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* 1937 MG TA pictured at Surrey '96
* MG TA Park Ward dhc (external site)
* Leo Norburn's MG TA This MG TA Midget has been in Australia since before 1959, was restored to concourse condition between 1970 to 1985 by the present owner.
* MG TA Airline Coupe This one was in Germany and we believe it is now with Wolfgang Fischer in Switzerland. More about Airline Coupe's (external link)


* Harry Pyle's MG TB Tickford


* Alberto Cruz's 1945 MG TC This car was the DBL769, and was the subject of an article first published in the Motor magazine on July 17 1946 entitled “The Last Week-end in June”, wrote by Christopher Jennings. This article was later reproduced in the MG TA & TC Portfolio 1936-1949 by Brooklands Books.
* Dick Criswell's 1948 MG TC In the forests of Hood's Canal, Washington enroute to "Best of Breed" at NW MG'T' Register's Mini-GoF in 1971.

* Barry Bryan's two TC's owned in the 60's and 70's. Barry was heavily involved in the British contingent of the 1970 Hausach Rally
MG6938, a 1946 MG TC on the Swiss side of the Bernina Pass.
MG6938 being overtaken in Switzerland during the 1970 Hausach Rally.
MG6938 being overtaken again in Switzerland, Hausach Rally 1970.
MG6938 in Zurich after the long drive from Luxembourg in one day, Hausach Rally 1970.
MG6938 at Pontresina, Switzerland, Hausach Rally 1970.
MG6938 and HTF264 at Solis in Switzerland, Hausach Rally 1970. (Update: August 2002 HTF264, the 47 TC now owned by Peter Parker-Barnes ( and is undergoing a total restoration.)
MG6938 looking unusually smart, Shropshire 1970's.
MG6938 again and again !
Mike Bryan, then only 2 or 3 years old, in the seat of MG6938, Shrewsbury 1970/71.
GR8182 (1946 MG TC) on the camp site near St.Maritz, Switzerland 1968.
GR8182 in Austria 1968.

* Allan Boyle's 1947 MG TC restored in 2003 from Blonay, Switzerland
* Neil Beck's 1947 MG TC undergoing restoration from Cape Town
* 1947 MG-TC Home Model at BMW
* TC owned by Norbert Hebekeuser in Troisdorf/Germany at the "Balade de Passionees" in Stavelot/Belgium 1997
* Maurice Correia's MG TC 1946 from Barbados
* MG TC 1948 model by Academy Minicraft Models in 1/16 scale. (Minicraft Modles Box 3577 Torrance, CA. 90510 USA)
* David Whorf's MG TC in Carmel, California, USA
* Dauntless in the face of an indestructable force
* MG TC from Argentina. The story of this car begans when Mario Bustos lost his TC burned in the street. He was a worker in the plastic industry and he took the decision: he would make all the models in fibreglass. When he died, I with other fellows, members of the Argetinian MG club, decided to buy the model from his widow. From Buenos Aires, Arcangel Miguel Terranova.
* Arcangel Terranova's MG TC from Argentina. Used for a wedding car in the 70s. MG TC Special in action
* Tim Blakeney's 1949 TC, a Christmas present from his Mom in 2006. She also gave him a 1974 Midget for his first car and he still has it. Pretty cool Mom!


* Yan Clerinx's MGTD # 1410. Supercharged fast road version. The car has been raced in Zolder and Monthlery in the eighties, but has been refurbished by 1995 into a more convivial roadgoing version. From the back

* David W. Abel's TD with others at a TD meet

* TD owned by Russell Dade

* Brian Hill's TD special This TD special has an MGA 1620 motor and gearbox, pressurised cooling system, wire wheels with radial tyres, MGB front sway bar and wishbones formula B front springs gas telescopic rear shocks, 2 inch MGB exhaust system, alloy fuel tank and a modified MGA transmission tunnel. No hotwork was undertaken on the chassis or bodywork with all modifications bolted on to allow reversion to a standard car at any time. Previously owned by Phil Stafford.

* 'T' type with Park Ward Body 4th International MG weekend at Berlin and again

* TD at Penshurst MG weekend

* TD owner Bernt Wunsch from Berlin

* Mr Kunzmann's MG TD from MA, USA

* Dr Conrad Rougeux's 50 MG TD from CA, USA. Owned by Conrad since 1965 and shown here at the Ironstone Concours, in Murphys, California
* Interior and engine

* Steve Kocur's 50 MG TD from MA, USA

* Bill Steffen's 50 MG TD MG22831, built Mid June, 1950

* 1950 MG TD belonging to from Ihio. This is what is looked like before restoration.

* 1950 MG TD belonging to Bob Moreland from PA, USA. This is what is looked like before restoration.

* Larry Thompson's 51 MG TD from Ohio, USA. The black interior is not original

* 1953 MGTD owned by Mike and Barb Grogan from Glendale, Arizona, USA. Their grandson's replica toy version from 2006.

* 1951 MGTD owned by John & Pat Davis of San Lorenzo, California, USA. John bought this car new in 1951 for the huge sum of $1985. (The young lady is a beautiful visitor from Sweden). This is an MG neighbourhood: One neighbor, Bob Luebbert, restored a blue 1952 MGTD then sold it to Andreas and Dagmar Pichler. (now on your site.) The Luebberts then went MG shopping and (small world) came home with Pat Davis's 1953MG she had sold 10 years before!! Oh, we love the octagon!!

* Paul Davies' 51 MG TD with 'tuned' engine - Overbored, Larger valves (as TF), Balanced crank and high ratio differential makes this car pleasurable in modern traffic conditions.

* Barry Ryley's 52 MG TD

* Don Doty's 52 MG TD from FL, USA

* Phil Atrill's 52 MG TD

* Tom Britt's 52 MG TD

* Richard Mossie's 52 MG TD from Tucson, Arizona

* Rich Olson's restored 52 MG TD from Cape Coral Florida

* Dave Thoensen's 52 MG TD

* 1952 MG TD belonging to Doug Byam. From the Circuit of Britain 1990

* 1952 MG TD owned by Andreas Pichler from Duesseldorf, Germany. Bought in California in 1991, shown here at a well-known location in San Francisco on its last tour before it was shipped to Duesseldorf

* 1952 MG TD purchased by Dave Snelson from a doctor in La Jolla, San Diego CA

* 1952 MG TD Two 52 TDs owned 50 years apart from Richard Thomas Wooster

* Sandy Wilson's 1952 MG TD Left hand drive Totally restored with original parts. Purchased it that way and have only put a couple hundred miles on the car since it was purchased. Creme yellow with red interior. and again

* 1953 MG TD MkII owned by Roger Moore in the mid 50s

* 1953 MG TD MkII owned by Bill and Denise Trueswell from Sunderland, MA, USA. It has been in the family since 1966 and other than a paint job in 1967, has not been restored. The bull dog on the cap came with the car in 1966.

* 1953 TD owned by John Northup

* Larry Pearson's 1953 MG TD fully restored less than 32,000 original miles. Interior

* 1953 MG TD Owned by Bob & Ken Fogarty, Stratford, Connecticut USA. Purchased 1964, complete frame up restoration

* 1953 MG TD owned by Richard Budd. Interior

* 1953 MG TD owned by Susan Niemann

* 1953 MG TD owned by Richard Mintz

* 1953 MG TD owned by Alejandro Sanchez from Big Lake, Minnesota, USA

* 1953 MG TD owned by Maurice D. Richards shown the track at Hockenheim Dec 2000

* Mike Slechta's 1953 MG TD restored in 89. Driven more than 30,000 miles since the restoration - not always trouble free though ! - broken crank in Connecticut, USA, broken brake line in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on & on & on. That is what makes it interesting...

* Dan Craig's TD/C 21793

* The MG in crash is a modified TD to race in 1954 at the Maracanã Circuit from

* Richard Leroy Scott #64 racing his MG in the early 50's, with pit crew and nearly losing it at Pebble Beach
Period press clippings:

Our thanks to Lona Scott for supplying this information on her grandfather.


* Wayne Styles' 1953 TF chassis # 1487 from Tasmania, Australia

* Front and Rear Jeff Payne's 1953 MGTF chassis HDC46/1085. For the most part all original with 58,257 miles on the odometer. The car runs well and is infintely more fun to drive than my previous 76 MGB.

* Durwood Dugger's 1954 MG TF 1250

* Ed Fitzsimmons' 1954 MG TF 1250 Ed is the second owner and has owned this MGTF for 45 years. The car is original (not restored) and has only 74,000 miles. He has personally done all maintenance and upgrades including engine, upholstery, and carpet over the years. The body panels were professionally painted after he disassembled the car. It is garaged in Solomons, MD. USA

* MG TF Exterior and Interior pictured at Silverstone, June 96

* Phil Ardire's 1954 TF from Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, USA
Purchased in 1966 and it has been driven, restored and loved it ever since. It had been torn down to the bare frame in 1976 and has been slowly returning to form ever since. Once I retired, I have finally been able to get it all back together and ready to hit the road again.

* Julien Gijbels' 1954 TF from Zonhoven, Belgium. Californian car bought 2004 and now fully restored.

* Pablo Izaguirre's 1954 TF 100% original. Located in Caracas,Venezuela, South America

* Pete Rolfe's 1955 TF at a IDA-BRITS Car Club event in Boise, Idaho, USA

* 1955 MG TF 1250

* James Healy's 1954 MG TF Cape Cod, USA

* 1954 MG TF Gene Trimpert from Lake Junaluska NC

* 1954 MG TF

* Sam Fulton's 1954 MG TF used in the family for the last 44 years

* John Downing's 1954 MG TF from Pennsylvania, USA

* John Shore's 1954 MG TF MG Car Club Victoria (Melbourne)

* Steve Langrish's MG TF

* Robert Lynex's MG TF 1500

* Alberto Cruz's MG TF 1500 from Portugal

* Paul Jenning's MG TF 1500 before restoration

* Paul Jennings' MG TF 1500 after restoration

* John Crawley's MG TF

* Lonnie Cook's 1955 MG TF from Orlando, FL

Arnolt MG

* See Saloon pictures


* The Daily Express Rally 1952
The Ford driver is Robert Grounds' mother. Who was driving the T type?

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