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Extract from December's MGCC publication - Safety Fast

MG Model Cars recently available

by David Knowles <david@mgknowles.freeserve.co.uk>

(no guarantee of availability can be given)

Subject Model Make

(Addresses below)
(WM = White metal hand-built)
WMK = White metal in kit form;
DC = Die-cast; PK = Plastic Kit
Scale Approximate Price(s) and other details
(N.B. please telephone the numbers listed below to check availability, prices and postage rates)
Record breakers RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 EX120, EX127, EX135, EX175 (prototype) and EX181 all available at £45-£55 or in kit form for under £25
18/80 Mk.1 RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 A choice of colours; black, black/blue, black/cream and black/maroon. Price around £55 or £25 for the kit.
M-Type Midget RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 Red/black, blue/black, red/cream, (about £50) and Double 12 chocolate/cream (about £55). Kits £22
M-Type Midget South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Highly detailed kit for the reasonably competent model maker only £44.95
J2 Midget RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 Blue, BRG or Red cycle wing; also various swept wing, J3 and J4 versions, all priced circa £55. Kits £22-£25
K3 Magnette South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:43 Believed to be the only 1:43 K3 available at present anywhere. Price £16.50
K3 Magnette South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Simple but rewarding kit with details such as fine spoked wheels. Price £44.95
PA 'Airline' Coupe RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 Blue or Red; circa £55. Kit cad £22
TC Midget RAE Models WM & WM & WMK 1:43 BRG, Red, Maroon/Cream, BRG/Cream, all cad £52. Kits £25
TC Midget K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 A lovely kit.
TC Midget South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Probably the best TC model kit available; rewards careful building. £69.96.
TC Midget RAE Models WM & WMK 1:24 In red or BRG for £200 ready built or £75 in kit form.
TD Midget RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 White, Red or BRG; about £48. Kit £22
TD Midget K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 The best 1:43 scale TD Midget currently on offer.
TD Midget South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Simpler model than the TC, with no engine detail - hence the lower price of £44.95.
TF Midget RAE WM & WMK 1:43 Red or black; circa £48 or kit for £22
TF Midget South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Like the TD, a simpler kit, but a very nice one neverthless. Around £44.95.
YA & YT RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 No less than eight Y Type model variants on offer; e.g. red, black, blue/grey, green/grey, green/green,CIA and red, cream, black or red/cream YT, £50 or kit for £22-£25.
ZA Magnette Lansdowne Models WM 1:43 Light grey finish with maroon interior - very ZA, Lovely hand-built for about £40.
'Farina' Magnette K & R Replicas Soon to be released
MGA Corgi DC 1:43 Prices around £10. Various versions available from Beatties and other model shops.
MGA RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 A large variety of 1500, 1600, Twin Cam amd Coupe variants at around £52-£55. Kits £25.
MGA (all types) K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 A range of MGA kits of most variants - K&R are very good at offering every individual variant, which is easier to do in kit form than as ready-builts.
MGA 1500/1600 South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Easily the best MGA model kit ever offered; simply stunning, with full engine and chassis details and many fine parts. Price around £89.95 but worth it.
MGA Coupe South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Same comments as previous.
M.G. Midget RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 Mark I, BL facelit or rubber bumper in choice of colours £52 or kit £25
M.G. Midget K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 All variants, including round and square wheel arches.
M.G. 1300 Crossway Models WM 1:43 Mark II 2-door; Reviewed above; available direct.
MGB roadster Jouef Evolution DC 1:43 Reviewed above Availability patchy. Price about £10.
MGB roadster Revell PK 1:24 Basically a Japanese Aoshima kit ina differen box and lower price (about £20). Builds into a lovely model, but no engine detail.
MGB roadster Aoshima PK 1:24 As for the Revell model, but also available as rubber-bumper MGB and rather tasty competition version - with transfers for '66 Marathon de la Route and '64 Monte Carlo. I bought mine for £21 from The Model Shop in Harrow, NW London.
MGB roadster Corgi DC 1:18 A variety of versions, in Tartan red, BRG or White, available from a few outlets such as GPL.
MGB roadster Kyosho DC 1:18 The pinnacle of mass-produced MGB models; available at £50-£60 from a few outlets such as GPL.
MGB roadster RAE models WM & WMK 1:43 A variety of chrome or rubber bumper variants; prices around £50. Kits £22-£25
MGB roadster K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 Very detailed kits, like all of K&R offerings, rewards careful assembly. Various variants available - e.g. LE roadster kit in addition to the normal chrome Mk.I, II and later (1969-72 and 1972-1974) plus rubber bumper versions.
MGB roadster South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 Quite simply the best MGB model kit available, with superb detail, but only for the reasonably competent kit-builder. £89.95 for chrome or rubber bumper variants.
MGB roadster RAE Models WM & WMK 1:20 Red chrome bumper or Inca Yellow rubber bumper; £200 or kit at £75.
MGB GT RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 A range of chrome and rubber bumper versions at around £55, including the 1975 Jubilee model and 1981 GT LE. Kits £22.
MGB GT K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 Probably the best 1:43 MGB GT on offer; a nicely detailed kit.
MGB GT South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 The only larger scale MGB GT available. Frankly a rather difficult kit to build but for the experienced and dedicated modeller, the result is well worth the effort, as you won't find better elsewhere. About £89.95 in chrome or rubber bumper versions (specify which required).
MGC & MGC GT RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 Various models including the MGC GT 'S' cars at round £55. The latter in particular are very nice. Kits also available at £22 (MGC or GT) and £25 (MGC GTS).
MGC & MGC GT K&R Replicas WMK 1:43 Lovely models to the same standard as K&R's MGB equivalents.
MGB GT V8 RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 Black chrome bumper or Damask rubber bumper - around £55, or £22 for kits.
MGB GT V8 South Eastern Finecast WMK 1:24 The most detailed MGB GT V8 model available, with miniature M.G. V8 engine. Even more difficult to build than the SEF MGB GT, but the result is stunning. Price around £89.95 - chrome or rubber bumper (two in one kit).
MG RV8 Edocars DC 1:37 The lovely basement! About £2.50, seen insome branches of Woolworths and toy shops.
MG RV8 RAE Models WM & WMK 1:43 A lovely model, in BRG, Nightfire, Solid Red or Caribbean Blue at £50 with superb photo-etched wheels. Kit under £25.
MG RV8 Bond Miniatures WM & Resin 1:38 An odd scale but very nicely presented on a mahogany plinth and in a smart leather grain effect card box.
MG RV8 RAE Models WM & WMK 1:20 In Pearlescent Nightfire Red or Metallic BRG at £200; kit £75.
MGF Corgi DC 1:18 Available in a choice of colours - e.g. Red, BRG, Charcoal, White and Amaranth. About £25 from most good models shops.


Some models are available for sale at this site

Lansdowne (Brooklin) Models
Unit A3, Pines Way Industrial Estate, Ivo Peters Way, Bath, Avon, UK Tel: 01225 332400

K & R Replicas
PO Box 8, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 2YP
Tel: 01424 438662
Fax: 01424 438662

RAE Models
Unit 15, 113 Fordwater Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8HH
Tel: 01932 563600
Fax: 01932 564778

South Eastern Finecast
Glenn House, Hartfield Road, Forest Row, Sussex RH18 5DZ
Tel: 01342 824711

Diecast models

Supply small solid resin pewter effect models of most MGs - even Metros and Maestros are offered
Tel: 0114 281 8399

www.automobilia.it (Italy)
Emilio Via Biondi, 6 20100 Milano Italia Tel. 02/313830
Milano 43 Via Boeri, 43 20100 Milano Italia Tel. 02/8464478


The South Eastern Finecast and K & R Replicas ranges are aimed more at the kit builder, with more components and finer detail. Although both are offered as kits, they are also available to order ready built.
The RAE models, whilst highly detailed, are less intricate models, aimed primarily at the collector who is not interested (or competant) in kit building. If follws that their kits are easier to build.
All of the above suppliers generally offer a custom-building service.

See also Models Review and DK Models diekast kollektables

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