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The December LDMGOC Newsletter 2014



Gary  (Secretary)

Dave  (Events)



Meetings at The Cross Keys, Pulloxhill

1st Tuesday of each month at 8:30 p.m

First the News


It’s the clubs 30th Anniversary next year – suggestions are:


Meal with MGOC representative in attendance – already contacted Richard Monk.


Stand at the NEC – we have form ready to go just need to gauge commitment


Xmas cards – agreed at meeting that the club will again make a donation to the Keech hospice as opposed to sending Christmas cards to each other – collection at pub night and Christmas meal please.

ebrate his significant birthday on the 17th October at the Streatley Village Hall from 7pm – RSVP to Ian please.


Pub Night – 16th December

The Jolly Milliners - Luton

Last Month’s Event’s


Last month has consisted of some of us making arrangements to visit the NEC Classic Car Show but we also had 2 events that the club were invited to:


An invitation to Anne and Roy's Silver Wedding Anniversary was kindly sent to all in the club. Anne and Roy with a bit of help arranged a super celebration with live music, great food and company – we all tried hard to finish off the last few gateaux’s (but failed) a big thank you from the club to Anne and Roy for a great night out.


The NEC was next, some club members commandeered a corner of the Triumph Roadsters stand by providing copious amounts of hot water for the teas and coffees. The show was great with lots to see and do.


We then had the club pub night which saw around 20 members turn up at the Musgrove Arms - a little pub in Shillington where we proceeded to take up all the available chairs and some and to eat all their food – a good night out and I especially enjoyed the last fish and chip supper….


We have also had a few members who have new acquisitions from idea’s picked up at the NEC and in my case actually buying a MGF sight unseen while at the NEC off of EBay– as it had Bridget’s initials on the personalised number plate and was an MG I couldn’t resist a punt – so M6F BW is Bridget’s surprise Christmas present just hope she doesn’t realize!!


The other is a fabulous looking 1953 MG TD in Silver Streak – looking forward to seeing it at the next club meeting – if it’s not raining or snowing of course…

I hope you all are Looking forward to the clubs Christmas dinner on the 20th


As mentioned in the news we are contemplating organising a stand at the NEC next year to celebrate the clubs 30th anniversary, depends very much on if we can get enough of you to volunteer and who are willing to take their cars to the show and dedicate time for the 4 days needed to set up and cover the show, but would be worth the effort.


I have displayed a car before so have some experience of that and Dave and Brenda are experts at arranging a stand – so we have the expertise just need the commitment (and some good cars!)

Scene from the NEC

This Month’s Events


Future events will now be on the events sheet and will be updated monthly (on the back) .

NEXT MEETING 6th January

Events Calendar


                                                Event                                                             Meeting details







2nd Tuesday

Club night

16th Tuesday

Club Pub Night


20th Saturday

Club Xmas Dinner

7.00 for 7:30 – The Rose & Crown at Ridgmont














6th  Tuesday

Club night

20th Tuesday

Club Pub Night














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