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Extract from January's MGOC publication - Enjoying MG


Quality electric window kits for straightforward D.I.Y installation are now a reality and this month we show you how, using the best value kit available on the market. Featuring heavy duty motors, modern drive mechanisms plus a wiring loom that has been specifically tailored for our cars, members can complete a professional installation in only a few hours using only basic tools. So if you are used to smoothly operating windows at the touch of a switch in your modern saloon, now is the time to improve while adding a touch of luxury to your MG.


Tools required:
Electric drill.
Small phillips head screwdriver.
7/16 and 10mm sockets.

Starting on the passengers' door, unscrew and remove the padded door pull, winder handle, lock control surrounds and finally remove the door trim panel together with the plastic membrane if fitted. Refit the window winder handel and check the operation of the glass and regulator mechanism. Adjust or lubricate the runners if necessary.

Remove the window winder handle and prise off the hexagonal nut from the drive spindle. If this is tight, molegrips or a small hub puller would be useful. The drive spindle is now exposed showing two flats from which the drive will be taken. Clean the spindle and remove any burrs if necessary.

Select the adaptor drive spindle cap Number 4 in the kit, and push onto the drive spindle and secure in place with the original screw.

Twist the flexible drive Using the 7/16 socket remove the four bolts securing the window winding mechanism. Twist the flexible drive mechanism through 180 degrees (figure of eight), as shown in the photograph. This allows freedom of positioning with smooth operation.

Insert the flexible drive into position through the door aperture and position the new gear drive onto the original drive spindle.

The original window winder mechanism may now be resecured to the door frame, but note that the longer bolts together with spacers supplied in the lit must be used to recess the mechanism deeper into the door frame. This is also allows flush fitting door trim panels (without winder handle holes cut) to be used.

Note that only three bolts are used to fix as shown.

The fixing bracket, already positioned at the winder mechanism end, may now be secured to the door frame via 3mm drilled hole using a screw and speed nut supplied.

Insert the small (10mm long phillips screw) to lock together the drive spindle cap and the drive shell ad.

Two brackets Turning now to the motor end, remove the four small screws that hold the motor to the flexible drive, and rotate the motor through 90 degrees so that the motor body is pointing to the bottom of the door. Reinsert the screws. Take two metal brackets from the kit and attach to the flexible drive mechanism using the very short screws provided. Two brackets are sufficient to secure the motor and theses should be shaped by hand in order to sink the motor assembly flush with the door aperture. The brackets are fixed to the door using screws, rubber bushes and speed nuts supplied in the kit. (This bushed mounting method ensures vibration free operation). The finished article

Channel the wires through the doors, fixing to the door hinges with cable ties to emerge under the dashboard. Refit the door panel together with a suitable depth winder aperture cap, a selection of which is provided. If fitting new panels, these obviously look best with no holes cut. Repeat the process on the drivers' side door.

Positioning the Switches and Connecting The Wiring
The wiring loom is tailored to allow the switches to be mounted up to nine inches apart or closer together. In practise the best places are: on the vertical face of the centre console, in place of the ashtray either on a mounting plate or by inverting the ashtray and mounting the switches in its base.

The switch loom has three wires: The brown goes to earth, the greay goes to the sidelamp switch (bulb side) so that when the side lights are on the switches are also illuminated, and the Red wire passes via a 25 amp fuse provided, to the auxilliary terminal on the ignition switch (first position). The two motor wires blue /black terminate at the switches on spade positions D and E using the connector terminals provided.

Members' Offer

This is by far the best value kit available and by incorporating the existing winder regulator and a superior drive mechanism, the Club Kit provides smooth and quietly operating electric windows for only £129.95 plus £5.99 p&p from Club Accessories Department on 01954 231318.

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