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Extract from March's MGOC publication - Enjoying MG


MGFs go Down Under

Targa Tasmania, one of the most testing road races in the world, has a good representation of MGs amongst this year's line-up. Starting on 15th April, six MGF's will be making the trip to Australia's Island State to be driven by Japanese teams, as well as one by Lance Dixon, a Melbourne Rover/MG dealer to tie in with the launch of the MGF in Australia later this year. The race takes place over 6 days and tours 2000 kms over the diverse terrain, from mountains to twisting valley roads, that Tasmania offers. It is thought that the MGF's will fare well as they are so adaptable that they should easily cope with the varied stages. Contact Danielle or Sarah on 01483 454488 for further information.

Beat the Clock

On May 18th national teams from the British Isles and Ireland will meet at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon near Warwick for the all-star Spring Invitation Autotest. Drivers will be competing against the clock for national honours and the accolade of being the best driver. The competition explores the limits of driving skills, demonstrating the ultimate in car control and the extreme driving techniques include high speed reverses, handbrake turns and rapid cone manoeuvres. Some vehicles are customised or specially built for the purpose, others standard road cars but all are able to give the high level of handling required. Organiser Mike Bennett said: "Auto-testing is extremely exciting to watch and although the action looks frantic the speeds are relatively low, allowing spectators to see everything that is happening." Tickets for the event (grounds only - museum admittance extra) can be purchased in advance or on the day at £2 adults, £1 for children (under 5's free). For more information contact The Heritage Motor Centre on 01926 641188.

War-time Wear

The first women in Paris to wear Christian Dior's New Look in 1947 had the dresses torn from them by citizens scandalised by the use of so much fabric. The Imperial War Mus-eum, Lambeth Road in S.E. London has recently launched a fascinating exhibition that contrasts imaginative ration-book fashions, uniforms and factory wear with Holly-wood gla-mour, zoot suits and the exuberance of post-war design. Open daily from 10am to 6pm and runs until 31st August. More details on 0171 416 5000.

can you read this?

A recent national eyesight survey found that 16% of drivers would not pass the current motoring eyesight test. The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has informed us that this frightening statistic may not even come close to highlighting the number of road users with inadequate vision. The eyesight test, which is taken immediately before the commencement of the `L' test does not check for common optical problems such as tunnel vision, depth perception, colour blindness or night blindness. The IAM has always campaigned for a more comprehensive eyesight test to be part of the licensing process rather than the mere reading of a car numberplate at 20 meters and for drivers to have regular updates. Not only is it those whose condition goes undetected by the test but also those whose eyesight has deteriorated over the years who contribute towards this statistic. Why not be a responsible citizen and have your eyes checked soon - it might be helpful in saving both lives and paintwork. For more information call 0181 994 4403.

Cox-less Pairs

Recommended suppliers Cox & Perry of Norwich have recently undergone a change of management with Ian Perry moving into semi-retirement. Paul Sayer, who has been local club secretary for many years, will now be taking over the reins of the mechanical and restoration side, while Brian Sayers and Steven Callow will be building up and developing the spares and accessories side and will be offering a greater range of both new and secondhand parts; Tim Hodgekiss will still be offering his expert bodywork and respray skills. The team welcome everyone to pop into their Horstead workshops for a chat, quote or free advice, they will be pleased to see you. Further info on 01603 737195.

New Showroom

Nottingham MG Centre have also made a few changes. By rationalising space, they have just opened a 7 car showroom for Bs and Midgets. As well as cars, the new showroom has displays illustrating the workings of B and Midget suspension units, Midget 1500 overdrive conversion kits and also some old British motorbikes. They have also added a few new items to their `black museum' of broken MG parts. "It all adds to the interest" said Dave Wheeler of Notts MG. Contact them on 0115 961 5283.

Proper Parts for Proper MGs

Specialising only in spare parts for MGB and GT models, the aptly titled `The Proper MG' company of PO Box 201, Georgetown, MA 01833, USA has produced an excellent fully illustrated hundred page spare parts catalogue, available to MGB owning members in the USA. Call Toll Free 1-800-711 3368.

Bristol Winners .....

Answers to the January quiz: (a) Page 16 (b) Isambard Kingdom Brunel (c) Sunday 2pm. Congratulations to the 20 winners first out of our octagonal hat who each won a pair of tickets to the Bristol Classic Car Show on 1st/2nd February.

`Jenks' Erratum

Please note that in the Rivers Fletcher article in memory of Denis Jenkinson (page 23 of February issue), the car pictured and mentioned in the text is an Alta, not Alfa as stated.

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