Each yearthe main club (MG Car Club) organise a huge weekend event at Silverstone. The event has had various names over the years including MG90 reflecting 90th anniversary of the MG car company. During the event many activities occur and Lincolnshire members have over the years excelled in Autotesting, Concours, Pride of ownership, Racing and Sprinting.

MGCC MG Live Silverstone 2018

California Cup Autotests (photos) Saturday

Register Trophy Winners (MGF/TF) (Rob Taylor unavailable) BMC Trophy Winners Toasting
Autosolo Photos Sunday    

MGCC MG Live Silverstone 2017

Again we had a Great MG Live this year with winners in all catagories and fantastic weather.

 Califonia Cup Autotests

Lincolnshire entered 3 teams into the competition, One team contested the Califonia Cup, the other contested the BMC Trophy and the third entered the register Trophy I am pleased to tell you both teams saw success with

Malcolm Clark, Ian Webb and Jordan Fox all in Midget specials entered the Califonia Cup

Bryan Pack, Nigel Pack and Matt Walbran in Midgets entered the BMC Trophy

David Stonehouse, Robert Taylor and Ena Fox in MGF/TFs entered the register Trophy


Individually we also saw success with

Winner class 9 Midget Special                                               Malcolm Clark

Winner Class 5 Midget                                                           Bryan Pack

Winner Class 7 MGTF                                                             Robert Taylor

2nd Class 7 MGTF                                                                   David Stonehouse

Winner Class 8 MGZR                                                             Robert Welch (Diesel :) )



Matt Walbran (Midget) fastest time on a run

Ian Webb (Midget) Fastest over 3 runs


Concours and POO

Dean Smith                                  2nd in class

Vicki Edge                                   2nd in class

Geoff Edge                                  best MGA at show

Here are some photos taken of the events

Mark Bellamy

Jordan Fox

I need a Name please

Look how long the course was (AutoSolo)

On this event navgators were allowed (not sure Ena is taking this seriously.)
David Stonehouse and Ena Fox

This is the MGA of Geoff Edge. (the man in the picture is not Geoff)

If you want to have a chance of winning you need to do the work
Dean Smith

I think this is the car of
Wendy Smith

The MGB of Vicki Edge
Getting the 3 times over from the judges
If you have any photos of this years event please send hem to me for inclusion

The BMC Trophy winning team Without young Matt.

The Register Trophy winning team

Bryan Pack 1st in Class 5 Midget

Bob Welch 1st in class 8 MGZR (Diesel)

Robert Taylor 1st in Class 7 MGF/TF


MGCC MG Live Silverstone 2016

We had a Great MG Live this year with winners in all catagories and fantastic weather.

But I need help, I only had photographs for the concours and POO so I need other to please send me all the photos they may have from the Event

On top of this I can only be in one place at once so I am not sure on how every Lincs member has done. If I could have details of competitiors in the Autotests, Concours, POO and Racing I will get the details posted for the enjoyment of all.

 Califonia Cup Autotests

I don't have any photos at present but I know a few results. Lincolnshire enter 2 teams into the competition, One team contested the Califonia Cup, the other contested the BMC Trophy and I am pleased to tell you both teams saw success with

Bryan Pack, Ken Waylett and Malcolm Clark winning the Califonia Cup

Ena Fox, Matt Walbran and Robert Welch winning the BMC Trophy

Individually we also saw success with

Winner class 8 and Fastest time of the Day                          Malcolm Clark

Winner Class 4                                                                         Bryan Pack

Winner Class 3? MGA                                                             Robert Taylor


Concours and POO

Wendy Smith best MGF at show

Ken Waylett best midget POO, also best POO MG overall

Geoff Edge 2nd elite class, also best MGA at show

However just to let you know, one of our keenest competitiors was unable to compete in the event as a small fire within a wiring loom of her wonderfull MGB meant it was unavailable but I am sure Vicki Edge will have spent her time at Silverstone polishing Geoff's MGA :)

Here are some photos I took of the competition with Ant Anstead doing the commentary






MGCC MG90 Silverstone 2014

Lincolnshire memebrs racing were Mark Bellamy in the Finishline UK MG Trophy Championship, Adam Key in the Cockshoot Cup had a class win & Steve Hall in the MGCC Ecurie GTS. In the sprint we had Bill Sharp in his TF160 & John Payne in his AH Sprite.

In the concours we had Vicki Edge MGB win the Windmill Garage Trophy Best MGB Concours, Geoff Edge MGA Coupe 1st in Class Premier Concours Class, NTG Trophy Best MGA and Dean Smith MGTF Spark did exceptionally well 1st in Class Post '55 Roadsters Concours Car of the Show Trophy (Overall Best MG in Show)

Lincolnshire had 6 autotesters in action in 2 teams. Robert Welch, David Stonehouse, Ian Webb in one team won the BMC Trophy. Nigel Pack, Ena Fox and Brian Pack formed another team with Nigel Taking a Class win.

If I have forgotton anyone or have not got things correct, please I am only human and will put things right if you kindly let me know. LOL



BMC trophy winners
Robert Welch, David Stonehouse, Ian Webb (absent)

Adam Key ist in class Cockshoot cup

Russ Swift demonstration driving

MG3, MG5, MG6 driven all the way from China

Adam Key ist in class Cockshoot cup

Dean Smith 1st in Class post 55 Roadsters concours
Car of the show trophy (overall best MG in show)

Vicki Edge (MGB) Windmill Garage trophy (Best MGB)
Geoff Edge (MGA) 1st Premier Class, NTG Trophy Best MGA

The "Owd Speckl'd un"

Dean Smith MGTF Spark

Geoff Edge MGA Coupe

Vicki Edge MGB Roadster

John Rogers L2 Magna

Russ Swift "Cornering too fast?"


If you have any photos from silverstone that you would be willing to share with us then please do not hesitate to send them to me

At present we do not have images of the autotesting, do you have some please?