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Drivers' Meetings.

With the hope that next year will be vastly improved on this, the Southern Meeting will be held after the Castle Combe event on 20th October 2001 (max has kindly arranged a room for this    Many thanks in advance). Unfortunately this is the 1st anniversary of my father's death and I will be back home in Scotland with my mother that week so will be unable to attend but I know that Jim will be there so please all bring the brains back from the bags where you put them at the beginning of the day and have lots of constructive ideas.
The Northern meeting will be before the Dinner Dance on 24th November 2001. I know that both the NW Calendar and the magazine say that the Dinner Dance is on the 25th but I can assure you all that they are wrong. The Dinner Dance is on a Saturday as usual. Any Southerns who would like to attend either the meeting or the Dinner Dance will be more than welcome. So this will take place at 4pm on SATURDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2001. (Got the picture now?).

Prize Giving

This will be at both the Northern Dinner Dance (24/10/01) and the Southern Dinner Dance in February 2002. Talking of prize giving, the committee is looking for nominations for the following
"Spinner of the Year" this tend to describe itself
"Chap or Chapess of the Year" this is for the competitor who has personified what we stand for

Calendar 2002

By the time the drivers' meetings happen we hope to have some feel for how the 2002 calendar will be but I have put together a committee wish list for both the Northern and Southern series. There have been whispers that some competitors are not at all happy that the Northern Series have 4 rounds at Anglesey but as we have stated in the past is that, as a rule, we support all MGCC events. There are no exceptions to this rule as we promote MGs and support the MGCC at all times. So having got that off my chest the committee have suggested that the July 2 rounds become joint event and that we have a Championship BBQ on the Saturday night. If money is tight and you don't want to compete came and join us as we will find jobs marshalling for you and your loved ones. All you have to bring is knife fork plate and if you are very posh a glass. It is a very good event and every one who dares to brave the Welsh Roads has all had a fantastic time. There are lots of very friendly B&B's locally if you don't feel up to camping.

We are also looking to move our October Scammonden Dam Hillclimb Meeting to May next year with the hope that it might not rain, (Note I only said might not rain there are no guarantees at Scammonden) but I don't know which weekend yet.

I have written to all the organizers of the events for this year to request a calendar of events for 2002 so things are progressing in that direction and I will keep you all informed.

Visits  Venue	 Hill/sprint	Visits	Venue	Hill/Sprint
1	Wiscomb Park	H	2	Harewood	H
1	Prescot 	H	1	Prescott	H
1	Shelsley Walsh	H	1	Shelsley Walsh	H
1	Gurston Down	H	1	Scammonden MGCC	H
1	Finlake		H	1	Scammonden Othr H
1	Pestalozzi 	H	1	Barbon Manor	H
1	Odicombe	H			
1	Silverstone 	S	1	Silverstone 	S
1	Curborough	S	1	Curborough	S
2	Anglesey	S	4	Anglesey	S
1	Lydden		S	1	Croft		S
1	Goodwood	S	1	Elvington	S
1	Weathersfield	S	1	Three Sisters	S
1	Eelmoor		S	1	Thoresby Park	S
1	Dunkeswell	S			
1	Castle Combe	S			

Amended Bogey/Record/target for Dunkeswell

      	 Bogey    record    target
MMM      84.72       -      86.84  	1a bogey based on 1b +4%
T Type   81.47    81.47     83.51
MGA      81.47      -       83.51  	1c bogey is fastest 1a/b time
Midget   69.56    69.56     71.30 	using Kim's time
Metro    81.47      -        83.52   	1c bogey is fastest 1a/b time
MGB & C  75.09    75.09     76.97
 Thorsby Park Weekend

Beware the Thorsby Barrel
No! It's not the old joke about the sex-starved sailor. It's a fiendish device invented by Notts. SCC to deter people from rearranging artificial chicanes. It consists of red painted barrels placed at the entrance to a chicane, balanced on top is a tennis ball. Dislodge the ball and you incur a 1 sec penalty. On the approach the barrels look five ft. wide and the gap two ft.

Saturday 15th
Six MG entries in total, most of them running in road modified up to 1400cc. Except for Graham Rothwell in the mighty 4.6 BGT. Hope to see more of him next season.
The weather was very pleasant except for one brief shower. Due to a small entry there were no less than seven runs. As a result of the non-appearance of a very quick AX GT Alan Inwood earned a well-deserved 1st place and I took 2nd.

Sunday 16th
Thirteen MG Types for the Sunday event all running in a catch all MG Class. Terry Piggot found the V8 a bit of a handful on the tight course. And right up to the last run it looked like the flying Inwood would take the class. However, Tezza managed to ease himself into 1st by a mere 0.27 sec. On the same run Graham Rothwell suddenly improved by a remarkable 1.38 sec to take 3rd place from me by only 0.39 sec. The weather was fairly warm and sunny all day making for an excellent weekends motor sport

by John Wilman (our new committee member)