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Gunby hall 2008
Doddington Hall 2009
Nene Valley 2010
Belton House 2011
Grimsthorpe Castle 2012
Gunby Hall 2013
Bubble Car Museum 2014
Burghley House 2015
Gunby hall 2016 Nene Valley

National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2020

MGCC Lincolnshire Centre

National Drive Your Classic Car Day

Sunday 26th April 2020


National Drive your Classic Car Day 2020

Sunday 26th April 2020 is the day designated as National Drive your Classic Car Day. Once again, the MGCC will support the event by organising attendance at Baumber Walled Garden, on the A158 between Horncastle and Wragby. We are returning to the traditional format of drive-ins from various parts of the County, a treasure hunt and a Pride of Ownership competition.

Baumber Walled Garden is an innovative and exciting garden, full of hidden surprises and vastly different from the traditional kitchen garden that it once was. It is owned by designer and photographer, Sonia and David Elton, who live in the former head gardeners cottage, with their family.     

The Elton's started the project in 2006 when the house and gardens were derelict. In 2016 the family decided to open the gates to the public on Friday afternoons to see if anyone wanted to come and have a look. They were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors and the positive comments that were made. By May 2017 the former potting shed had become a lovely tea room, a plant sales area was developed and a series of courses and events were added to the calendar.

Contact David 01790 754774





National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2019

MGCC Lincolnshire Centre

National Drive Your Classic Car Day

Sunday 28th April 2019

Metheringham Airfield and the International Bomber Command Centre, Lincoln

Entry form and more information here in word or pdf

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National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2018

Nene Valley Railway 2018

Nene Valley Railway was the venue for the 2018 Drive your Classic Car Day celebrated by Lincolnshire MG members. Most people participated in a scenic drive starting from five locations to arrive at Wansford Station, near Peterborough. The 38 MGs participating were treated to their own dedicated parking area providing a spectacular display of vehicles for the public to enjoy. Members enjoyed a walking treasure hunt around the station environs, a Pride of Ownership Competition, a guided tour of the signalbox and a steam train journey.

Winners of the Treasure Hunt, Theresa and Mark Bellamy said, “The clues were extremely challenging this year but we managed to find them all and identify the photographs too”. The Pride of ownership competition was won by the MG RV8 of David Allen with the MGB LE50 of Paul Darley second and the MGB of Brian Clifton third.


Sunday 24th April 2016

Gunby Hall


The MGCC Lincolnshire Centre had a drive to Gunby Hall the location for National  Drive your Classic car Day. Gunby Hall offered free entry to the grounds and house to all participants on this event (previously it was only to National Trust members to the house and participants to the gardens) thus we all had a great day being able to spend time in this lovely house on such a cold day. The event was well supported and everyone appeared to enjoy the day. Thanks to David Stonehouse and anyone who turned out to help with the event. A number of members organised and guided other members to Gunby Hall on the scenic drive and I noted Veronica, Dave and Fran Noble all helping in any way they could. Thanks from those of us who had a great day out.


Treasure Hunt    John & Denise Taylor

Non MG 1st Peter Holmes Austin Montego 2nd John McEwan Morris Traveller, 3rd Keith Clifton Morris 1000

MG 1st Simon Goldsworthy MG Metro, 2nd Mark Rushby MG Midget, 3rd Mike Parker MG TA    4th John Taylor MG Magnette, 5th Adrian Wilson MG BGT



Peter Holmes

Simon Goldsworthy

John Taylor

National Drive Your Classic Day

Sunday 26th April 2015

Burghley House

This year's event was centred upon Burghley House




National Drive Your Classic Day

Sunday 27 April 2014

The Bubble Car Museum, Langrick, Lincolnshire, PE22 7AW.


The Winners Were:
1st Wendy Smith - MGF
2nd John Rogers - L2 Magna
3rd Pete Lincoln – MGF
4th Peter & Jane Hermite – MGB
Non MG 1st Mick & Jenny Bath – Bentley
Non MG 2nd Stephen Wright – Fiat 500
Non MG 3rd Simon Goldsworthy – Triumph Acclaim
Mick & Jenny Bath - presented by David Stonehouse



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National Drive Your Classic Day

Sunday 21 April 2013

Gunby Hall Lincolnshire PE23


Thanks to David Stonehouse for the fantastic organisation over the months before the event and the team of MGCC helpers who ensured the event ran smoothly.


The event Winners
Treasure Hunt 3rd Len & Sue Hartley
Joint 2nd John & Sheila Laurence and Gillian Darcy [in the house when the photo was taken];
Paul & Stella Matthews [gone home . . .]
1st Ian & Sue Mackenzie with full marks!
POO 2nd Rob Ely MGTA
POO 1st Kirk Field MGB Roadster
Non MG 2nd Kevin Flatters Austin 7 Saloon
Non MG 1st Keith Clifton Morris Minor


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National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2012

Grimsthorpe Castle, near Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Sunday 22nd April 2012

Thanks to everyone involved in the organising team and who marshaled on the day - you did a fantastic job.

Photos were taken by Richard Withington, Tim Hoff & John Laurence.


3rd Non MG - Jaguar XJS - Alan Fritchley

4th MG - Kirk Field - MGB Roadster

3rd MG - David Moir - MGTC

2nd MG - John Rogers - L2 Magna

1st MG - Mick & Jenny Bath - YB Saloon

Treasure Hunt - Courtney Stoffell - after a very close tie breaker

Mark & Teresa Bellamy and Rodney Vigne & Sheila & John Laurence all equal with 22 points [out of 25] per team.
A great Treasure Hunt thanks to Vicki & Richard Withington.


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National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2011

Belton House 2011

Lots of photographs from several photographers will bring back happy memories for those of us who enjoyed National Drive Your Classic Day at Belton House on 17 April 2011 and give an idea of what this lovely venue looked like with over 100 classic cars on show for those who missed it . . .

3rd Treasure Hunt - Ian & Sue Mackenzie

2nd Treasure Hunt - Jean Ellis & Veronica Stonehouse

1st Treasure Hunt - Mark & Theresa Bellamy

1st Pride of Ownership - Non-MG - Derek Bartle - XK8

4th place MG Pride of Ownership - John Rogers

2nd Place MG Pride of Ownership - A.H. Wood

1st Place MG Pride of Ownership - David Allen

The winning car leaving the courtyard at Belton House - what a beautiful MG David's SA is!
Pride of Ownership
Reg No
Derek Bartle Jaguar XK8 M5DLB
Michael Lowe E Type STW 26D
Colin Wilson Aston Martin DB7 AY51SSS
David Allen MG SA ELW 540
A.H. Wood MGA 6729 PT
Alan Buggins MGB DLG 437K
John Rogers L Type Magna AKL 840
John Taylor MG V8 M500JAT


Treasure Hunt
Mark & Theresa Bellamy
Jean Ellis & Veronica Stonehouse
Ian & Sue Mackenzie




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National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2010

Nene Valley Railway 2010

The 2010 Drive Your Classic Day was held on Sunday 25 April and started from five venues - Grantham – Kings Lynn – Boston – Brigg - Swallow - Arriving at Wansford Station around 11.00 a.m. to start the fun . . .

The organiser of the event, David Stonehouse, said this was a completely different type of venue for this event and gave lots of opportunities for interesting photographs with steam mingling with MG.
The map above shows the various stations en route if you go on the train . . .


2nd MG Pride of Ownership - David Allen's MGSA

1st MG Pride of Ownership - Kirk Field's MGB Roadster

The Victor Woods Trophy for the Best Performance in an MGF was presented to Kerry James by Chairman David Stonehouse at the Nene Valley Railway.


The Pride of Ownership Results were:-

1st Non MG - Warwick Banks - Bristol

MG Winners:

1st Kirk Field - MGB - DPD181B
2nd David Allen - MGSA - ELW540
3rd John & Maureen Holmes - MG RV8 - M150URX
4th Chris Bone - MGBGTV8 - YTB888
5th= Steve & Lynne Hall - MG Maestro - C104SJF
5th= Geoff & Angela Townsend - MGTB - JPC901

1st "Non MG" Pride of Ownership - Warwick Banks

David Stonehouse congratulates Kirk Field on 1st place in the MG Pride of Ownership

3rd Price of Ownership - John Holmes

4th Pride of Ownership - Chris Bone

5th = Pride of Ownership Jeff Townsend (left) and Steve & Lynne Hall




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National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2009

Sunday 26th April 2009

Doddington Hall

Following the very successful day at Gunby Hall in 2008, Lincolnshire Centre organised another
"Drive Your Classic Day" event, this time to Doddington Hall, which is to the West of Lincoln city.
Participants chose to drive in from Grantham, Spalding, Boston or Brigg, arriving at Doddington Hall from 11 am.

David & Mrs Allen with their winning MG SA


John & Denise Taylor with their MGA (2nd)

Steve & Jean Wilkinson with their MGA FHC (3rd)


Ian Mackenzie (left) proudly shows off his £10 Rimmer Gift Voucher awarded for winning the Treasure Hunt

Rob was thrilled to win some traditional "Old Speckled Hen" in the Raffle.

Dave Stonehouse (below left) with John & Sheila Laurence (2nd in Treasure Hunt). Photo John Hebb.




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National Drive Your Classic Car Day 2008

Sunday 20th April 2008 Gunby Hall

MGs were guided to Gunby Hall by the Lincolnshire Centre's new Banner Flag . . .

It all started on 'National Drive Your Classic Day 2007' when John & Sheila Laurence drove their 1970 MGB roadster to Gunby Hall to celebrate this special day in the Spring sunshine.

A year of planning was to follow, led by David Stonehouse and supported by a willing band of helpers. Ray & Claire Ayres, custodians of Gunby Hall, pulled out all the stops to make the preparations easy and the day run like clockwork.

Douglas Samuel receives his Other Makes Landlord's Choice Winner Rosette from Claire Ayres

Jeff Townsend receives his Landlord's Choice Winning MG Rosette from Claire Ayres

Mr & Mrs Jeff Townsend with their Landlord's Choice winning MGTB


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