MG Garages in Holland

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Anthony Robins Classic Cars
Bombaystraat 77
3047BA Rotterdam
Tel: 010-4372404
Fax: 010-4673308
Contact: Anthony Robins
Recommended by Nick de Jong ( Verkoop,Reparaties,Onderhoud,Restauratie. MG, Volvo, Mercedes.

Auto West End
Tuinbouwstraat 101
Contact: Klaas Schrage
Tel: 050 - 5734784 / 05-53427570
Fax: 050 - 5734784
Recommended by Ernst Jan Krudop ( Specialist in voornamelijk Engelse auto's: MG, Triumph, Rover, Rolls Royce Ambachtelijke garage waar nog echt wordt gesleuteld en gerepareerd. Je wordt pas klant als Klaas je mag.

Autobedrijf Lievaart
Emmastraat 1 Rozenburg
Tel: 0181 - 212 431
Fax: 0181 - 219 656
Contact: Theo <>
MG-Rover specialism and oldest Rover dealer from the Netherlands

Autobedrijf Piet Prins
Zuideinde 242
1551 EP
Tel: 0031 75 6160766
Contact: Piet Prins
Recommended by Mark Landsaat (
Piet Prins is the ultimate car freak. Piet has been in to cars for his entire life. He's still in love with everything that is beautifull on four wheels. Knows a lot about MG B, GT and roadster. Is also able to rebuild anything else you will offer. If you want the job to be done right, go and see him.

Automobielbedrijf Theo Koelman
Fagelstraat 71
1052 EZ Amsterdam
Tel: +31(0)20-6843743
Fax: +31(0)20-6845216
Contact: Theo Koelman
Email: <>
Jaguar*MG*Triumph*Mini Al 25 jaar EXPERT in: (concours) restauraties onderhoud - tuning. Je kunt verder ieder onderdeel voor je Engelse k lassieker bestellen, of is op voorraad. Een klassiek geval van Specialisme.

Baarn Baarnschedijk 7
3641 LN
Tel: 035 541 44 77
Fax: 035 541 59 59
Contact: O Stevens
BCCP Fuelsystems
Doorbraakweg 18 - 20
7783 DC
Tel: 00 31 524 56 2507
Fax: 00 31 525 56 2772
Contact: Hans ten Broeke <>
Recommended by Nic. Schellekens ( Restoration service for carburettors, Dynojet Rolling Road, tuning of carburettors for road/racing purposes. Catering for ALL British Sports Cars. Excellent service, friendly people, very good quality of work, although not cheap. You're always welcome for a chat and a coffee.

Bink Tilburg BV
Bink Tilburg BV is one of the biggest Rover & MG dealers from Holland

Gety 6
9732 MN
Tel: +31 (0)508531096
Contact: Emiel Hendriks <>
Online catalog & shopping for Triumph & MG parts, bits and pieces.

British Car Center Baarn
Baarnschedijk 7
3641 LN
Tel: 035 541 44 77
Fax: 035 541 59 59
Contact: Onno Stevens
Recommended by: Alfred Stoppels (
All MG-models can be garaged here. New ones and classics.

British Car Service B.V.
Oude Haagweg 791
Tel: +31-70-3256296
Fax: +31-70-3256296
Contact: Ms. E. Moerman
Complete restoration of mainly Triumph's and M.G. 's. Most of the spare parts available for these type of cars. Maintenance and service of these cars in own workshop, with specialised personell. M.O.T. at special prices on English cars!

British Car Parts
Rijksweg Zuid 4
6131 AN
Tel: 003146 4515967
Fax: 003146 4581192
Contact: Ger Konings <>
Specialist in British Car Parts and maintenance.
Also for a reliable and beautiful classic or vintage car.

Britishe Car Centre Hofstee
Omloop 56
9201 CC
Tel: +31-512-541531
Fax: +31-512-541531
Contact: Erik Hofstee <>
We have been an MG Rover dealer for over 25 years. Large knowlegde base available. Lots of new and used parts available.

Brownslane B.V.
Gasstraat Oost 14
Tel: 0031-(0)412-639031
Fax: 0031-(0)412-627428
Email: <>
Contact: Ad Cuppes
Many many parts on stock for English classic cars. The best service you can find.

C&C Parts BV
De voort 5A
5991 DC
Tel: +31 77 4772454
Fax: +31 77 4771676
Contact: Wiel Claessen <>
C&C Parts BV is a specialist in brake parts for classic cars.

Recommended by Henk Brauer
Great service new, and restoration of amongst others brake components. I would like to provide information about such implementation sustainable braking systems. Brakes are necessary and in order to prevent something worse. But how you get braking systems sustainable? After all the major car manufacturers produce cars in a lifetime of amending 10 years and mention in their instructions that Brake liquids every 3 years should be replaced.
Brakes grant as a result of the effects of water uptake in the brake fluids and the physical- chemical aggressive reactions in the used materials with extremely sensitive failure mechanism.
Effects of the failure mechanism:
• cogent, not working brake cylinders
• leakage of brake fluid, pitting
• brake hoses which swell or will become brittle
It is always annoying, this failure mechanism
You intent the have a ride out and the brakes leak or are been blocked.
In addition, time-consuming, and extra costs.
The car industry has no interest in the extension of the life cycle. They have a considerable initial pressure of costs and are even going to use cheaper/inferior materials are been used as in the past.

I spoke about this with Wiel Claessen, old-timer- and brake specialist.
He and his team had a long time the same experience and thought' this must been solved, I take that challenge”.
He carried out a thorough analysis of the failure mechanism . Since then, following the vision:'
Use much better chemicals and and physical attack resistant materials `
By my team were solutions found by using improved design, special stainless, special non-ferrous alloys and special treatments. Quality and lifetime do have high priority above costs.
They can produce and deliver also the normal brakes but we advise the sustainable versions. Our team has now become a comprehensive supply programme sustainable brake cylinders (MG T types, Morris etc.). Brake cylinders for other Cars are also possible but depend on the business case (investment must be earned back).
The first products of that sustainable vision and policy have made and are 30 years in the field.

Dutch Classic Car Centre
Chromiumweg 31-33
3812 RJ Amersfoort
Tel: 0031 33 4659666
Fax: 0031 33 4659897
Contact: Peter Segers
Recommended by Rollo Poth ( MG Specialist garage. Moved to this brand new building July 97
Also recommended by Jeroen Velthuizen (
Ever met the "MG-man???" well try and visit him in Amersfoort!!! He knows all the ins and outs and is able to tell you all the secrets behind the MG marque, no matter what type or colour:)!! So if you have a problem or just for your regular maintenance....give him a call!!! First class, clean, well equipped garage, with all the know-how under its roof, new and 2nd hand parts....can I say more?? just try!

English Car Hospital
Walenburgerweg 68-70
3033 AG
Tel: 0031 10 466 58 51
Fax: 0031 10 467 00 10
Contact: Hape Hamer <>
30 years of experience with MG cars. Maintenance, Repair, MOT (APK), Tuning and Restoration. We race a '62 B and prepare rally cars.

Fred's Classic Car Parts
Frans Halslaan 25
2182 MH
Tel: 0252-505742
Email: <>
directe link naar online onderdelen shop.
makkelijk zoeken en bekijken van onderdelen
ook s,avonds of in het weekend ophalen van bestelde onderdelen..
vriendelijke eigenaar die ook nog advies kan geven.

Garage MG Cars
J. van Gentstraat 80-82
1171 GM Badhoevedorp
Tel: 020 - 6593666 / 06 - 53317163
Fax: 020 - 6593665
Contact: Roel Winkel
Recommended by Raymond Steenstra ( reparaties van alle MG auto's, tuning, schadereparaties, plaat en spuitwerk, taxaties, in- en verkoop, alle onderdelen verkoop nieuw en gebruikt

Global Parts
Postbus 19
4286 ZG
The Netherlands
Fax: -31 183 448535
Email: <>
Global Parts The Netherlands is a company selling components and spare parts for all kind of cars and commercial vehicles.

Hebels British Sportscars
Scherpakkerweg 2a
5616 HP Eindhoven
Tel: +31 (0)40 2928935
Fax: +31 (0)40 2928933
Contact: Henry and Marlies Hebels <>
Recommended by Marel Groot (
Great service and reparation and restoration on the MGB and other MG's. Henry and Marlies Hebels have a great knowledge of the MG's and other English sportcars. The people are very friendly, very good quality of work and is a pleasure to go there. Very good garage for restoration-jobs and normal on-going maintenance.

Hofman Leek
Rodenburg 1
9351 PV
The Netherlands
Tel: +31594516604
Fax: +31594519128
Contact: Eelco Hofman <>
One off the leading importers off classic/sportcars in Holland and probably Europe. Most cars are imported from California USA. There is a constant stock off 300! cars Inside warehouse/showroom 3200m2! Eelco Hofman started his business in 1975 out off his hobby, the MG. They have 25 years MG experience, trading/selling/buying MG's, all workshop facilities, APK. Full stock off MG parts new and secondhand.

Imparts British Cars and Spares
Badhuisstraat 11-13
Arnhem 6827AD
Contact: Wilco of Henk
Tel: 026-4429937
Fax: 026-4460835
Recommended by Maarten Engels ( Imparts levert onderdelen voor klassieke engelse auto's zoals,MG,Triumph,Austin-Healey en Jaguar. Er is ruim 400m2 magazijn met een voorraad van meer dan 5000 verschillende onderdelen. Verzending uit voorraad binnen 24 uur. Naast onderdelen ook verkoop van britse sportwagens en natuurlijk ook de reparaties aan deze wagens.

IC Classics
Grafwegen 19a
Groesbeek 6562 KA
Tel: +31(0)243977800
Contact: L. Verhagen <>
Restoration and part supply for Triumph, MG, Austin Healey and other famous sportcars.

Jan De Ruijg
Doehenburg 4
Eck en Wiel 4024 HE
Tel: 0344691902
Fax: 0344692462
Contact: Jan de Ruijg <>
alleen top restauraties onderdelen verkoop van mg's

JB Spares and Sportscars
van Alphenstraat 62
2274 NC Voorburg
Tel: + 703815479
Fax: + 703855501
Contact: Jacques van den Bergh <>
JB Spares and Sportscars is an MGOC recommended supplier. The owner is driving, maintaining and restoring MG B's and C's since 1981. Spareparts on stock, restoration and maintenance. Also specialised in Alfa Bertone GT and GTV.

MG C.A.P. (Classic Automoblie Parts)
Schoolweg 14
Austerlitz (gem. Zeist)
3711 BP
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 343 491 971
Fax: +31 (0) 343 491 671
Recommended by Jan Bos (
Leverancier van MG onderdelen, wat niet op voorraad is kan altijd besteld worden. Hier wordt je altijd goed geholpen, ook een goed adres voor advies ed. Tevens een van de goedkoopste adressen voor onderdelen in Nederland.
Also recommended by Peter Cieraad (
All services for not too new MG's. John keeps them running. One of the best, good quality at the best price.

MG Garage Breda
Parallelweg 156
Breda 4916KE
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 (0)76-5715260
Fax: 0031 (0)76-5710401
Contact: Christ Stolwerk <>
Recommended by V.Lammerse ( MG car is a good dealer who takes the time for his customers, and charges low prices (WD40 very cheap). Part mostly original but also has a few very good alternatives

MG Workshop
Havenstraat 44a
2681 LC
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-174-212608
Fax: 0031-174-287496
Contact: Cathelijne Spoelstra <>
I would like to recommend the MG Workshop. The fact that this workshop really is the only one in The Netherlands which can truly rely on more than 25 years of experience, is worth mentioning. Atlhough Bart Spoelstra nowadays does a lot of modern MG's ? B, BGT, A's and Midgets ? he also has a lot of experience in T-types. Actually, like he always says himself : "After the MG TC and TD nothing good has been made. Of course it is a joke, but it is typical for Bart. His heart is in the oldies!!
His expertise is brilliant and he will always do his best to get his clients on the road.
MG Workshop is the place for MG restorations, preparations and also just for a nice talk about your favourite car.

The Mouse "workshop"
Looveer 8
6851 AJ
Tel: 0031-(0)26-3252565
Fax: 0031-(0)26-3256887
Contact: Rob Smits <>
Mouse Village is een klein engels dorpje in aanbouw op een piepklein plekje. Naast een uitgebreide werkplaats, vindt u daarnaast ook al “The Mouse Village Pub”. Deze Pub wordt door allerlei clubs reeds gebruikt als ruimte voor o.a. praatavonden, technische voorlichtingsavonden , vergaderingen. ”The Mouse Village Pub” activiteiten staan geheel op zichzelf in "Mouse Village".

Nico v.d. Ree
Lange Nieuwstraat 71
3111 AE
Tel: 010-4733165
Recommended by Gerrit de Graaf (

Niels Grotegoed
The Hague
Tel: 0031 70 391.2875
Fax: 0031 70 391.2875
A good contact for secondhand parts.

Octagon Spares
Wilsonweg 6
2182 LR Hillegom
Tel: 0252-516698
Fax: 0252-521470
Contact: Coen Kymmell or Gerard de Groot
Recommended by Mark van Bezel ( Goed gesorteerd in onderdelen tegen echt scherpe (Engelse) prijzen.Ook technisch goed op de hoogte, in tegenstelling tot vele zogenaamde "specialisten". Voor perfecte afstelling van uw MG vragen naar Kees.

Niessen Restauratie Center
Orionpoort 1
5971 LZ
Tel: +31 77 3661241
Contact: Math Niessen <>
Niessen Restauratie Center has the following services:
- Full high standard restorations
- Maintenance / Workshop
- Anglo Parts distributor
- Selection of cars for sale

S+S Tuning
Spoorstraat 67
or PO-Box 37
7480 AA
Tel: 053-5722517
Fax: 053-5729311
Contact: Gerrit & Mary Sieverding
Recommended by Joep Willemsen (101525.770@CompuServe.COM): Spareparts for MG's and Mini's. Very good garage for restoration-jobs and normal on-going maintenance.

Stuurman Classic Cars
Stationsweg 88
Herkenbosch 6075 CD
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-(0)475-534113
Fax: 0031-(0)475-520132
Contact: Alexander Stuurman <>
Stuurman Classic Cars is a very fine classic car dealer in the south of Holland. There is a variaty of cars available, all in a good shape. Most cars offered are imported from California so rust is out of the question.
This workshop is runned by the best mechanics and is suited with a welding department. The mechanics have experience with all brands so every car is in good hands while staying at our garage.
We look forward seeing you at our showroom or in our workshop.

Twentse Motoren Revisie (TMR)
H. ter Kuilestraat 14
Enschede 7547 BD
The Netherlands
Tel: +31-53-4318207
Fax: +31-53-4323412
Contact: Bert Lichtenwagner
Recommended by: Mathys Wybenga (
Complete engine overhaul of all MG engines. Over 60 years experience ! Craftmanship. Very good experience.

UK Carparts
Sjoerdaweg 28
Tel: 0031 (0)-511-450815
Fax: 0031 (0)-511-450831
Contact: Henk Terpstra <>
Full service, many years MG specialist with online shop for parts and accessories.

Vanderburg Spares
Bedrijvenweg 5
Sint Michelsgestel
5272 PA
Tel: 073-5515521
Fax: 073-5516661
Contact: dhr. H. van der Burg
Recommended by P. van Beek (
Great service by doing reparation and restauration on serveral MGB (V8). A person with great knowledge of the MG's specially V8. He did a motor rebuilding on a V8, the motor is verry good now, and the car is driving perfect. The people of Vanderburg spares are verry nice and is a pleasure to go there. For us: VANDERBURG SPARES THE BEST THERE IS!!!!!

Vintage Classiccar Restaurations
Haarlem, Netherlands
Contact: Ruud de Bruin
Iemand die van hobbie uit begonnen is en goed en ook zeker goedkoopwerk leverd. Het adres weet ik zo even niet maar via hun internetsite kun je ze een e mail sturen. Ze doen veelal Engelse cabrio s maar mijn Volvo p188 jensen hebben ze vakkundig gerestaureerd.

Weusthof Automaterialen
Kraanvogelstraat 14
Tel: +31(0)24-6416126
Fax: +31(0)24-6424301
Contact: Dhr Weusthof <>
De MGF en MGTF specialist van Nederland! U kunt hier terecht voor al uw onderdelen zowel nieuw als gebruikt.
Diverse onderdelen nieuw in voorraad, verder hebben ze er ook vele recente MGF's en TF's voor demontage staan.

Alle onderdelen kunnen ook door heel Europa verstuurd worden!

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