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There is one particular mailing list for MGs but there is also a mailing list for all British Cars. Both these lists are located at and are run by a List Server called Majordomo.

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MGA Twin Cam List: The MG Car Company manufactured a total of only 2500 MGA Twin Cam, MGA 1600 Deluxe and MGA 1600 MkII Deluxe cars between 1958 and 1962. These cars have great technical merit and a rich history in racing, rallying and everyday driving. The few surviving examples are now much sought after by MG enthusiasts around the world.

The intent of the MGA Twin Cam Enthusiasts mailing list is to foster communications among this wide spread group. If you have an interest in these cars and are eager to become actively involved in our discussions, then we encourage you to become a list member.

Through the mailing list, members exchange technical information relating to the maintenance, restoration, upgrading, driving and vintage racing of Twin Cams and Deluxes. We strive for high quality dialogue focused on the unique power train of the Twin Cam including the double overhead camshaft engine and all of its ancillaries, the suspension system, the Dunlop four wheel disc brake components and the Dunlop centrelock road wheels.

Postings of currently active Twin Cam and Deluxe service and parts suppliers, Twin Cam and Deluxe cars and parts For Sale and Wanted as well as announcements of applicable MGA and vintage sports car gatherings and race events are encouraged.

It is preferred but not required that list participants be current owners of MGA Twin Cam, MGA 1600 Deluxe or MGA 1600 MkII Deluxe cars. Knowledgeable enthusiasts who do not currently own one of these cars will be seriously considered for membership.

Subscription to the list will only be granted through individual application to the list moderator or by recommendation from a current member.

To make application, please send an e-mail message to <> containing the following information about yourself and your car(s).

Also include a brief note highlighting the history of your car and your personal ownership experiences. This will help introduce you to the other list members.

In addition, please state your preference to receive individual e-mails, a daily summary or a full text digest.

Started on April 2, 1999, the MGA Twin Cam Enthusiasts is a small but growing group currently with members from Canada, New Zealand and the United States. Numerous messages have already been exchanged reflecting a high level of knowledge and enthusiasm. The mailing list is a free, Web-based service.

It isn't a mailing list, but more of a dynamic bulletin board on the Web. You don't need an email account, just drop in and have a look at the latest messages on our MG Bulletin Board (BBS ).

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