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About the Championship

The MG Car Club Speed Championship proudly enters it's 32nd season in 2018. Organised by the MGCC North West Centre the Speed Championship provides club members with access to low cost competitive motor sport by providing classes for all models of MG (and AH Sprites) with progressive modifications allowed. With the emphasis on friendly competition, we hope to encourage more club members into affordable motorsport; one day this could be you!

Whether you are new to speed events or a seasoned campaigner there will be something for you in the Championship.
All novices should start by reading the excellent beginners guide. You can apply for the mandatory MSA licence on-line but once bitten by the 'speed bug' you'll want to emulate Chris Cooper and his 'bit of a brute'.

You can choose to compete for trophies in either the Northern Series Championship or the Southern Series Championship. Series events take place mostly north or south of Longbridge respectively but with some common venues such as Silverstone, where drivers score points for their chosen series only. All drivers also compete for the top award, the National Championship, for which points gained at any venue irrespective of its geographical location count.  All awards are presented at the North West and South West MGCC Centres' Dinners

The 2018 calendar will include links to each series event entry forms and respective regs.

News and views are shared via MG Car Club Speed Championship facebook group, our on-line discussion forum and an email list.

Origins and history of the championship (in new tab)


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