The Michigan Chapter of the North American MGA Register (NAMGAR) was formed in 1976,  less that a year after the parent organization, the North American MGA Register (NAMGAR), was founded. The chapter was formed at the very first  national NAMGAR Get-Together (GT) in Harper's Ferry, WV. All of the fire trucks had been  pulled out of the small town's fire station to make a banquet hall for the awards banquet. There was a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm. 

Within this small group of MGA owners from various states and Canada, were four from Michigan. Sometime during the evening a Michigander stood up, in a mild state of inebriation, and declared Michigan to be the first chapter of NAMGAR. It was seconded by another mildly inebriated person. The vote carried as everyone in the fire barn cheered their approval.

Three years later, at the banquet for GT #4, in Niagara Falls, the Michigan Chapter once again made dubious history; after that occasion Michigan Chapter members were nick-named "Rowdies. "

The Michigan Chapter has been the longest, continually active chapter of NAMGAR. And although age has tempered some of the rowdier moments, the devilishness and spirit has never diminished. To this day, the group holds numerous chapter events throughout Michigan and participates in other organized sports car events.

In 1985, the Michigan Chapter hosted its first national NAMGAR event, GT10, in Plymouth, Mi.   In 1995, it hosted NAMGAR's GT20 in Lansing, Mi.   Then in 2005, the Michigan Chapter hosted its third national event, GT30, in Mackinaw City.    And in keeping with tradition, the Michigan Chapter hosted NAMGAR's GT40 in Frankenmuth, MI, in 2015.

The Michigan Chapter produces a bi-monthly newsletter named A-Antics.

We invite you to check our calendar and back issues of A-Antics. And, please feel free to join us at any of our upcoming events to see what we are about.

"It's the cars that get you there, but the people keep you coming back!"

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