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Anglo Parts Autoteile GmbH
Ernst Befortstraße 2
WETZLAR D - 35578
Tel: + 49 - 6441 76081
Fax: + 49 - 6441 781336
Contact: Wilbert de Kievid
This is another Anglo Parts store with a great service and quality parts.

Autohaus A.Rauch
Eichenstrasse 10
Steisslingen (Industriegebeit)
Tel: +49 7738 7444
Fax: +49 7738 7440
Contact: Herr Axel Rauch
Recommended by Richard George (
I brought my MG Midget to Germany when I moved here. This gentleman took it through the TUV (equiv. to MOT) and has supplied parts for me. He specialises in british cars generally and his workshop is often filled with the most wonderful vehicles.
He served his time in BMC back in the '60s and thus has first hand knowledge of the production of the autos. He speaks very good english and has a real hands-on approach, rather hard to find in the Republik :-)

BCG British Car GmbH
Chemnitzerstrasse 7
70597 Stuttgart
Tel: +49 711 7222094
Fax: +49 711 7289306
Contact: Karl-Heinz Renzler <>
Sales,parts and service for all MG-cars since more than 50 years in Stuttgart Germany. X-Part-Service-Centre workshop for mechanic, electric, bodywork and paintwork

BMC parts GmbH
Wilstrasse 23
CH - 5610 Wohln (Ag)
besuch nur nach voranmeldung
Tel: (0041) 79 90 11 363
Contact: B Vandonk <BMCPARTS@LIFE.COM>
Many parts in stock MG, Morris, Austin and BMC Familly, from pre/war till last MG B 1935 / 1981
Bearing, seals, pistons, Lucas parts, many exchange parts stocked. Instrument service, repair and exchange.
Workshop, accident repair, Pannen/hilfe auch Wochenende und nach Feierabend, viel Documentation, freundlich, gute Beratung durch Fachmann.
Gute catalogus

British Cars Schmitt
Seeweg 20
97297 Waldbuttelbrunn
Tel: 00491757647574
Contact: Sascha <>
Import from Classic and KitCars. TUV Service.

Christoph Dorscheid Sportwagen
Beethovenstraße 4a
Tel: + 49 / 68 97 / 8 46 93
Fax: + 49 / 68 97 / 8 90 41
Contact: Christoph Dorscheid
Recommended by Andreas Frey ( Service for old English sportscars restoration and selling of old English sportscars

Classiker Service Wilmes
Taunus Str. 7
56355 Pohl /Taunus
Tel: 0049 - 06772-963 228
Fax: 0049 - 06772-963 228
Contact: A. Wilmes <>
Full service around classic cars. For information mail or call.

Hermann Schenk
Heubergstr. 12
Reutlingen 72766
Tel: 07121 - 46 516
Fax: 07121 - 47 741
Contact: H. Schenk, H. Wiesenfahrt
Recommended by Hans M. Keim (
KFZ Meisterbetrieb, Full Service fuer alle Fabrikate. Spezialisiert auf Restauration, Reparatur und Service von Classic Cars, insbesondere Alfa Romeo, aber auch Austin, MG usw.
Ueberragende Oldtimer-Kenntnisse und beste Quellen fuer Teile-Beschaffung. Hat meine 3 Oldtimer (MG und Austin 7) preiswert restauriert und durch den TUEV gebracht.
Wurde mir von Insidern empfohlen - kann diese Werkstatt waermstens weiter empfehlen!

Lerners Teileservice
Norbert Lerner
51789 Lindlar
Tel: 02266 6277
Fax: 02266 4206
Contact: Norbert Lerner
Recommended by Andreas Pichler ( Teileservice MG T, A, B Freundlich und kompetent!

Limora Oldtimer GmbH & Co KG
Industriepark Nord
D-53567 Buchholz
Tel: +49-(0)2683-7064
Fax: +49-(0)2683-7059
Contact: Steffen Schwarz <>
Limora is a major dealer for the full range of classic spare parts for Austin Healey, Daimler, Jaguar, Mini, MG anfd Triumph parts.
We stock in our depot more than 100.000 parts.
If you're searching for parts do not hesitate to contact us.

Martin Neubauer GmbH
Bachstrasse 12
Schwerte D58239
Tel: 02304 70923
Contact: Martin Neubauer
Friendly and competent help, drives an MGA himself. Only garage, no spares.

63549 Ronneburg
Tel: 00496184-4239
Fax: 00496184-4239
Contact: Peter Goergen <>
A Specialist for MG-"T"-Types

Morgan Park Leberfinger
Morgan Park Lutz Leberfinger
Hanskampring 23
Tel: +49(0)40-6703020
Fax: +49(0)40-6703090
Contact: Herr Frank Schauer <>
Morgan,TWR,Healey,MG,Jaguar. Sehr professional, unkompliziert und freundlich.
Tel: +49-(0)2408-926905
Fax: +49-(0)2408-926905
Contact: Thorsten Keding <>
Wir bieten qualitativ hochwertige Ersatzteile fur folgende MG's:
MG TA- MGTF, MG A, MG B, MG C, Midget

We sell spare parts in very good quality for the following classic MG sportscars:

MG TA- MGTF, MG A, MG B, MG C, Midget

Walter Quirmbach
Fussenerstr. 27A
Tel: 08341-7705
Fax: 08341-5999
Contact: Walter Quirmbach
Recommended by Roland Ritter (
Verkauf, Wartung, Reparatur von Rover & MG Modellen mit Verstand, Herz und Liebe zum Detail. Sehr gute Blechverarbeitung und Lackvorbereitung mit ausgezeichnetem Service.

Sales, Maintenance, Repair, Restore of Rover & MG Models with smartness, love and diligence in the details. Good sheet metal working and paint preparation going along with service friendliness.

Reichelt und Grunert Autoservice GBR
An der Lehnitzschleuse 1
Halle 17
16515 Oranienburg
Navigation System: Lehnitzschleuse
Tel: 00493301 579252
Fax: 00493301 5792160
Contact: Ralf Reichelt or Christian Grunert <>
MG Rover/ Land Rover Garage near Berlin and Brandenburg.

Stevens Autoertztiele GmbH
Oststrabe 29-31
46483 Wesel
Tel: 0281 26855
Recommended by Bernard Malen ( Good range of MG spares in stock and really helpful service!

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