tel: 004562272848
Fax: 004562272858
Contact: Lars Bonnevie <>
Over 5000 parts available for MGA/B/C and V8 along with a comprehensive stock of product for the MG Midget and Austin Healey.
British Sportscars
Hejreskovvej 26B
3490 Kvistgård
Tel: +45 59503042
Fax: +45 59503052
Contact: Kurt Bull <>

Hellerup Autoopretning
Sofievej 3
2900 Hellerup
Tel +45 39 62 58 52
Contact: Steen Seit Jespersen

Is restoring all kinds of classic cars. Is very skilled at a prober cost. I sincerely recommend this shop. J.vidkjaer

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