Exhaust Insulation

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Extract from January's MGCC publication - Safety Fast


A new easy fit DIY product called Exhaust Isulation Wrap is now introduced by engine accessory specialists, Agriemach, which provides a simple method of controlling exhaust heat and improving engine performance.

Resulting from three years development for racing cars in the US, the product offers considerable benefits to drivers of all types of vehicles by boosting horsepower, while reducing engine compartment temperatures by up to 70 per cent to increase life of underhood components and provide burns protection during maintenance. Owners of older cars with traditionally higher exhaust temperatures will also benefit.

Supplied in rolls, the silica based fabric clings tightly around exhaust and manifold pipework, secured by high temperature stainless steel Snap-Strap fasteners, also supplied, which cost less than conventional hose clips.

Although unaffected by oil or water and withstanding temperatures up to 1000oC, the fabric wrap is safe to use as it does not contain asbestos.

By insulating exhaust components, a higher temperature is maintained internally causing a faster exit velocity of the exhaust gases. This increases negative pressure, known as scavenging, which also increases the flow of incoming air and results in cooler fuel entering the engine. Every 10 drop in intake temperature raises horsepower by approx one per cent resulting in more power per litre with improved performance and fuel economy.

Exhaust Insulating Wrap is supplied in rolls 1" and 2" wide x 50ft, and 2" and 6" wide x 100ft. Snap-Strap fasteners are less expensive than hose clamps, do not need a screwdriver or spanner, can be cut to exact length, and come in two sizes, a 20ft roll with 20 clips and 25ft roll with 25 clips.
For more information on exhaust Insulation Wrap and Snap-Strap Contact:

Agriemach Limited
Unit 7, Ridgewood Industrial Estate,
New Road, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 5SX.
tel 01342 713 743 fax 01342 719 181

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