MGCC - News (October 96)

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Anyone who has visited the M.G.C.C. offices and Abingdon must have noticed the refurbished factory units on the west side of the main road (Colwell Drive) which now runs through the old M.G. Car Company factory site. Units 5 and 6, used by Oxford Engineering Ltd, were the old competition and development shops.

Oxford Engineering (founded in 1977) provide a wide range of sub-contract precision machining services. Sales turnover has grown to some £4 million and the two units house 70 staff. The firm's owner, Mr Alec Watts, frequently encountered M.G. enthusiasts asking "wasn't this part of the old M.G. works?". During work on the concrete apron they even uncovered remains of the old clinker track.

To recognise the building's history, they commissioned a splendid and extremely informative notice-board, now displayed in the firm's reception area. Colour prints of many M.G. models hang in the firm's meeting-room. The firm's M.G. connection is to shortly be taken a stage further. Mr Watts recently ordered an MGF WC, (never having owned an M.G. before) and is looking forward to its delivery in October.

The M.G. Car Club congratulate Oxford Engineering on their enterprising initiative.

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