I give free !!! advice.

I have worked on MG & Triumph sportscars most of my adult life. I know how to fix them when they can't be fixed, because of parts supply problems or bad engineering. I am now offering free advice to anyone who needs it. I can help. Most people promise to have the ability to perform magic. I can only do what I've done countless times before. Fix stupid little British sportscars. Excuse my jadedness but it's been years of hearing how so and so would approach the problem that has given me this attitude. Now its time for me to be the so and so that everyone should listen to about repairing their beloved steed. I dont charge anything for this free advice mainly because Compuserve doesn't have a business web page system worked out yet. For now , I'm content with exercising forgotten brain cells dissemenating words of wisdom from me, the "wizard" the "car god" the "all knowing" the list goes on and on. I didn't make any of this up it's just how people have referred to me in the past. I'd like you to consider what I can do to help all the fun loving sportscar drivers/owners who have gotten shafted by every mechanic who sees money walk in the door whenever a breakdown is experienced. please include my homepage in your list or at least let me know what it would take to be included. Maybe in the future it will become economically smart to pay, but for now that's hard to imagine for the reasons previously given.

John J. Garber alias Tirebiter.

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