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May 9th, 2015
Book cover - Harry Lester, his Cars and the Monkey Stable

Harry Lester, his Cars and the Monkey Stable

Finally, the amazing story of Harry Lester the man behind the Lester MGs that were prominent on the emerging Motorsport scene of the early 50's in the UK is told in it's entirety.

In a new 200 page book by Stewart Penfound, titled "Harry Lester His Cars & The Monkey Stable", the complete story is told using historic records, detailed interviews and first hand accounts collected over a period of 45 plus years. In addition to Harry Lester, the story includes the cast of characters that made up the Monkey Stable Racing Team with their many accomplishments and the racing tragedies of 1955 that brought an end to what could have been significant and promising future. In addition, there is a record of all the cars that were built or influenced by Lester, including the current status of those that are known to survive.

The four pages of index reads like a "Who's Who" of early Motorsports both in the UK and the U.S. Both prewar and T series MG enthusiasts will be fascinated with the accounts of various cars, competitions and the people involved. The inclusion of many period magazine pictures, articles and competition results along with programs and advertisements make this book a must for the library of all those interested in the "golden days of motorsports". Included in Appendix is the first person account of the tragic accident at LeMans in 1955 written by Trevor Line, one of three Monkey Stable drivers who drove for the Bristol Team in 1954-55.

More information on the book can be obtained at:

I would like to thank a large number of enthusiasts at who owned or had knowledge or questions regarding Lester and the Monkey Stable. Over the years I have had numerous contacts coming from the BBS. It is my hope that having the above information posted as an update to the original will reach these people and be of value to them.

Richard "Dick" Duncan
MG enthusiast, Lester owner, vintage racer

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