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Background to the MGZR

The MG ZR was produced between 2001 and 2005. It is a sporting hatchback, and in 2004 was MG Rover's best selling car.
ModelEngineBHPTorque0-60mphTop speed
ZR 1051.4 K series103123nm10 seconds111mph
ZR 1201.8 K series117160nm8.6 seconds119mph
ZR 1601.8 K series VVC157174nm7.4 seconds131mph
ZR TD 1002.0 diesel99240nm9.7 seconds114mph
ZR TD 1152.0 diesel111260nm9.1 seconds116mph


Atomic Kitten take delivery of their ZR's
Stevie Roe's MG ZR 160 at Bolton Castle, in the Yorkshire Dales

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